Monday, September 24, 2012

kia ora family!
loved your guys letters ay, awesome family. It's so good to hear from you guys, thanks for your letters, they really helped me ay. Con bro thanks for your testimony uce, frick Spanish is smallkine irritz haha na, still confused hard but things are getting better day by day so just trying to stay positive like you said and enjoy the ride. This transfer has been awesome as already and Im loving it hear. The Spanish culture is beautiful ay, our branch is small but the strongest here in Wisconsin. The members are like family, there loving as heck and really make me feel at home so its been helpful getting their input on the Spanish. We had a baptism yesterday at church for a family that has being taught for ages so another awesome time to spend preparing for that. Its mean living with the zone leaders. Their English elders so we work together tight as in the work and its really been effective in finding and teaching vice versa. Everyone of us have guitars and like to sing so we have some mean jam sheshes on p-days and stuff. One of the elders names is elder densley but he has a mint as voice so weve done a lot of singing together, stuff iv been craving ay. I do miss singing with you guys hard ma brothers, and its funny cuz i was listening to those songs we did for con cuz there all on my i-pod. But music has been huge for me here on the mission and iv already been able to use it a lot and using it more powerfully as a tool to teach. Iv been singing to the members in lessons with them and in church. Iv been also trying to learn songs in Spanish too, so yes, music is truly a testimony to me as an invite of the spirit and a testimony to the hearers and iv experienced it more fully. This past Saturday me and my comp were able to go back to waukesha for a baptism of one of Candy's kids Tlyer who is 13. It was so awesome ay family, I was able to see the fruit of my labors in action. The brother i baptized if you remember, his name is Dakota, but he baptized his younger brother Tyler and it was so cool. It was so good to see all the members again and even those who we helped come in to the church all there a part of the baptism. It was cool coz elder Loertsher(my trainer) and his companion elder oldroyd(my MTC comp) and elder knight my last comp and my comp now, we were all there. Every comp iv had was there, it was cool cuz we all know and have helped this family grow in the gospel and to see them baptized is the coolest feeling and experience. Sorry I don't have pics for you guys today, I forgot my camera at the apartment lol classic ay. But anyway family I'm doing awesome ay, mission just continues to get better and my understanding and ability to do the work increases with time and persistence. I have learned so much about the gospel and the plan god has in store for us so much more clearly and how simple it really is which has allowed me to teach it more simply. My companion is the man and we really get a long ay. Hes also from Utah like every comp iv had, and hes a awesome as missionary. Im enjoying this companionship and ill learn a lot from this dude. I have a question tho. My nixon watch you falas sent me is almost broken on the strap. Is there a warranty on it? coz I wanna get on that ay, that watch is important for time and stuff like that lol. let me know asap please. Other than that, im sweet as ay family. Seasons are starting to change here so its getting a little cold now, and im prepared hard lol those jackets I have are rich haha so well see when the real winter comes along lol. Thanks for your letters though family. Sounds like every ones been real busy which is awesome. Con bro good on you boi, doctor ay bro hoohoo mean bey. Thanks for your counsel ay bro, all crap that im going through and doing right now so your words really do help me. Ash bro im happy your working hard in sports and school bro. You on special teams ay? thats mean bro. Gotta just run out and smash everyone in your path bro. Serious bro, the worst thing to do is hesitate, so just waste everyone and you will always be more likely not to get injured. Shot bro tho keep plugging away with school and don't forget your goal to go to soar. Let that be your motivation bro and things will just work out if you keep that goal in sight and act decisively. Lia Hi:) so cool that you are in softball, mean girl. It must be fun ay. Go hard girl and have fun. I love you Lia and miss you. You sound like you have grown so much and matured spiritually. Good girl lia your such a good example to your friends and your family ya, so don't forget that. Hi mum and dad, stop crying you falas lol. I love you ay mum and dad. I miss you guys a lot but know that Im alive, well and happy az. Iv been blessed with awesome companions who iv gotten along with and im just here trying to give the lord my all. My vision and goal is to get lost in the work so im here trying to do just that. I love you guys so much and am forever grateful for the love you have given me. I don't really need anything ay. Half my pants don't fit me tho, to small, so I'm just trying to lose my weight. It isn't fat but its thick lol so i cant even button up half my pants lol. Any suggestions? anyway family l love you guys and hear from you next week.
Elder kanahele

Monday, September 17, 2012

After Kahuku vs Castle game (with Sage)
 kia ora family, tu te ra mai nga iwi, tatou tatou e! haha shot family, how you guys doin ay?
mean. My new areas been mean az so far, im loving it ay. Its been totally different switching my whole mind set from spanish to english all in one day. Im determined hard to learn the language and feel that the lord will bless me as I continue to put forth my works. The first day was crack up az ay lol we had heaps of lessons and I had no clue what was going on. All I knew is the topic we were talking about lol so the whole day I would just nod my head very sincerely pretending like I knew what was going on but deep down I had no idea haha. I can speak, teach a lesson and testify but really just have a hard time understanding the natives. There from all over south america so everyones spanish is different az lol. Iv already learned so much spanish in the couple days that iv been here so I know it will come. Church was really good yesterday. I was able to get up and share my testimony and speak the reo so im just really excited to finally speak the language I was called to speak. My new companion is elder Wright, a cool as dude. I love the fala already ay. Hes the district leader and we live with the zone leaders so im with these guys who are just on to it and hard workers. Im excited to be with them and learn from them. We are right next to lake michigan and its massive, the whole area is just a beautiful place and we have a rich as apartment. We have the key to the chapel so we go and play basketball in the mornings. So this is just a little taste of the new area I will be serving in. Im not so confident with the language and it just kills me cuz you know im not the type of guy that will depend on others and to be a hinderence. So im trying my hardest to have the spirit with me so that I am worthy to have the gift of tongues. I wanna be able to support my companion and speak the language, so im really trying my best to study and advance as quik in speaking and conversing. I know that if I can speak the language, ill be able to teach more simply and to their understanding, so there's heaps of goals for this transfer. I dont have much to say ay family. Its a new beginning, new people and experinces. Just excited and happy to learn, improve and do the work. This morning I came across these verses in Alma 7 and it helped me really put things into perspective. It says:
23 And now I would that ye should be ahumble, and be bsubmissive and gentle; easy to be entreated; full of patience and long-suffering; being temperate in all things; being diligent in keeping the commandments of God "at all times"; asking for whatsoever things ye stand in need, both spiritual and temporal; always returning thanks unto God for whatsoever things ye do receive. 24 And see that ye have afaith, hope, and charity, and then ye will always abound in good works.

I know if we aquire these attributes and live them "At all times", no matter what the obstacle, "ye will always abound in good works." simple promises given to us by the lord which he is bound to as we are faithful. This is my route imma take to learn the language and preach the gospel. pretty mean ay lol.
Anyway family Im glad everyone is working hard and doing good in their endeavors, awesome. Thanks for your support and your advice. Con bro your the man broski, how do I learn the language in a week? lol let me know bro. Im doing my part and just being patient with it. Lia so awesome girl about your softball, mean!! eat em up lia. Ash bro your crack up man, you still one ounce or wut? lol shot bro, keep training hard to the end bro, no resting bro, endure it, eat it up ash. Do it for us mean, serious bro, how much you benching now? make sure you do cleans and dead lifts, stuff like that. Thats gonna make you more explosive, so do it. shot bro I love you ay. Mum and dad how you falas doing ay? working hard ay, thats good mean. Thanks for all you do to allow me to be hear. For the shave ice and all the things you guys are doing to make us kids happy. I am happy ay, happy as to be here serving the lord, the work is fun az and the knowledge I have gained of the gospel has made me so much more grateful for everything that I have, my family. Thank you family, you guys are awesome, my best friends ay, I love you guys, have a beautiful week and Ill here from you all next week. Thank you for the letters, keep up the good work, peace!
elder kanahele kaka

Monday, September 10, 2012

Birthday Weekend & Lilia's Cheer-Fest

hey family! mean letters man beautiful!!

Family im doing mean ay. This pass week went really good, had a good experience with my companion. We had some crazy spiritual experiences and we have two more people preparing for baptism. We really have been trying to make things work ay, and the other night just had a mean as testimony session lol but it really brought us together and realize how lucky we are to be missionaries. I learned a lot from this fala ay and I feel we've worked and learned a lot together in this transfer. yesterday we get a text that im getting transfered! So that will happen this wednesday, so crazy ay. Im getting moved to kenosha, a hard out spanish area. Im excited hard to start a new transfer, new place and people to see, teach and baptize hoohoo mean man! A highlight of this week is we went to go see Alyssas mum( the one who hates our church) not expecting anything but then had a mean as lesson with her. The spirit was strong as and she opened up like crazy. Shes had a huge change of heart because of the miracle changes that shes seen with her daughter. She felt a spirit both at the funeral and at the baptism and she told us that it must be something special if shes feeling the way she does and so she said "if you have something to teach me. i want to hear it." She currently attends two churches and has been head strong in them her whole life. It was a mean experience with the spirit teaching her. The spirit just causes you to say bold but true things in the right moment and iv experienced that. Cool as ay. We went and supported her daughter shaiya at their church. So me and my comp actually went to their church, which was culture shock hard and we definately were caught in the wrong place at the wrong time lol. nuff said on that. Our investigators are made that im leaving ay and especially Candys family cuz weve had a lot to do with that family, and its hard for them to understand why we leave like we do. So their taking it hard. The greatest thing that iv experiences so far is watching these people progress, and find true joy in the gospel. Its been such a rewarding experience for me and and truly understand better my purpose. It sounds like everyones doing real good ay, awesome family. Con bro thanks for writing me even on your trip bro, your the man ay and that means a lot to me. How did that go by the way bro? any future potential there? good on you bro. Happy birthday con bro g, your my best friend ay bro!! str8 up since we were little boys bro. I remember us talking at night about serving missions one day like the day would never come lol but look where life has taken us haha beautiful ay bro. Im so grateful for your example to me in my life ay, and your patience with my anger lol. Whoever you end up marrying bro, she better be good enough for you bro or imma have to come home and slap her around ay lol. shot bro. Ash far your taller than Con bro!! getting big boi ay. mean ay bro, you falas have some crack up hair cuts!! Mum dad and Lia, hello lol i love you my family ay, awesome as pics, everyone looks handsome and beautiful, handzome! Ill let you guys know how the new area is ay, should be a good change for me with some spanyards and vatos locos lol! untill next week falas. i love you all and very thankful for your support and love for me at this time, shave ice and all.

Elder kanahele

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

kia ora kia ora family!

man you falas sound awesome! busy and getting back into the swing of things ay, i remember that, homework, work and school, dang, awesome family. Im glad im not in school ay lol. You guys missing con ay? Hes a crack up dude man. Im so proud of you my family and everytime I read your letters, its a booster to my whole spirit and desire and drive to move foward in the work. This pass week was just intense as a mother. In every aspect, spiritually, physically, and everything that comes with being a missionary. Baby Amara died its been a sad az week ay. On the bright side, we were able to comfort and share the gospel, the plan of salvation with so many people. I had some awesome opportunities to build my testimony in christ and as a servant called by god. Iv come to a better understanding how special our calling is and how much the lord supports our efforts. Sky (Amaras mum), called me up two days before the funeral and asked if I could sing at her babys funeral. Anyways though the funeral was at some sort of chapel place. Pasture Jerome presided over the meeting and it was such a different environment, spirit and setting. Elder Loertscher and his companion came from milwaukee to support aswell so it was cool ay. But the pasture gave his spill and it was just sad because everyone there was mourning and weeping not knowing though where there baby was, the plan god has for us, and that they one day could see her again. I was a little nervous ay to sing but I got up and just bore down with hard as testimony of the plan of salvation, I told them where Amara was, and I promised them they would see her again through christ and his plan for us. I sang "well done" and it went really good ay. Everyone was just crying and came up to me afterwards kind of like the same reaction people give after the show at pcc, filled with the spirit but dont know how to recognize where those feelings come from. Pasture Jerome even came up to me in tears thanking me for my testimony. It was so cool though, us the missionaries got heaps of comments and opportunities to help people see this plan of hapiness. Heres the crazy thing. Alyssas baptism was the very next day, saturday morning. She is Candy's niece and they are all family to Sky, so everyone was at the funeral and during all of this, we were preparing for this baptism. Things were as hectic as can be, assignments dropping for the baptism the night before so we were scrambling. The baptism was inspired because a lot of Alyssas family who at one point hated us for teaching Alyssa but all attended her baptism out of curiosity and support for them at the funeral. It was an awesome experience ay family. They all loved the baptism and have so much respect for our church. We since have been spending a lot of time interacting and teaching them and helping them understand the gospel of jesus christ. This week was so stressful but now that I look back, it was miracle in my eyes. Im so grateful to be a missionary right now, and meeting these people who i know the lord prepared for us to see and teach. This is the highlight of the week though ay family. Things havent been that easy with my companion and we've had a lot of clashing. I wanted to smash the fala in his face this week and I actually told him I would lol sad fala ay. Hes just lazy and really white sometimes but Iv done my best to serve him and i just lose it some times ay. I pray for the patience and love everyday. Its all good though family, we work through it ay. I love you guys family and know I am happy here. The mission has flown by like crazy, and its been mean. Ash bro, getting good at the hair cutting ay? mean ma bro. Ye i cut my comps hairs and even some investigators sometimes so its cool bro. Keep the hard work up bro, im proud of you. Lia your so awesome girl, i loved your singing, you are so good ay, beautiful lia, you have a wonderful testimony girl. con bro! mi hermano, mi espanol es malo lol no hablo espanol mucho en este parte de la mision pero cuando tenga la oportunidad para abrir mi boca, yo hago, entonces i suck lol estoy tratando. Thanks for your words of wisdom family, love you guys, have a strong week ay!
Elder Kanahele