Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kia Ora Family,

shot ay family, love you guys man, thanks for your beautiful letters. con, thanks ay bro, that stuff means a lot to me man, especially coz thats everything exactly wot im going through and i know youve been there. im trying my best ay family, everyday I just wanna do better and things have definately improved so much more. the area book is looking good, everything we do now is all from there, and weve got three new investigators from it who weve started to teach. goal setting is going good tho ay bro, thanks for all your tips con fa coz i need them ay, and so does my comp. as of now i can kind of assume that the missionaries dont have a good name in the ward, so its been a little hard trying to get the members help because were already labeled as stink falas so iv been really trying to build a good relationship with the members cuz they are awesome and it helps so much when they are there to help us. This pass sunday none of our investigators showed up for church and its all the ones who weve committed to baptism and they all are doing so well but its just hard to get them to church ay. they got excuses for us every sunday when we go to there homes and stuff. but ye we just do our best ay. theres so much i wanna accomplish here in waukesha cuz apparently this area is a harder area but i just feel like everyone we meet and teach are so prepared so i wanna do all i can. i love it family. yesterday was memorial day so my p-day was switched to tuesday ( memorial day is prime day for proselyting) im sure yous caught onto that( why you guys doodoo!!) so we went to a spanish branch party heaps of nonmembers there and members so it was the first time really being immersed in the reo so i was dropping hard haha! but had a good az day man, was able to do heaps of service for the spanyards hah vatos ay lol crack up but ye thats me family. doing awesome man, got heaps to learn but the improvement is there. you guys sound awesome man, shave ice masters awoiya! thats mean man. mum your the bomb girl tearing it up ay mum, yiuh! love you mum. but ye family i love you guys man, and every week i am reminded of how awesome my family is, thanks for your love and support, hear from use next week. ash, lia i love you guys, (ash ow the purple board is still good ow, its not the board, its the rider boi) lol shot bro, anyways i sent you guys a few pics i took about 20 minutes ago and a video lol so hopefully it works out. condog estoy agradecido para ser un misionero de nuestro salvador jesucristo, es mue deficil conway lol pero yo se que dios es nuestro padre celestial, y que cristo y su espiritu hace posible que podemos compartir su evangelio pero solomente por nuestro fe en el. se que mi proposito al un misionero. a invitar a las personas a venir a cristo al ayudarlas a que reciben el evangelio resaurado por fe en cristo y su expiacion, el arrepentimiento, el bautismal, la recepcion del don del espiritu santo ye el perseverar hasta el fin. mue bonita lol kia ora whanau pero ye thats me bro, my testimony, still got some work to do with the spanish, but they understand me most of the time lol. later family!! Love you fallas, you are my motivation..Chur!

Elder Kanahele kaka

Monday, May 21, 2012

kia ora family!!!

im doing good ay, had a awesome week!! str8 up! lol me and my comp are doing good man. had some more crazy experiences, you falas sick of me already ay? lol alguds. but ye me and my comp have so much in common ay so we get along good as man, hes a good as fala, stressed out hard with me cuz im always asking questions and really had no clue wot hes doing ay. his last companion didnt really train him so he really just followed him around  so everything is new to the both of us which has been kind of hard on my part cuz i just wanna go hard everyday but were just unorganized like the heck. ticks me off ay but i cant blame the fala. we set some mean goals this week so that we can get to where we need to. we have called it "the finishers" project! i did what you told me to do con and sussed out the map for my area in waukesha and its actually massive!! like half of the whole area hasnt even been touched, its crazy! so last p-day we were just planning out all our investigators and wot not but day by day things are getting better ay. anyways family i enjoyed your letters ay, you guys all sound mean!! rich as off the shave ice which is pretty crack up, i actually love hearing about it ay! so thats awesome family. everyone getting sick ow? lol come on ow! but you guys all busy and wot not, thats beautiful. mum almost there ay girl? hoohoo smart az man! good on you mum, proud of you mum, only you can do that ay. Anyway so i had a awesome week, met this black family called the sessems and their awesome. two girls and a mum but it was funny coz they let us in their home and i was chatting with the mum and some how we started talking about music and it was crack up cuz she loves like boyz two men, bebe and cece, brain mcknight, babyface, etc. and we had the guitar in the car and i went and got it and just sang to them all the songs that she loved, it was cool as ay, they loved us man but we taught them twice in this week and two of them were able to come to church yesterday. but we been busy as this week with all kinds of investigators, we sing to all of them ay. i taught my companion refiners fire and so weve sung that a few times, its good az ay, hes alright at singing, but the investigators love it. im loving it ay family, things definately aint roses out here alright lol but i feel  the spirit hard and its the craziest thing. its the greatest feeling being able to serve everyday, bring joy into the lives of so many. everyday seems like a miracle to me. the people we run into and the kind of questions they ask, and i know the lord really does prepare those who are ready to recieve this gospel and iv witnessed that. me and my comp ran out of food the other day so we went out to a mexican restaurant called "casa del rio" but it was mean ay!! had a chimichanga that tasted exactly like cholos!! haha i was cracking up thinking, man fa we eating like kings man! but family as for me im doing good ay, still trying to get a system going here but we progress more everyday and weve commited heaps of our investigators to baptism and they all say yes, but for some reason never show up to church haha so we got some work to do ay! but as for me family thats how im doing ay, really good, going hard everyday, and trying to be most effective in everyway. my language is kind of irritating coz we run into heaps of english speakers so i dont get much practice but when i do run to them i have no clue wot ther saying haha so ye. i can teach lessons so thats the main thing. still working on the language ay. but ye family i love you guys, enjoyed your letters and appreciate your support for me at this time. im happy az ay family, excited for wuts ahead of me and  ready to take it all on! eazy! lol i love you guys, good luck in all your stufffs, love you dad, mum, con, ash and lia. you guys are my life ay!! eat it up family!! talk to you guys next week, and ill take some pics!!

love elder kanahele Kaka

Monday, May 14, 2012

family kia ora koutou!

twas awesome to hear from yoou guys yesterday. I dont have much time on here cuz Iv just signed up today to get a card for these computers but i get like in two days so i only got about 20 minutes left now. i love you family hope you guys are doing good. thanks for the letters ay. con bro ye imma do that starting tomorrow bro. i wanna be as effective as possible so i really appreciate that ay bro. shot tho bro, i miss you to ay con, im happy for all the things you doing, working hard and still using your spanish! good on you bro. i love you con. anyway tho, hope you had a good mothers day mum, you definately deserve it. sorry for talking so much ay family, i just have had so many awesome experiences already that i wanted to tell you. i cant explain how grateful i am to be doing the lords work and blessing others and their eternal lives, it is a big deal ay.  Dad, before I forget my address is:

5651 Broad st. STE 1
Greendale, WI
United States

Yesterday was awesome tho, We ate at the macdonalds house, but they were such beautiful people for having us ay, they made us the meanest steak in the world and massive potatoes, its was off the chain. but they fly to Hawaii all the time and are going some time soon so i told them that you could get them tickets to pcc lol but ye anyway im alguds ay family just taking it each day at a time but once i suss out how things go, imma just dig right in and baptize the world!! haha yiuh str8 up ay! but ye i cant think of anything that i need in the box so ye, thanks for that mum and dad, i appreciate all you do for me. i dont have much more to say coz i told you it all yesterday. i got your pictures from the shave ice, soo cool man! shot family, but il here from you guys next week ay, ash and lia i love you falas man, keep it up hard! love you all ay, even more now that im away!
love elder george kanahele kaka doitz

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kia Ora Family,

So im here in Wisconsin now, arrived at the mission home, got a bite to eat and then went straight to contacting.  Im so excited aye family, excited to do the lords work.  Im so motivated to get the hang of things and just take care of business.  I'll hear from you guys this Sunday.  So I look foward to that.  I just wanna tell you mum, "Happy Mothers Day".  I love you mum and am just so grateful to you and feel like the luckiest son in the world to have a mother liky you.  You really are a superwomen mum, can do it all and still be pretty as.  I thank you mum for helping me prepare to be here on a mission from the time I was born.  I know there is no better thing the lord would want for me in my life than to be here to serve his children.  It is the love & happiness I find in our home that makes me want to share that eternal happiness and knowlege with the people that I will be teaching.  I am so grateful to our family and for the foundation of Jesus Christ that we have been taught in our home.  Anyway, i gotta go, im alguds family, safe and healthy.

Love Elder Kanahele

Monday, May 7, 2012

kia ora family,
Thanks for your letters, they were awesome man. I’m excited to call you guys tomorrow. Our president gave us no time to suss our gears out up until we leave. no time to wash clothes or even pack the helmet, so we just woke up early today to wash our clothes. i cant wait to get out there ay. it just hit me this week that im gonna be speaking in spanish hahah(24/7) which i know I’m not fully prepared for at all. i can give a lesson, bare testimony and pray so i hope I’m covered for some time lol but there’s no fear in me family and i know it’s just another opportunity for me to put all my trust in the lord that i may be directed by the spirit. i know heavenly father has a plan for me because he’s willing to put his trust in a 19 year old to be in charge of someonelses salvation, and in a whole other language. It just goes to show how critical for us as young men to be able to work through the spirit. i know i won’t be able to do it on my own, but i know the way that i feel about the gospel and my testimony of the saviors atonement which is my drive and motivation. I love you con and thank you for your words bro, you know me bro, i like it str8 up ay bro, but i will take your council bro. i love you con, you’ve been a awesome brother and example to me in preparing me for this day(even tho you did try to help me with the espanol). your a real brother bro. ash and lia i love and miss you guys, so excited to hear your voices. you guys have already grown since iv left. Sounds like you guys watched an awesome movie, I’ll probably try and catch it out in wisconcsin lol. but i miss you little buggers ay. you guys have taught me a lot kiddies and i just want you to know i love you guys with all my heart ay, thanks for your letters, they really do boost my spirit in the week, I’m proud of you guys. mum hi:) got a lot of schools ay? lol sorry bout that mum, that sounds like a impossible task. mum i know you can do it tho girl cuz you were doing your schooling, dads and mine all at the same time, managing all our schedules and yours, and being a mum at the same time. This is your forte mum. your an incredible women so i know your gonna be sweet. Keep doing your part mum, plugging away but balance your life just as the apostles counseled us at conference and everything will be ok. i know you got this mum, a principle you have really taught me, which is persistence. So my faith is in you mum. Dad thanks for all your letters bro, i love you dad, your my best friend bro. thanks for all your council, your love and faith in me. it helps me to dig deeper everyday, and really give this calling my all. family so ill hear your voices tomorrow. Thanks for your beautiful letters. my experience here in the mtc was life changing and has opened my eyes so much, and i just can’t wait to put these tools into action. I’m not perfect family but i know I’ve done my very best here to be obedient, to be focused and i continue to refine myself day by day and work as hard as i can, and so i know the lord has got something planned for me. family i don’t have much time here but hope you guys have another awesome week, keep going hard to the death, up the gutz family. Talk to you guys soon. love you family.
Elder kaka 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kia Ora Family!! 
Thanks for your letters, awesome as family sounds like you guys are doin great and thats good to hear. family i leave next week tuesday at at 7 am but idk yet when i get to call home cuz my travel plans are all messed up but im gonna go check things out today since its p-day. so its either the delay in denver that ill get to call you or at the airport in utah idk but ill let you know asap. as for me family im doing really good ay, had a really awesome week, seen roman benioni his first day so that was cool, hes still a big guba lol but ye family excited to call home ay, you falas better not cry the whole time lol. love you tho family, falas gettting all popular with that shave ice ay? thats so cool man, blessings unfolding man. family im excited to soon enter the field and know it aint gonna be easy but im excited for the challenge, i am very satisfied with my time here and have really done all i can to learn and grow as much as possible and its been a life changing experience, I’ve learned so much ay. me and my companion got picked out of a hundreds other missionaries to help with the first day of the new missionaries coming in this Wednesday which is tomorrow. we are going to give a live lesson with the investigator for them to give them a taste of things so we had a training last night for it and it was awesome ay, really felt the spirit we had all these volunteers come in and we just went one on one with them and some of them aren’t members so it was a real experience for me. me and my companion are doing really well ay, I’ve learned so much from him and i really haven’t had any run ins ay family. i get mad as at times but able to work things out. I’ve set goals for myself this week to finish reading the book of Mormon and i have about 50 pages left so I’ll do that today but that was one of the goals i had here in the mtc and its been awesome ay family, so much other goals iv set that I’ve already accomplished and I’ve really come to understand the principle of setting goals, long term, short term, day goals , weekly goals, and all kind of goals. But this is something that’s really helped me to use my time wisely cuz i know exactly what im gonna do each hour of the day so that every second is spent on the lord. I’ve learned so much here and this new calling has been a handful man, meetings all week for idk wut, but we can’t complain ay. con thanks for your words of wisdom, that’s a awesome analogy bro and theirs another one similar to that which my teacher always mentions to us, but i know exactly what you’re talking about bro and i work my butt off so that i don’t have that problem. This new calling has really humbled me. Every night we go around to say good night to all the elders in our zone and me and my companion are pretty much their mums and dads. i had this one elder who was just so down and was seriously thinking of leaving, i felt so bad for him ay cuz hes having a hard time learning the language, missing home, and is a really sensitive guy, i was hugging him and just trying to comfort him through my testimony, but it was so humbling for me ay family, knowing that there are others who have it harder than we do, but as soon as we are able to help them and serve them, we immediately forget our own problems, well this was exactly how i felt and i was just so overwhelmed that i started to cry myself. That night i was so grateful to have this leadership opportunity or i would have never been able to see what this guy was going through and be able to help him. This pass Sunday our branch presidency had a meeting so me and my comp was asked last minute to conduct priesthood meeting for our zone. We had no time to prepare for it cuz we had heaps of meetings but family it was the best lesson we ever gave ay and i can’t believe how real the spirit is. This is a taste of what i am able to experience each day as zone leader and it really has forced me to be extra better in all that i do so that i am worthy to be a leader to the other missionaries. Family im so excited to leave to the field and grateful for all your support, and your letters, they really are comforting to me, even though i know the lord is pouring out blessing upon you. i love you family and ill hear from you next week. mum and dad ill give you guys my address as soon as i get there so you guys can send me my particle blessing and watch. Thanks family i love you guys. basketball has been a highlight of this place, str8 up memories man lol and you know how that goes with me ay family, up the guts all the way lol. but my flight times is:
Tuesday leave utah at 7am and arrive in denver 8:30 and leave denver at 9:57 and arrive at wisconsin at 1:17 thats it lol if you guys have any other questions just dear elder me and ill email you back
Ill either call you guys in Utah or in Denver. Most likely Denver, i have no clue but love you family byee
love elder kanahele kaka