Thursday, August 29, 2013


Sup you falas! fa awesome as letters. My week was better than last week ay lol. Getting the hang of things. Zone Conference went mean as ay. Our Zone said it was the best conference they ever been to, no jokes. I was wondering after we gave our training how it went and then the president gave the whole zone an opportunity to stand up and share how they felt. Man it was mean as, It pumped me up even more to do the work. I str8 threw it down on their faces ay lol str8 up Book of Mormon to the face! haha but anyways family, Its been cool being a zone leader coz we go on exchanges all week long and so I get the chance to lift and inspire other missionaries and iv really felt accomplished doing that. My mission goal has been the become a patient person and it has improved a lot and is still improving heaps. Me and my comp had a little fight the other day but it was like the most dignified fight iv ever been in, like a spiritual fight it was crack up. I love my mission though family. So the family from my last area who were falling apart and what not, (don't know if you remember?) but they are back together and are preparing for baptism next month so I was very happy to hear that, and will get to go to that. But anyways, the coolest thing that Iv enjoyed in my new calling is the opportunity to join in with other leaders of the church; the president of the mission, stake presidents etc. Iv learned heaps from them, how to lead, just changing hte mind set, to thinking ahead, planning for yourself, with your comp, for your investigators, and for all the other missionaries and their area and investigators. Lol its heaps ay. I couldn't even remember my homework assignments when I was in school lol. But the lord has stretched me a lot and has lifted me to do a lot of hard things ay, and confusing things. That's me family, just finding my groove ay. Its coming though. We have heaps of people preparing for baptism right now so Il keep you posted. But I Love you guys and happy that you are trying to further the lords work over their. I Love it ay. The work in being hastened everywhere, and were apart of it. Keep going hard family.
Elder Kanahele

Monday, August 19, 2013

Kahuku Vs St.Louis (08-17-13) 1st game of the Season

Kia ora family!! shot for your letters ay, massive!!
I had a pretty crack up week. lol made heaps of mistakes in my calling. Just giving out wrong information to missionaries about logistics, not doctrine or anything but it was crack up coz I had to add up all our numbers from the zone and it was crack up coz my mathematics were a little bit off haha my companion got a little frustrated at that but I told him that a few off numbers aint gonna stop the work from progressing or miracles from being wrought. haha fa Im dumb as ay. But as far as my testimony and drive to complete my duties to the lord have massively increased ay. Its been mean just having this calling and having to raise my standard even higher has alreay taught me a lot. Tomorrow is our Zone conference, so I feel keen as on just giving my general conference talk lol just throwing it down ya feel me? na but anyways Its been a awesome week. As a Zone Leader con that is exactly how I feel ay. Like how can I be helping these missionaries do and be successful if Im not. Me and my comp have been having some mean pep talks about this, and our goal is to lead the zone in baptisms. We have like 50 missionaries in our zone who are all under 6 months out and its crazy coz their all new and inexperienced, so our numbers are the lowest that they've ever been in history lol so a pretty good time for me to be here and help things change. Im all for it you falas. But im getting my groove here. Summers coming to an end and the winter will be rocking up pretty soon so, getting myself mentally prepared for that again lol. Thanks for motivating me you falas. Im here to win ay, Im gonna smash it these last few months. I love you falas. Awesome pic of the family, and Ashs football. Far bro you look tall as g. Proud of you bro, and your works. keep your trainings hard g. How's your strength on the weights g? you doing cleans and squats or wut? shot bro. I love all you guys. A cool talk I read this week said: " Not shrinking is much more important than surviving" " The savior did not shrink in Gethsemane or on Golgotha"
I saw this as, if you love the lord you cant give up, you cant stop reaching for perfection. If the savior did, life would be purposeless. The world was in his hands and he did not shrink. This inspired me ay. Live the higher law family!! diotz!!
p.s I love you gramz! and heres some other pics, from my last area!
elder Kanahele

Monday, August 12, 2013

Hey family! everyone had a good week ay, so awesome. Good to see some pics of you guys. You look good as ay, I love you family. I got the box with the watch, letters, and usb. Thanks ay you guys, I appreciate everything you do for me. I just finished watching the videos. I was pretty ticked coz the computers here suck, so it screwed up the picture movement and sound as well but I herd enough of it to know it was awesome. Thanks for doing that ay. Man you guys voices are sounding good as man. And the kids are growing hard man, big as mongrels ay. So since Tuesday Iv been here in my new area. We have a truck here and its way different to any area iv ever served in. Big city, and everything's in English, its been weird as speaking English 24/7. I love it though here. Iv met heaps of awesome people these few days, and being a Zone Leader has just been hectic as. Its like im trying to learn how to walk and talk again. I'm over more than just a district now but a Zone which consists of like 60 missionaries. We get calls all day and are planning for a million things all at the same time, its been a stretch for me and really out of my comfort zone. My companion is Elder Robert Anderson from oakdale California. He was my district leader when I first came out so it was crack up to find out I would be serving with him. He's knowledgeable as and is dedicated hard to the work and the lord. Iv grown heaps in these last couple days and the lord really has been showing me my weaknesses. I have a lot to learn ay family and it hit me this week of how hard it is to be like the savior. He was so awesome ay, not because he was powerful as an individual but because he was so in tune with the spirit and everything he did was in line with the will of our Heavenly Father, that's why he was able to do what he did, what an amazing person. I'm happy I get to work even harder as my mission winds down. The lord really doesn't let us stand still ay. He has been pushing me this whole time  and giving me one task after another. Ill be honest ay, it hasn't been easy here. A whole new ball game. But its humbled me a lot. I'm going through another refiners fire right now. I'm grateful to you my family. I'm alguds ay. My back is alright I have good and bad days but im really active still in my healing process. New area, new people, culture, language, companion, new calling and a new me ay. I'm on my second wind right now family, gotta finish strong for my own salvation and for the lord and his work. Have a good week family. Keep loving each other and living life. Its to short ay. Ill here from you guys next week, peace out!!

Elder kanahele Kaka!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Kia ora family! before I forget, in reply to your coming to get me. I don't really have a preference ay as long as someone comes to get me. My testimony to these people is that the gospel blesses families. Iv said this and testified of this over and over again here on my mission so whoever comes, I'm good, maybe mum and dad, idk up o you falas. I want these people to see and feel the blessings I have been promising them here of families who live the gospel. The trip before ash leaves sounds sweet man, im down for that. I love you family. My week has been hectic. Im getting transferred to a new area, Madison which is one of the biggest areas in our mission. Its mostly made up of city, so ill be on the streets now. I also got called to be the zone leader there so, got a new calling. Pretty excited for that. Something new that will stretch me and help me grow in these last months. Sad thing is I wont be speaking Spanish anymore, but wherever the lord wants me its algud. Ill still maintain so I can continue to use it and benefit others for after the mission. Its one of those weeks where were just going over to say buy to everyone one, its probably the hardest thing to do as a missionary is leave all the people you've come to love as your family. So that's been a long process everyone inviting us over for dinner, so we be eating dinner like 3 times in the same evening its terrible lol. This past week we went on splits with the other English elder for 2 hours and in that 2 hours me and the other English elder found 3 Hispanic families and had awesome as lessons with them. They were just prepared as. It was cool coz they thought I was from Mexico the whole time until I said Hawaii. They were like, how did you learn Spanish? I just told them here in Wisconsin. And they were just amazed. I told them that God helped me learn this language so that I could share it, and that it was so important them to know. They felt the spirit hard core, it was pretty cool cuz it wasn't even the words I was saying that made them feel the spirit but because I was able to speak with them in their native tongue it was a pretty cool experience.
Anyways my back is doing all g. I been working it out hard and strengthening it. I been exercising and running and stretching, icing it everyday so I'm algud ay. Thanks for your guys letters. Everyone sounds busy as heck. Ash bro proud of you bro and your sports bro. Sounds like you training hard bro. How's your hitting bro? throw yourself into it bro. If you don't hesitate you wont get hurt bro, even if the other guy is bigger than you. I know bro cuz the only time I ever got hurt in football was when I hesitated. Smash people bro. How's your mission prep coming bro? reading the bom and pmg? do it bro. Lia good to hear from you girl. you sound so awesome lia, and have grown a lot. You have a beautiful testimony lia. I love you so much Lia and appreciate the sister you have been to me. Keep being a good example to your friends Lia and strengthening your testimony of the savior. Con bro your sounds awesome to bro. You still enjoying your calling bro? how's school g? how's the wife search bro? any potential there bro? good on you bro. You sound focused as ay, I love you my bro. Mum and dad I love you guys ay and so grateful to my family. Have another good week of work but also fun. Up the guts again ay, no mercy you falas!
Elder Kaka!!