Monday, September 30, 2013

Kahuku vs Kailua - Ash was da Man!!
Kia ora Family!! crack up letters man. Awesome expereinces ay with school, work, church etc. sole con uce, quien es tu amiga? ella parece una buena chica. tiene potencial? que chistoso sole sobre las dos chicas. digala que me mande una foto jaja! sole. Crack up family. So dad did you get a call from a lady the other day? Its a family in my ward that used to live in Laie and were born and raised with polys both her and here husband. For dinner they made chicken katsu, rice, one mean macaroni salad, and paini popo buggah was ono lidat. But they miss Hawaii hard, and grew up eating all the grinds. Tell them thanks cuz they been taking care of me. Its brother and sister wuehler. She wants the recipe to make poi mochi entoces mama puede darla the recipe gracias. 
Family I had a good week ay. A crazy one. We had mission tour this week and so it was another zone combined with us and me and my comp were In charge of all the logistics and the meeting program crap. It was crazy. We had a general authority come down to that, his name was Anthony Perkins of the seventy, but he was a spiritual giant hard. Last minute the presidents wife win ask me If I had a song I could sing, so right on da spot I went play and sing have you ever talked to God. It was pretty good ay. This meeting wasn't like any other, Elder Perkins recognized that the missionaries in our zone weren't being obedient, and one point of the meeting he randomly stopped and says " The spirit has been telling me to say this for the past 3 hours.....this group of missionaries are not prepared. Their is something that you haven't been doing to prepare for the spirit today. I have not been feeling the spirit here today" It was crazy ay, I was hit not because I have been disobedient or anything but because he was talking to my zone. Im their leader. The day before the meeting I was reading the Zone leader packet and one part says in it "you are responsible for the success or failure of your zone"  and at that moment I felt a burden of not preparing my zone enough to receive revelation from this apostle. I received a lot of great council and direction for myself, and all those I lead and teach, It was a mean time. One quick update about our mission. our president just made it a rule that no one can have any instruments!!! crazy ay, one my main tools in the work. All goods though this is gonna test and allow me to find other gifts that heavenly father has given me. After the meeting that day, I felt the spirit so strong this whole week and have seen plural miracles occur simply because I could recognize the spirit more in my work. Our African family is doing good. Her 2 sons went on the scout camp this week, so their is great progress there. Me and my comp are all G. We had to move out of our apartment this week so we been doing a lot of lifting and moving around. One cool thing with having a truck is we are able to move a lot of things. This past week we found heaps of furniture and beds on the side of the road and hulled them al over to our African family's house. They were stoked like the heck. And she told my at church yesterday, "elder Kanahelieelei(murdered my name lol) the bed is comfortable" lol crack up ay. Anyways family, gotta get going, my minutes are about to end, these computers suck, only give us 30 minutes. I love you guys ay, ash n lia keep doitzing it in your sports, con bro get marries g, mum I Love you and cant wait to hug you too, now my bodies soft lol, and dad bro your the mad ay love you g, keep singing bro to the death, I Love it ay. Get your voice ready, when you come well be singing to all my peeps bro, the trade mark ay lol. Shot family!!
Elder Kanahele Kaka

Monday, September 23, 2013

Kia ora family! everyone sounds mean. I had a very humbling week. Transfers was the craziest thing on earth. We had to worry about logistics for 60 missionaries. Where they were sleeping, whose car they would be getting in, who they give their keys too, the times of loading and unloading, meetings they needed to be at, and all the new apartments they would be moving into and more. It was crack up as ay. My companion was transferred so it was all on me and so I was having a good laugh coz I was lost as heck. I haven't been one to know the coordinates and map of our mission nor have I cared to know lol but now I have to know that stuff. Like north south east and west lol and how many miles from point A to point B haha it was a crack up. My gps was my liahona for sure ay, dont know what I would have done. Got through it though family. I was having some mean prayers that heavenly father would help understand everything, remember it and be able to direct all the missionaries where to go, and he did. My new companion is Caylor Carter from farmington Utah, Tall white fwamster. He's a tight guy though. Kind of geeky but we get along hard. We compensate each other real well and its been good to work with him this past week. He has been serving in Mexico this past year and a half but hurt his back and had to go home for therapy for about 2 months. His visa expired so hes finishing his last months out here. Anyways so that was the bulk of my week ay. I feel like a grown up now haha cuz we've had to talk to land lords and apartment managers on behalf of new apartments for missionaries and its just been a crack up cuz the old me didn't do that ay haha. As for the work, this week was humbling and I felt the spirit a lot. The thing I love about obstacles is you get to feel heavenly fathers love even more in your life. I felt that this week. Our African family has been doing ok. They have some serious struggles and it just makes me so sad and humbles me every time im in their presents. These people all live in a small ugly apartment, no furniture or beds to sit and sleep on, or even enough food to feed their young kids. They have tons of charges against them because of false accusations and are just in a jacked situations. Despite all of this they are the most humble people I have ever met. They never murmur, wine or talk about how crappy their lives are. The one who's name is Elijah yesterday told me "im not rich like bill gates but I know im rich in spirit because I know who god is" It made me cry ay cuz these people are they who Jesus said: blessed are they who are poor in spirit for they shall inherit the kingdom of my God. we taught them from Jeffrey R Hollands talk "good things to come", and closed with 2 nephi 31. These people love each other. They share one bottle of Gatorade amongst each other and still want to feed us dinner. But we are helping them have greater purpose to press forward and teaching them of the good things that are to come. They are preparing to be baptized October 28 so I hope they can get there. When we understand what is in store or what lies ahead of our obstacles and enduring struggles, we are willing to overcome the waves of life. That was my highlight experience of the week family. Just seeing how much Gods children need us. They need to know that their is a savior who wants to heal us, but he waits at the door. We are here to teach people how to come unto Christ and be healed. I have witnessed many who live their lives with out this spiritual and universal medicine of Christs atonement and it breaks my heart but at the same time I cherish more what I have and know to be true. I love you family!
Elder Kanahele, DOITZ!

Family @ Wes & Dalys Wedding
Hey family!! mean letters. Good to hear from you all. Thanks for the pictures ay. Fa you guys look mean! Ash sole varsity ah? sole that's mean uce. Good to see you guys ay. Looking tanned hard lol. Mum thanks for your experience that's awesome that you have been able to work under pressure. Something that's helped me out here is just having a good laugh ay lol. Wes wedding sounds like it went good. What's up with the pink? haha that's fob hard man lol, you guys looked awesome though . Cool that papa came to ashes game and that Ash did good. Dang bro when do you graduate g? Will I be home for that? Anyways family I don't have a lot of time to write today, We are busy as heck sussing crap out for transfers tomorrow. Our Zone is getting like 20 more new missionaries and several new areas opening up and so things are just even more crazy ay, fa its crack up trying to keep track of everything. My comp is getting transferred so Ill be training a new Zone Leader woiy shole lol. Na but things are all goods ay family. Had a crazy week. My comp has been sick to the stomach and bum so we been at the doctors getting him sussed. They had to stick their hand up his bum so it was pretty crack up. We are teaching an African family from Zambia. A family of 7. They found us one day when we were walking to an appointment so it was cool that they found us. We have been teaching them and they have been reading the Book Of Mormon and coming to church and preparing for baptism so its been a really spiritual experience. There poor as and don't even have any beds to sleep on. humbling experience to see them ay. Our struggle has been the word of wisdom so we are working to help them overcome that barrier. Lately we been also teaching broken families trying to fix their problems but who have a hard time consistently live the gospel. Its so evident that as soon as we stop living the gospel, as soon as we put our shields down, we fall and become unhappy. Iv seen it over and over again. In my studies this week trying figure out how to solve so many obstacles our investigators have, what to teach, and say that will help them I was comforted when I came upon a scripture in Doctrine and Covenants section 5:16 which says:  And behold, whosoever abelieveth on my words, them will Ibvisit with the cmanifestation of my dSpirit; and they shall beeborn of me, even of water and of the Spirit
 I realized that my investigators don't have to know everything, or have a perfect knowledge of all the things we teach. all I need to worry about is helping them feel the spirit and believe in our words. If they can no more than desire to believe, the lord says he will work with that small seed and nourish it in their lives. The spirit is the most powerful source in conversion, in changing your life, others lives and accomplishing what the lord wants. He can only work with us through the spirit. This week I wanna pay more attention to the spirit rather than what I should study, say and teach but rather follow direction God is already willing to give me. 
Anyway family that's me ay. Still learning, and growing. I got a lot to learn ay, but am willing to receive what needs to be taught to me as well, so I know the lord will continue to teach me. 
So awesome bout Jack henry, glad he can be an example to his family and all his non-member friends. Sweet opportunities for aunty nickie them ay mean. And Grams love you ya. Love you falas peace!
Elder kanahele!

Monday, September 9, 2013

PCC 50th Reunion Ball - 09-05-13
Kia ora you falas!! good as to see some pics and hear from you guys. Sole con you and koal look yoked bro, it disgusts me bro lol! The ball also looked mean ay, i bet you were the man dad, as always bro. Good to hear you guys still Jamming. I have my moments too ay haha. Con bro str A's g? oiyoiyoiy kamehameha education finally win pay off ah? shuah!! sole proud as of you bro, still going hard bro. That's crazy bout wesh and dalys haha its crack up to think all the small laie fwams are all getting married lol crack up. Mum girl sounds like you been smallkine stressed ah? take it easy girl. lol Na you sound like you tearing it up in your career though mum and really using your gifts that God has given you to be so constructive in your work, in word and deed and I think that's just amazing. Ash and Lia you falas look grown ay. You kids sound good as though ay. Don't be naughty you falas lol. Ash bro how's mission prep bro? the bar has been raised bro. I see these young gits coming out at 18 couple weeks after their graduations but they are so mature spiritually, its crazy. Start preparing bro, cuz before you know it, its gonna be here. Read the Book of Mormon and preach my Gospel bro, your number one tools right their g. Go out with the missionaries if you can bro, get a taste. Overall bro, be worthy. Do whatever you need to, to be clean bro in every way. I love you guys ay. Dad and Con, Happy birthday ma brothas! you old fwammys. How's your guys balls bro? haha sick falas ay. I love you guys.
Family Im doing mean as ay. This week we have focused a lot on member missionary work. We have committed all the members in the ward to make family mission plans (created as a family in FHE with S.M.A.R.T goals) SMART meaning "simple" "Measureable", "Attainable", "Realistic", and "Time-bound/ Timely". Its been a way more effective way to do missionary work and is aligned with the prophets command that in order to do the lords work his way, members and missionaries have to work together. So this has been us ay family. No immediate results but a little down the road here when members magnify this call, we will be living to the standard that Jesus Christ set for us. I'm happy to hear you guys are doing this ay. Keep it up. Other than this, Our mission has been growing every month with new missionaries along with our zone, so we've been finding a lot of apartments, doing inspections and lots of grown up things haha its crack up. This week I felt prompted to ask my comp to give me a blessing. It was pretty random cuz I feel fine. He gave me the blessing and I literally felt like angels were about me and their hands on my head .The spirit was powerful. He mentioned the word ancestors and it struck me that their is a spirit world where our loved ones dwell. I felt them around me that night and Iv received their support through out the rough times of my mission. It was the meanest and most life changing blessing Iv ever received and so I was happy that I followed that simple random prompting. The lord lives and works today to save our souls. I love you guys. Doitz it to the end!!
Elder kanahele kaka
Family Gathering 09-08-13
Kia ora family!! crazy as week ay. Te manahua pics look mean as ay. Lia you look soo grown up and beautiful. Good pukanas man hoohoo. And Dad bro you look 5 mean uce, sole you look trim az and young. Send me a pic of your body if possible bro, I need some physical motivation to get in shape lol. Mean family. Shave ice went good ay? man rich as falas lol. What a blessing it is to live where we are, I tell everyone about our families shave ice and they think its mean. Ash bro sounds like you had a good trip bro, wish I could be a witness of your growth bro, but I can feel it through your letters uce. Mean g. Make sure you make a highlight tape ah? and Lia ma girl how you doin boogey? lol you looking like a women ay crack up. Sydney looks good too haha. proud of you Lia, you got some pics of your softball? sounds like your having heaps of fun ay. Thanks for your letters Lia, I Love you so much. Con bro, your crack up bro. Just the school lif ay bro? mean g, how's your dating goals going bro? still kissing the girls bro? don't stop bro till your married bro. Don't wanna be an old fwam and not married ah lol shot bro. And Mum how you doing girl? how's insanity? get da 6 pack yet or wut? lol I love you mum, and so grateful to have such an amazing mum. Hows your school stuff going?
Anyways family for me, its been algud ay. Plugging away at this calling. Learning how to use the programs on the computer to make slide shows, charts, and crap like that. Been spending a lot of time in the Library putting together a lot of stuff its been really different cuz im used to being outside and working. Its good though learning heaps ay. I hate technology haha. But im learning to love it. I just finished figuring out how to use our touch phone (high tech stuff). We dont get heaps of time to work in our area cuz of all the different assignments that the president gets us to do, but with the little time we do have the lord provides. We still manage to do a lot of our area, the ward and the zone. Im learning how to trust more in the spirit to bring to my remembrance all the tasks, and things we need to do, plan, teach and say so that we are staying balanced in the work and not neglecting other important aspects of the work. Its been really good for me. I'm learning a lot with my comp. We have a Zone training meeting tomorrow, so getting ready to throw it down on their faces again haha. I have a testimony of the Book of Mormon and that if we desire to be most closest to God in our lives and in hard times, we will read, live and apply its teachings. Iv also come to realize how imperfect and needful we are for Christ's atonement. Repentance is the only we can become worthy enough to face life's challenges, reach our mortal potential, and allow God to direct us in every phase of life. This month the scripture in Ether 12:27 has had a big impact on me. It says that God gives us weaknesses so that we can be humble, and rely and come unto him. If we never had obstacles or opposition, we could never learn how to rely on the lord, to be humble and to rely on the atonement to change us. Gods plan is a perfect plan that brings happiness and growth. I'm happy family, and I know the lord loves our family and wants us to return to him together. Have a mean week family, keep achieving greatness and being Christ's disciples. Doitz it!! I Love you falas!
Elder Kanahele