Monday, September 9, 2013

Family Gathering 09-08-13
Kia ora family!! crazy as week ay. Te manahua pics look mean as ay. Lia you look soo grown up and beautiful. Good pukanas man hoohoo. And Dad bro you look 5 mean uce, sole you look trim az and young. Send me a pic of your body if possible bro, I need some physical motivation to get in shape lol. Mean family. Shave ice went good ay? man rich as falas lol. What a blessing it is to live where we are, I tell everyone about our families shave ice and they think its mean. Ash bro sounds like you had a good trip bro, wish I could be a witness of your growth bro, but I can feel it through your letters uce. Mean g. Make sure you make a highlight tape ah? and Lia ma girl how you doin boogey? lol you looking like a women ay crack up. Sydney looks good too haha. proud of you Lia, you got some pics of your softball? sounds like your having heaps of fun ay. Thanks for your letters Lia, I Love you so much. Con bro, your crack up bro. Just the school lif ay bro? mean g, how's your dating goals going bro? still kissing the girls bro? don't stop bro till your married bro. Don't wanna be an old fwam and not married ah lol shot bro. And Mum how you doing girl? how's insanity? get da 6 pack yet or wut? lol I love you mum, and so grateful to have such an amazing mum. Hows your school stuff going?
Anyways family for me, its been algud ay. Plugging away at this calling. Learning how to use the programs on the computer to make slide shows, charts, and crap like that. Been spending a lot of time in the Library putting together a lot of stuff its been really different cuz im used to being outside and working. Its good though learning heaps ay. I hate technology haha. But im learning to love it. I just finished figuring out how to use our touch phone (high tech stuff). We dont get heaps of time to work in our area cuz of all the different assignments that the president gets us to do, but with the little time we do have the lord provides. We still manage to do a lot of our area, the ward and the zone. Im learning how to trust more in the spirit to bring to my remembrance all the tasks, and things we need to do, plan, teach and say so that we are staying balanced in the work and not neglecting other important aspects of the work. Its been really good for me. I'm learning a lot with my comp. We have a Zone training meeting tomorrow, so getting ready to throw it down on their faces again haha. I have a testimony of the Book of Mormon and that if we desire to be most closest to God in our lives and in hard times, we will read, live and apply its teachings. Iv also come to realize how imperfect and needful we are for Christ's atonement. Repentance is the only we can become worthy enough to face life's challenges, reach our mortal potential, and allow God to direct us in every phase of life. This month the scripture in Ether 12:27 has had a big impact on me. It says that God gives us weaknesses so that we can be humble, and rely and come unto him. If we never had obstacles or opposition, we could never learn how to rely on the lord, to be humble and to rely on the atonement to change us. Gods plan is a perfect plan that brings happiness and growth. I'm happy family, and I know the lord loves our family and wants us to return to him together. Have a mean week family, keep achieving greatness and being Christ's disciples. Doitz it!! I Love you falas!
Elder Kanahele

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