Monday, June 11, 2012

kia ora family!! fa awesome letters man!

i miss you falas heaps just hearing about all the things you guys have been able to do as a family, things that i miss most. I love you guys family, man just so appreciate of all the wonderful qualities iv learned from you in my life, and a model to base my whole life from. I have a brother who served his mission, the meanest example for me bro, and loving brothers and sisters, you guys are mean man!! fa and mum and dad thanks for everything ay.  you guys really have made it possible for me to be here, for the testimony that i have, i love you guys.
i had a awesome week whanau, had heaps of progress with the investigators. yea sorry about not taking pictures ay, its like the last thing on my mind lol but ill try get some for next week. the ones i have today, i just took out in the yard at our apartment and outside of the library where im at now lol sorry ay, atleast you get to see my handsomeness lol but i also have videos so im just waiting on that i-pod chord dad. anyways tho, everythings just sweet with me ay, it was christmas yesterday for me and my comp!! two of our investigators came to church and fa it was the best feeling in the world ay, coz you work your butt off and then these falas dont show up, just wanna tell them get lost some times lol but yesterday me and my comp were just happy as at church man. our investigator whos name is candy, and her son dakota came to church and they loved it, they said they never felt so good in their life. i just felt myself praying the whole time during church that things would go good, that the members would see them, that they would feel the spirit etc. and it turned out perfect, I got her son signed up for boys camp and all, so their decision to come to church really does help out in their progression towards baptism, but man its just so humbling for me to see that kind of progress ay, coz its hard as to teach here. Everyone hates the mormon church here. iv never herd of this kind of crap ay, theres heapz of different churches on every corner, and bible institutes everywhere, its crazy ay. we get motted hard, it was pretty funny at first but then i got ticked off the other day ay because some drunk dude was cussing us out hard. but they really dont know what their missing out on.
anyways tho family, the ward loves us now ay, we had heaps of opportunities this past week to serve a lot of the members and we just leave beautiful messages in their home and just sing a song for them, so they love us ay. its helped out so much and i just feel so much better about everything. so things are on its way in that area, and about that planning stuff con, ye we do all of that ay bro, its good stuff, I really just try stick to the PMG and feel like my comp gets a little irritated some times ay coz hes senior companion and all but hes just unorganized azzz but I just let him go sometimes ay coz like the more i tell him lets do this or that, he just gets irritated so I just dont go there ay coz ill just end up giving him a hiding lol str8 up tho. hes alguds tho, good as fala, but hes still new as too so we just learning as we go. i try and do that ay con, like plan for each investigators and just like role play the important lessons and stuff, and hes not into it ay lol, so ye still working in that area. i might just secretly smash him ay lol  na but anyways family things really are going good and i just hope we get some baptisms soon, the goals are there ay just trying to get there and take the steps needed to do so.
con bro thats crack as about tawny bro, good on you bro, get some kisses in there lol sorry to hear that things didnt work out with jayden ay, na but ye bro tawnys good ay tho bro, but we cant afford that blood, you kno wassup ay bro, keep it real bro, dont be scared to date some sungas bro lol some ulus bey, ulus for sale haha. gots to go tho family, ash and lia thanks for your guys lettters ay, it helps me hard. mum your my idol mum, the best women i know, i love you mum, you too dad love you falas.

love elder kanahele

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