Monday, June 25, 2012

kia ora family!!

fa somethings wrong with my myldsmail account lol i tried sending some pictures to you guys last week and i had a picture in there with my shirt off and so i guess my account all messed up because of the filter system the church has on here lol so i have to send you my email from my gmail account untill i get things going. i didnt recieve your letters because of that so just resend it to this account dad. anyways though family im doing awesome as man. had a really good fulfilling week yesterday we had six of our investigators at church!!!!! woohoo haha na it was so awesome man, church went smoothly and our investigators are really beginning to progress and move foward. we have a baptism next week for candy and her son dakota and were really just trying to get ready for that and get aunty a baptismal suite thingy lol coz shes like 300 pounds plus and so its hard to get her size, but im excited as family. the plan for us right now is really their whole family. They have two single mother parents in this home but heaps of kids and we have come so far with them, its amazing. we plan to baptize dakota, confirm him a member then ordain him the aaronic priesthood so that he can baptize his other brothers, and hes excited for that man. Weve got the kids signed up for youth conference so we have just been going hard trying to get fellowship for them. other than that family iv had so many wonderful opportunities this week, sharing the gospel and its been beautiful watching the lives of our investigators and their testimony of christ grow. we had a little bbq with our other investigator dee at her house and it really opened our opportunity to share the gospel with them. shes the investigator who hated god and such but her and her husband are really progressing and saturday was very successful with them and just sharing the spirit of christ with them and their friends. they loved us after. me and my comp sang some songs to them and so they were heaps of fun. family iv had so much happen this week i dont even know what to say. iv learned so much tho, and me and my comp really have grown to be good friends man and its so awesome when we teach. we work together very well, and i feel we are one in purpose which has really helped us progress in the work. iv learned heaps being with him and both of us as new missionaries, we continue to learn and grow everyday and im just loving it family. i hope all you falas are doing good in work and summer fun!! hope you were spoiled this week mum especially after your massive accomplishments. i talk about you guys to all my investigators and show them pictures, so they ask me all the time how you guys have been with the shave ice and all that stuff so their all updated about that even lol but ye family im doing very good ay. had some humbling experiences tracting this week, got some rude as mother rejections, but i was very calm lol and swept the dust of my feet. had some good laughs to lol. these people have no clues ay, but the work will move foward ay. i love you guys family, continue to move foward, have a awesome summer, thanks for all your guys support for me, shave ice, love, and everything. thanks family. you guys learn any new songs yet? send em to me bro, show me whut you got goin on with out me lol beautiful. anyways falas hear from you next week!!
love elder kamahele
Elder Kaka did write us last week (06-18-12) but for some reason we did not receive it.  I have posted his letter below.  He resent it to us this morning.

kia ora family!!!

fa it feels like christmas to have p-day right now hahah, good as to hear from you guys ay. you guys sound awesome man, everyones doing beautiful. i was thinking about you a lot yesterday dad being fathers day so i just want to wish you a happy belated fathers day. youve been the best dad. your everything that i wanna be dad, and i know the lord is so proud of your efforts as a father. i feel like i have the best family in the world man, str8 up, heavenly father has definately blessed us beyond measure. thanks for everything dad, i love you bro, your my best friend dad. when you get all old and crusty, ill still be ther to whipe your bumb bro haha ye dad, have a good week ay bro.
and hiii mum :) yiuuuh mum congrats mum, smart as women man! im so happy for you mum, youve come so far, and your finally there ay, you really are a testimony of persistence mum and you really are superwomen. i feel bad that you had to do mine and dads homework coz we had given up on school before it even ended haha but ye mum i love you so much mum, have a good celebration and know how proud i am of you:)
anyways hey family had a mean week, miracles hard and just so blessed of the lord. sunday was christmas again, we had 3 of our investigators come to church, its the best feeling ay, but 2 of them are getting baptized in two weeks and there just as excited as we are lol. the mums name is candy and her son dakota, but theyve both come a long way, i cant even believe it. theyve turned their lives completely around, and so i know that the atonement is real. dakota went to the scout camp this weekend and loved it, he got two merrit badges and it was cool cuz since im a  eagle scout i was able to connect so well with him. hes signed up for scouts now and is excited to start attending mutuals on tuesday. family candy and her son dakota are walking miracles in my eyes ay, and so its just the greatest feeling ever.
our other investigator dee hardrath who hated us at first and didnt even believe in god, prayed yesterday for her first time in 20 years and that was a miracle, the spirit was soo strong. she prayed in front of us even, to know if this was the path that she should take in life, if the book of mormon was true and if so, then that she could know some how. i know with out a doubt that she will recieve an answer because shes done everything that the lord has commanded us to and so he is bound to answer her prayer. we pray every day for her and for every investigator but it is a joy to see them progress, to see them come unto christ, it really is the greatest joy.
anyway family things are getting better ay, and im loving it, loving the members, my companion, and my investigators. i pray for improvement everyday and work as best i can to accomplish that, so i know im on the right track. i went on a exchange this week to lake michigan so it was so awesome man, it opened my eyes and ways that i can be a better missionary. i was the driver so that was pretty cool to lol it was a good experience for me.
anyway family i love you guys, ash i love you bro, train hard for your sports boy, your gonna get out what you put into it ay bro, so work to be better than all those other helms bro, lia i love you, your a good girl lia, and your gonna be a awesome wife, keep doing what you know is right ok:) con bro, kia ora bro lol i love you con, your a awesome brother bro, keep being a missionary bro, forever a calling bro, thanks for your insights bro, i right your stuff down every week and make sure to do it, so thanks bro, have a good week family, thanks for all your support, and prayers, they help me hard.
i got some pics for you falas, ay, my investigators who came to church, the back yard of our apartment, the investigator that prayed( tree photo) , jpseph smith shots lol etc.
alright than family hear from you nest week
love elder kanahele

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kia Ora everyone,

Sorry no letter this week. This falla is useless. He's gonna get it from me next time I speak to him which will be in can't believe he didn't get a letter away to us, fathers-day, mums graduation and passing her principle courses. Useless man.  We love him though!  Looking forward to next week!  Fingers crossed.

Monday, June 11, 2012

kia ora family!! fa awesome letters man!

i miss you falas heaps just hearing about all the things you guys have been able to do as a family, things that i miss most. I love you guys family, man just so appreciate of all the wonderful qualities iv learned from you in my life, and a model to base my whole life from. I have a brother who served his mission, the meanest example for me bro, and loving brothers and sisters, you guys are mean man!! fa and mum and dad thanks for everything ay.  you guys really have made it possible for me to be here, for the testimony that i have, i love you guys.
i had a awesome week whanau, had heaps of progress with the investigators. yea sorry about not taking pictures ay, its like the last thing on my mind lol but ill try get some for next week. the ones i have today, i just took out in the yard at our apartment and outside of the library where im at now lol sorry ay, atleast you get to see my handsomeness lol but i also have videos so im just waiting on that i-pod chord dad. anyways tho, everythings just sweet with me ay, it was christmas yesterday for me and my comp!! two of our investigators came to church and fa it was the best feeling in the world ay, coz you work your butt off and then these falas dont show up, just wanna tell them get lost some times lol but yesterday me and my comp were just happy as at church man. our investigator whos name is candy, and her son dakota came to church and they loved it, they said they never felt so good in their life. i just felt myself praying the whole time during church that things would go good, that the members would see them, that they would feel the spirit etc. and it turned out perfect, I got her son signed up for boys camp and all, so their decision to come to church really does help out in their progression towards baptism, but man its just so humbling for me to see that kind of progress ay, coz its hard as to teach here. Everyone hates the mormon church here. iv never herd of this kind of crap ay, theres heapz of different churches on every corner, and bible institutes everywhere, its crazy ay. we get motted hard, it was pretty funny at first but then i got ticked off the other day ay because some drunk dude was cussing us out hard. but they really dont know what their missing out on.
anyways tho family, the ward loves us now ay, we had heaps of opportunities this past week to serve a lot of the members and we just leave beautiful messages in their home and just sing a song for them, so they love us ay. its helped out so much and i just feel so much better about everything. so things are on its way in that area, and about that planning stuff con, ye we do all of that ay bro, its good stuff, I really just try stick to the PMG and feel like my comp gets a little irritated some times ay coz hes senior companion and all but hes just unorganized azzz but I just let him go sometimes ay coz like the more i tell him lets do this or that, he just gets irritated so I just dont go there ay coz ill just end up giving him a hiding lol str8 up tho. hes alguds tho, good as fala, but hes still new as too so we just learning as we go. i try and do that ay con, like plan for each investigators and just like role play the important lessons and stuff, and hes not into it ay lol, so ye still working in that area. i might just secretly smash him ay lol  na but anyways family things really are going good and i just hope we get some baptisms soon, the goals are there ay just trying to get there and take the steps needed to do so.
con bro thats crack as about tawny bro, good on you bro, get some kisses in there lol sorry to hear that things didnt work out with jayden ay, na but ye bro tawnys good ay tho bro, but we cant afford that blood, you kno wassup ay bro, keep it real bro, dont be scared to date some sungas bro lol some ulus bey, ulus for sale haha. gots to go tho family, ash and lia thanks for your guys lettters ay, it helps me hard. mum your my idol mum, the best women i know, i love you mum, you too dad love you falas.

love elder kanahele

Monday, June 4, 2012

hey family,

fa its good to hear from you guys ay. everyone sounds beautiful man. things are all well with me ay. had a very out of it week, a bit stressful ay. i feel so blessed to be a member of this church, and to know gods purpose for me. its been a hard week ay family, mostly for our investigators and the struggles that everyone of them are going through, its crazy. i feel like all our investigators have it rough and so our week has just been a week of service. cooking dinner for our investigators kids cuz the parents just work 24/7 and crap like that. our other investigator who was meant to get baptized next week has been in the hospital for her daughter who's 2 years old but had deep surgery this week for her un-curable cancer. man its been a difficult thing trying to build their faith in christ because of all there trials man, but i know that the lord really does give his children experiences to humble them and bring them to ground zero and weve been able to use this time to really serve them. iv come so close with these people though that its even hard for myself to see them go through these things and as missionaries we can only do so much. i really can testify that the greatest joy is found in serving others and thats all iv felt this week. this past sunday was fast sunday and it just felt so good to be at church ay, and to just renew my covenants and reflect on how I can improve in this calling. I was able to bear my testimony in sacrement and it was awesome, give the members a better feel of who i am and my willingness to serve them. it was really good ay, coz i got talking to heaps of them afterwards and just build friendships with them. so family things are going really good ay. we had a lesson with a spanish investigator  this week and it went terrible, neither me or my companion could understand what was going on and even teach. i just felt so inadequate after ay, mad at the world lol coz I know this gospel and i have a strong testimony of it but I couldnt even say it. These are such humbling experiences for me man, and I know the language will come if i just do my part and thats what im doing ay, just digging it up, giving it my all. i been setting some goals ay for the language con lol ow not even working man, haha na jokes, its getting better though so all goods. just need to apply the principles i teach. Im loving every second of the mission though ay, and I really do feel my savior more in my life as i am obedient and i know hes there cuz i feel his guidence as i am putting forth my all. theres so much i have to say but i know that this gospel is our only way back to god, and that god has given us that str8 gate to enter which is by faith, repentance, baptism and enduring to the end. so simple ay. iv been able to live these principles so much as a missionary and it has become a fiber of my testimony. i love you guys ay, got your box, thanks family for everything ay, fa i think im getting fat man, eating terrible as.but its algud ay lol thanks for the recipes mum, ill probli use that in my next transfer coz my comp, elder leortscher is a good cook man and he makes us mean feeds all the time. we have icecream and cookies after every meal, he said ever since iv been his companion weve been eating like pigs haha so ye thats me ay family. hope you guys can have another good week. mum good luck in your schooling, i know you can do it mum, your amazing, up the gutz mum, thanks for all of your words of wisdom, its lovely to hear from my gonna baptize these falas ay hoohoo pritty soon guys lol but yea, ill here from you guys next week family, everyone doitz it this week ay. ash go hard at the beach for me bro lol. i love you guys with all my heart ay!!

Elder kaka