Monday, September 23, 2013

Kia ora family! everyone sounds mean. I had a very humbling week. Transfers was the craziest thing on earth. We had to worry about logistics for 60 missionaries. Where they were sleeping, whose car they would be getting in, who they give their keys too, the times of loading and unloading, meetings they needed to be at, and all the new apartments they would be moving into and more. It was crack up as ay. My companion was transferred so it was all on me and so I was having a good laugh coz I was lost as heck. I haven't been one to know the coordinates and map of our mission nor have I cared to know lol but now I have to know that stuff. Like north south east and west lol and how many miles from point A to point B haha it was a crack up. My gps was my liahona for sure ay, dont know what I would have done. Got through it though family. I was having some mean prayers that heavenly father would help understand everything, remember it and be able to direct all the missionaries where to go, and he did. My new companion is Caylor Carter from farmington Utah, Tall white fwamster. He's a tight guy though. Kind of geeky but we get along hard. We compensate each other real well and its been good to work with him this past week. He has been serving in Mexico this past year and a half but hurt his back and had to go home for therapy for about 2 months. His visa expired so hes finishing his last months out here. Anyways so that was the bulk of my week ay. I feel like a grown up now haha cuz we've had to talk to land lords and apartment managers on behalf of new apartments for missionaries and its just been a crack up cuz the old me didn't do that ay haha. As for the work, this week was humbling and I felt the spirit a lot. The thing I love about obstacles is you get to feel heavenly fathers love even more in your life. I felt that this week. Our African family has been doing ok. They have some serious struggles and it just makes me so sad and humbles me every time im in their presents. These people all live in a small ugly apartment, no furniture or beds to sit and sleep on, or even enough food to feed their young kids. They have tons of charges against them because of false accusations and are just in a jacked situations. Despite all of this they are the most humble people I have ever met. They never murmur, wine or talk about how crappy their lives are. The one who's name is Elijah yesterday told me "im not rich like bill gates but I know im rich in spirit because I know who god is" It made me cry ay cuz these people are they who Jesus said: blessed are they who are poor in spirit for they shall inherit the kingdom of my God. we taught them from Jeffrey R Hollands talk "good things to come", and closed with 2 nephi 31. These people love each other. They share one bottle of Gatorade amongst each other and still want to feed us dinner. But we are helping them have greater purpose to press forward and teaching them of the good things that are to come. They are preparing to be baptized October 28 so I hope they can get there. When we understand what is in store or what lies ahead of our obstacles and enduring struggles, we are willing to overcome the waves of life. That was my highlight experience of the week family. Just seeing how much Gods children need us. They need to know that their is a savior who wants to heal us, but he waits at the door. We are here to teach people how to come unto Christ and be healed. I have witnessed many who live their lives with out this spiritual and universal medicine of Christs atonement and it breaks my heart but at the same time I cherish more what I have and know to be true. I love you family!
Elder Kanahele, DOITZ!

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