Monday, June 10, 2013

Catalino Ramirez - One of George's investigators
Kia ora family! man summers crazy ay, everyone all over the place!!! sweet deal you falas. Man mum and dad you must be dieing ay? fa Thanks for supporting all of us in our endeavors and activities, its stuff I see everyday with families, things they don't have at all which I did have completely and it just makes me so grateful everyday for the life we have had in our family. For that reason I have been able to serve my mission fully focused and not worried at all of what is happening at home, Its a awesome feeling for me. That's so tight that Lia and Con saw Hauoli, man that guy ay, still look like a caveman? lol can you guys some how get his email for me. Anyways though sounds like every one's having a good productive summer ay. Fa ash bro good luck up their bro, tear it up g, don't be scared, cuz there's gonna be black guys talking crap hard. you just gotta shut them down bro and they'll drop their huevos. And Lia Im so happy you had a good time up in Utah, thanks for you letters and pics, you looking pretty as Lia, growing up hard, and I can tell you have grown so much just reading your letters, im so proud of you Lia. Con bro good luck up in Ohio g making the greens lol, that's crack up that Koal is going to, just grind eachadas nuts den lol. Have a good trip bro, and wheres yours letter bro? fa that's pretty messed up, lol na jokes bro, algud ay.
Thats mean that you guys are working out mum and dad, I show our family pics to all my investigators and members and they always ask if you guys are my brother and sister, so keep looking good ay.
As for me I had a really good week. Its been really slow ay lately but this week really just boosted me. We found a few new people who are awesome and prepared. I just realized how powerful the spirit is and what it can do to people. We taught a guy named Luis Hernandez and hes hard out catholic. He set his boundaries with us and told us that he wasn't changing religions or anything and that he was happy and set in his ways. We continued on teaching the restoration and it just illuminated his whole countenance. His whole mind changed and he started to get emotional. We invited him to be baptized Right there and he said "well I have to now, if the authority is back on the earth" it was so cool to see ay family. The spirit completely changed this guy just in one sitting. He said he was really confused because hes believed so much in the things that he has been taught but he said i will read and pray to know for sure. I gained a string testimony that day that the spirit can change anyone, its gods literal power and so with it in our lives we can accomplish great things. It was a really cool simple experience but my testimony has was strengthened by it. But ye family Im good as ay, learning and growing everyday. The other day I was 188 and today I was 180. The summer sun is hot as heck and im gonna be anorexic by the time its done. I'm eating like a dog too, tacos, greasy foods and Mexican everything. I have one more cool experience, the other day our investigator Catalino Ramirez called us up and asked if we could help him find a suite he could wear to church so he could look better in the lords house. It was cool as, so we went out on P-day and found a nice suite, white shirt, tie, shoes socks and the whole deal, and yesterday at church he just looked awesome, ill send you a pic. Anyway though family that's me ay just trying to go strong for the lord even in the slow times. I'm expecting miracles to happen this summer.
Elder kanahele kaka!!

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