Tuesday, April 24, 2012

kia ora family,
sorry my new p-days are on Tuesdays lol why you guys doodoo!! lol but ye family so until i leave this place you guys will receive them on Tuesdays. Just some quick info, i leave on may 8th, and don’t know what time yet. i actually receive my travel plans this week so once i get them i can let you guys know flight details so you guys are ready when i call home. Mean ay family, the time is come near fast as the mother and im keen as the mother. Time is flying and it’s been such a great introduction for the mission. It’s been  awesome ay family, i have worked my butt off, spent every second i had studying, reading and just pondering ay. Being the district leader really opened my eyes and just gave a even better reason to be better and i have been so grateful for that. this past sunday i got released as district leader in sacrament and guess wot!.....got  called to be zone leaders, me and my companion. Dang it’s been a transition and i feel like there’s even more now on my shoulders. There’s seriously never a second to waste ay. i got so much on my plate and I’m only in the bloody mtc man. Time that i had at nights to read my scriptures and write in my journal are all gone cuz i have to go around the building every night to check on the whole zone. its awesome tho ay family, it’s given me a reason to really organize my time wisely(something i really need ay lol) so that i make every second count. Family something that has really helped me as leader is the scriptures. Being here iv really come to know better the scriptures and have prayed so much about them. every day when i wake up i read d&c 121: 39-46, if you read it, it talks about leadership skills and how to lead people, to lead by persuasion, long suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned. it goes on to talk about being bold and sharp when needed and directed by the holy spirit which means to me that no one can be bold and sharp and be lead by the holy ghost if they are angry and mad.  But that if we garnish our thoughts unceasingly and persevere, the holy ghost will be a scepter of truth in us forever and ever. Beautiful ay family. These are just some of the attributes that i have really been striving to work for and apply as a missionary. i have had so many wonderful spiritual experiences here and its really made me just wanna go into the field even more. as for me the language is alright ay. i can express myself when i teach and all that good stuff, my struggle is just like street talk and casual convos which are different as to gospel convos lol ye well i guess ill get a taste of that more out in the "real world" lol mum and dad thanks for your guys dear elders ay, they have been awesome for me, such beautiful parents, i am forever grateful for you guys and all your sacrifices for us kids to be happy. Everyday i strive to be more obedient and this principle has definitely been magnified for me. I’ve come to understand more how the spirit works and this is a huge aspect of keeping it. con, thanks for your words of wisdom ay bro, they really help me. bro iv been doing my best bro, continue to write things on how i can be better. i study hard, pray hard, work hard to be more obedient and have been doing everything i can. i know you’ve been through this already bro so let me in on it. anyway tho bro sounds like you been going hard in the work. that’s mean bro, get lost in it. i know iv had some great missionary experiences at pcc which have been an experience i share pretty often here in the mtc and tools iv learned there that iv really applied here in the mission and im just so grateful for that ay. continue to go hard bro, im happy as for you, sounds like your back to loving everything ay bo lol awesome bro, live it up while you can bro. ash sole your a crack up, crack up as fala bro. double air rollo you reckin bro? stop it ow lol na that’s mean bro, using my gears now ay? lol mean bro, go hard with them bro, iv put some work into them so make them proud. lol mean ash, how’s lifting coming bro? still goin hard? mean bro never go backwards bro, always getting better ay, love you bro. in all that you do bro whether its surfing, body boarding, sports or wutever, be the best at it bro. if you do this bro than you’ll apply it to everything you do in life. str8 up no lies bro lol. shot ash thanks for you letter bro. hi mum:) how you doin? i love you mum, sounds like you having a lot of work ay? algud mum, this is you girl, dig it up hard mum,an oppportunity for you to stretch yourself and be even better in life ay. i know the harder we work, the more precious things in life are, while that’s what iv found anyways. but mum in proud of you mum, keep up your works mum, keep looking forward to the greater rewards afterwards. beautiful mum thanks for all you do mum, i appreciate you so much ay mum, you my girl i love you mum. don’t worry bout me ay, im sweet, my head and back are all better now. so no stress ay. my pants have ripped 2 of them lol but i took them to get fixed today lol and my shoes are hammered already lol haha useless ay. but i got heaps more gears so alguds. hey dad how you doin bro? i liked your mariah carey stuff. beautiful thanks dad your the man ay. i love you bro, thanks for your letters bro, such a awesome dad man. feel like you falas are here with me man lol beautiful ay dad, it’s like you’ve been on 3 missions after this ay (yours, cons and mines) lol shot bro. thanks for your support family, love you all falas have a good week. con i love you bro miss you hard bro, dig it up hard in life bro, you ma uce, you too ash you ma uce, be hard bro, smash everyone bro lol shot. lia i love you lia, miss you hard. thanks for all the shave ice stories, they are beautiful man. Wish I was there helping you, thank you for your support. I love you lia have a good week ok. family c you later love you chur chur
Elder kuks in undies/kanaheler

Monday, April 16, 2012

shot family, massive letters!!
love you guys man. you falas sound awesome as man. shave ice is going mean!! hoohooo man thats crack up, when i come home id rather jst go full time with the shave ice than work at pcc haha get more money too lol thanks tho family for supporting me, it means a lot to me ay. I’m happy that you guys had a uplifting stake conference. for me i feel like we have stake conference everyday haha but its been a beautiful thing. its good to hear from you guys family and happy to know you guys are all doing well. hi mum, how you doing? i miss you:) love you mum. keep going hard up the guts mum, dont be to hard on yourself with things tho, its just school lol. if i can pass school, anyone can haha and if dad can, anyone in the whole world can haha shot dad love you bro.  You have a awesome family who loves and supports you mum so i know they can help you get through this. You already know this so i know youll be ok, keep putting trust in the lord cuz he wants you to succeed more than anyonelse. thanks dad and mum for your guys dear elders, i love getting them and just hearing about you guys and it just brings a peace to me. i read them before i go to bed at night and it helps me when i know and am reminded how much my family love and care about me, and just another motivation for me each day. Parents i love you guys. So grateful for you that words can’t describe. but hope you guys can have another good week. for me, im sweet, smallkine headaches, and back crap here and there but it’s all sweet.  
The mtc is going sweet ay family, i play basketball everyday so its something i hard out look forward to haha just to be honest lol so my body is still all good cuz i have hard games everyday from the first second to the last lol it helps me to refocus on my studies tho so ye. its so fun tho, iv become tight with so many other elders so its hard to get mad when im playing and stuff lol but as for me im loving it family, everyday it gets better and for me i had a big week because now as the district leader i had heaps of meetings to go to and i really just have had to really organize my time right coz its different to the other elders. but its been a awesome experience thus far, iv learned so much more about the other elders in my district because each week i interview them and just check up with them on how everything is for them and it’s been awesome to be able to do that and help them in a lot of small ways. some of the boys don’t even get letters and for others their parents don’t really care much, it’s sad but for them a motivation for the lord to help them in that area. I’ve really had to step my game up in every way and have found other ways i can be even more obedient but i feel that much different and its beautiful. a lot of the elders in my district get naughty at times with following rules and even in class. Our teacher str8 just left the class coz he was angry. i stood up and just shamed out the class hard ay, told them that ever time we choose to waste time and play around, we jeopardize someone else’s salvation. i bore mean testimony to the boys and because i know them better individually now,  i am able to tend better to each personal need but to make a long story short everyone was quiet as for ages and i know they felt bad as ay. our teachers a hard core fala but hes a spiritual giant. every day since then, things have gotten better and every night i pray for ways on how i can be a better leader. The scriptures have taught me a lot and specifically in D&C 121 which is a lot about leadership. To lead with love, meekness, longsuffering, persuasion and love unfeigned. it goes on heaps more but it says how when man gets a little bit of power they immediately exercise it either wrong, boastfully and men tend to fall the other way because of it. I’m grateful for how much iv been able to bear my testimony because of the calling that iv been given and iv drawn so close to my district, were like brothers already but it’s been able to help us come closer in helping each other more and really just work 10 times harder every day. Beautiful family so as for me things do get better every day, and im striving to be better and look for ways to be better. i feel the spirit everyday and i love it. time is flying and i can’t wait to get out into the real world and waste everyone with the gospel. helmets ay, they’re gonna get it from me lol but love you family thanks for your letters, they were awesome, i love everyone and grateful for you all. Give aunty Gretchen my love, she’s such a beautiful women, just been so good to us ever time we’ve come to new zealand, things i never forget. anyway tho chur chur famz, mean!!

love elder kanahele now lol
p.s my pres told me change kaka coz its no good lol sad fala so as of now im elder kanahele but occasionally both lol so ye later family love you guys!

Monday, April 9, 2012

hey kia ora kia ora family que pasa usos haha!!
tena koutou ow falas!! thanks for your letters ay family, awesome as man! you guys sound so awesome and it’s a beautiful thing coming here after a long week and knowing that my family is marvelous! lol awesome family, you falas sound like yous had a great week, heaps of things going on so that’s beautiful. the shave ice sounds like it’s the new hit on the block, crack up as about the massive banner for the promoting haha you guys know i would be hard out into that if I was there, and to let you guys know, no!! i don’t get anyone to write my letters, I’m just fast as at typing with one finger haha! shot family, i love and miss you guys ay but nothing serious lol im on good terms right now with everything and just trying to be positive with everything. The mtc experience was the meanest this past week, learned so much more about the gospel itself and the language and got heaps more to learn but im on my way. This week i had heaps going on but ill just explain it to you guys in a nutshell. so me and my companion have been doing awesome, he pretty much spoke spanish before even coming to the mtc so hes a bit over the edge with things lol makes it hard for me sometimes in the lesson but we always seem to work things out, i work my hardest everyday family to make things work and for me, my studies in the scriptures and the knowing the lords promised blessings have been my motivation to keep strong. it’s EASY as family haha na but I’ve been going my hardest to be obedient in every little thing i do and it makes a huge difference, my district is awesome but some of them don’t get along and a lot of them have had ugly backgrounds and came from non-member or inactive families and two of them converts only for a year now, it’s so sad hearing their stories and just humbles me every time how grateful i am to be so blessed with a loving family in the gospel,  but ye  we have scraps all the time in our district like the other elders actually trying to physically fight! haha on the mission and all lol but i have gotten up a few times now to stop them. it’s sad for some of them because they came on missions to escape from their troubles in life and to come here and receive the same. You never know where people have been and come from ay and that’s why it’s so important for us as members to be the examples and just loving people. I’ve been able to love them as a brother and have been a help to them just talking and in small ways. But this week the president called me to be the district leader and i was just so grateful that i could magnify my calling and be a leader in helping my district out ay. i feel for them hard and when i was talking to my President, he just said that he notices a lot that i have a good relationship with all the boys and that I’ve been a good example and so he called me for that reason. but im grateful that i am able to be an example to them even more in this calling and to serve and build my own testimony and hopefully i can develop other Christ-Like attributes that will help me to become a better missionary.
So as for me family that’s a taste of my missionary experience, its been so awesome. but parents im good ay, getting all your falas dear elders. Thanks, it’s the meanest thing getting your letters ay, thanks i love you guys heaps. but im good parents everything’s sweet, i don’t need anything to be honest ay, im rich as. so don’t worry bout me mum, I’m healthy as, eating heaps and drinking heaps lol things are algud. i love you mum, thanks for your letters, you must be busy as!! lol just gotta have a good break once and a while ay, go to the beach and then just have a mean nap!! lol it really does clear your mind, and i can testify of that! Haha,  a beautiful thing family.
con kia ora bro, hows things with you bro? alguds ay! you sound never better bro, strong as testimony man. how things with the moe boy goin? bro its cool you get to work ppf, and mean as experience with the spanish people ay, i know the lord opens all those opportunities for us as we are worthy of his presents, keep using your talents bro, im happy as for you bro. dont let those bungas mess wif you bro, str8 up get respect bro. theyll respect you for it hard lol i know there messed up falas but you can still learn heaps from them to ay. and i know  they can learn heaps from you through your example, it sounds like a joke but i believe anyone can change ay bro. be the man bro and sooner or later in their life they’ll realize it. Cool bro, just promoting the center is a beautiful thing ay, a mission in disguise. Knowing that you’re helping the lord’s work to move forward in promoting pcc and the message behind it all is the greatest joy ay. cuz i know for them they don’t know what they’re getting themselves into, but i know that the lord prepares the tourist to receive the spirit at pcc and their first impression to this whole experience begins with their ppf tour guides. how funny is that ay bro, a massive calling bro. i love you con thanks for your words of wisdom bro, it helps me  hard and you can tell you served a awesome mission hense your testimony, thanks ma brother, i love you hard bro, hope you’re doing good. go out of your way to help others bro, and make heaps of friends so you can share that wonderful spirit that you have. ash and lia i love you guys. happy that you guys are able to attend the temple baptisms, so awesome to know that you get to help these people take their first covenant in heaven, something they’ve been waiting for, for 400 years, how grateful are we to know this gospel and to be baptized at 8!! to have the holy ghost as a companion throughout your whole life, we are lucky you falas. lia i love you, thanks for helping to make my mission funds, i love being here and i love you lia, always be happy and be a good girl, you’re the best sister, such a giving and loving girl, never change ook :)
Ash bro!! 1 plate!! sole im so proud of you uce, why you getting better now that i leave? lol alguds bro, maybe i was holding you back, im happy for you bro, it doesn’t stop there bro, you can always get stronger ay bro, train hard as for your sports bro, i know your better than me and con so reach your potential bro. love you ash. how’s the hair cutting going? Learn anything new? keep going bro, you get em ah! i just quit cutting hair this week cuz i have  to be obedient ay lol sucks but that was probably the only rule i was breaking haha str8 up tho so i gotta do wats right for the spirit, EASY lol i love you ash, have fun in your week bro, live it up hard. I gotta go family but i love you guys with all my heart, tear it up this week, i love you dad thanks’ for your mint as letters, your my best friend dad. i wanna be like you bro, in every way. Take care whanau!! too much!

Monday, April 2, 2012

hahahah kia ora family!! letters are mean!! str8 up beautiful!!
Just to begin, sorry bout the Saturday conference. i was supposed to sing but i got cut from the choir last Wednesday coz i missed practice cuz i got caught up cutting all these other elders hair at my dorm, oh well lol sorry family. i was so bumbed tho cuz i went to every other practice and missed gym time heaps for it and didn’t even get to perform. i talked to the main director and told him to let me back in cuz id carve him up! lol but he said that i would have to try out again just like everyone else, so i went to the try out and there was to many people and not enough spots left, i was angry as. They let david achediddle in and he had just come the day before the last try out, little bugger. I seen him the day he came in, he’s like as tall as the door knob to our room haha but a nice fala, ill get a picture with him before i leave lol that was my way of getting you guys to watch all the sessions!! hahah family why you guys never tell me had Saturday sessions? 3 of them to be exact haha fa didn’t even know about that till the other day! they were awesome as tho, they were just what i needed for this next week, wrote down like 15 pages of notes lol amazing ay! but family im just so grateful for you guys ay, especially mum and dad. The conference was talking heaps about families and parenting and how to teach your kids and i honestly couldn’t think of one thing that you guys don’t do. parents i love you guys ay and even more grateful now for preparing me to be a full time missionary of the lord, it’s been such a great experience and im loving it already. ill just share with you something from the conference, M Russel ballard said that "if we devote our all to our families, we will improve in every other aspect of life, i know that the more we let the lord govern our lives, minds and spirit, god will direct us in exactness. I’m so grateful for my beautiful family ay. i know families are eternal and its such an awesome thing to work and look forward to. i know our time is now to prepare to meet god and family, we are so lucky to know our purpose here on earth. Like you said dad, god has given us that template to follow and also said that when we understand that plan we are better able to apply to our lives then help others understand his plan for them. this life is about serving others ay family and soon ill have that opportunity everyday to be a witness of Christ, he said "we need to look for the promised blessings" and i know they are all there but we just need to do our part and god will open the window of opportunity more abundantly upon us. i love you guys so much ay family, for your sacrifices you make for me to be here. i love you ash lia and conway, you guys are awesome examples for me ay. con im so proud of you bro, back from the mission and still serving the lord ay. thats so cool about mason bro, the lord works in mysterious ways ay. sounds like your mission hasn’t ended yet bro, keep going hard in your calling bro cuz i know you have a gift with sharing your spirit and passion for  the gospel with others, and they can feel that. One thing i learned here is that when we win the hearts of our investigators and they know we really do love and care for them, they will know what we testify of is true and they can’t deny that when they feel the spirit testify through them. iv really learned how important it is to have the spirit here on the mission. this past week my companion has been so hard to work with and it’s been a huge test for me to not wasting him. he’s been homesick and becasue of it doesnt wanna cooperate, short patience and the spirit hasn’t been able to be with us and i could feel it. i been trying my hardest to be patient and being so obedient to make things work. we taught our investigator that same day and when we went in the room my comp just went off his rocket and didn’t t teach anything  right, he was telling the fala what he was doing was wrong and that he needs to do this and this and was committing him to do this and stop doing this, it was terrible ay. i couldn’t get a word in at all and he wouldn’t let me. Family i can’t explain how angry i was after that. i went into the bathroom and had a mean cry because i never felt the loss of the spirit like that since iv been here. That night i just forgot about everything and didn’t mention anything of it to my comp. i had a talk with him and just told him how much i was grateful for him and how much he’s helped me to become a better person and missionary. i told him how much iv learned from him and how the spirit has been so strong with us because we live it. He was blown away at the fact that i didn’t just get on him hard about that lesson with our investigator but just started balling and i just gave him a mean hug. Saturday and Sunday conference was the meanest thing and brought us right. Today is a good day and i know this week is gonna be a good one too. As long as we are doing our best the lord will do the rest. Family there’s so much i have to say but computers freeze after every sentence, its so frustrating. i cant email pictures either coz they have a rule here now, no emailing pictures or videos and what not but i printed some so ill send them in the mail today.
MUM, i love and miss you mum. Thanks for your letters, i know your schooling will be all good mum. you’re the most persistent and hard working person i know. Keep plugging away mum and i know the lord will get you through just as he has always. I’m so grateful for you mum. i was getting medicine out the other day and found your little note you put in there, it made my day man. but i love you so much mum, you my girl. have another good week k :) dad you the man bro! stop crying ow lol harden up ow haha na jokes i love you dad, im so grateful that you’ve been such an awesome dad, friend and mentor. i love you dad. For always being worthy of your priesthood and for using it when its needed. i know the mozos feel of that when they come over,  and they do come over because they feel that, and that’s something that they live without in their own home. Where so lucky to have that family cuz its direct power and guidance from god in our life in every aspect. im glad they have a home to come to when they are in need of that blessing and comfort and that our family are worthy to provide that. Awesome man.
The mission is going just perfect for me family. just plugging along every day. The Spanish is coming sweet and i learn more every day. im gonna carve you up when i get home bro lol thats gonna be mean bro! but im working hard family and can’t wait to get out into the field to share this message. Today im gonna go do a session at the temple wif toph, kj, manulea, kent and evan cuz toph leaves today. Pretty cool to have all the boys here man, all here to serve the lord. i forgot to mention that it snowed out hard az the other week. i wasn’t able to get any pictures coz i didn’t have a camera, but it was mean as, i took my shirt off and was going hard outside the dorm lol i was thinking of the shave ice to during that. ash and lia love you falas man. ash you da man bro, thats crack up about the hair cutting. good bro, save our family some money. Just get con to but you a edger cuz it str8 up makes the haircut count. believe me bro. i cut hair pretty much every day, i cut my whole districts hair last night lol but the edger helps bro. love you ash, keep going hard in your sports bro, never give up, and i know you’ll be the man cuz you got it in you bro, just gotta have the faith and let it come out as you work your butt off, hard bro!!
Lia hiii :) love you lia, hope you doing good. sounds like you get em wit da shave ice ah? shuah!! lol im happy for you lia, keep being a good girl k:) dont let anyone make you anykine!!lol but its crack up cuz everyone here does my slangs, like the whole mtc haha!! no joke and since i cut everyone’s hair the slangs spread like crazy, its crack up. my time is up tho family. loved your guys letters and your guys dear elders. There awesome as stuff to come to at the end of the day, thank you. Have a god weekend family and keep plugging away, go hard to the death family and know that im doing the same. You guys are my motivation every day, i love you guys with all my heart and hear from you guys next week ay! chur chur whanau, kia ora kia ora, shot on the harakeke, mean!! ms4lyph!!