Monday, August 27, 2012

Kia Ora Family,

massive letters man!! good to hear from you guys ay, fa i had another even more out of it week lol. Had some awesome experiences though and some sad ones. Our investigator Alyssa (Candy's niece) is getting baptized this saturday so its been way better for me because i know how the system works now so iv been on to it and organized with everything. Making calls to the members and getting the whole program together, its eased the stress of everything else that comes with a baptism. So that has been really exciting. Alyssa is such a awesome girl. Weve challenged her to be baptized several times but nothing came of it but slowly and surely she has progressed. Shes read and prayed about the Book of Mormon, shes quit smoking, drinking, partying and her whole lifestyle. theres a quote that says "Hapiness in life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the lord Jesus Christ". Alyssa has changed her whole life around which hasn't been easy, iv been with her ever since i started my mission and so shes been working at it for a while and because she begun to build her foundation upon our savior, she allowed him to change her life completely. Its been a crazy and growing experience for me, definately not roses lol but i'm just hoping everything continues to go as planned. Our old  investigator Sky(the lady candy was living with) her baby with the un-curable cancer is gonna die any day soon, so its been a really sad week, iv wanted to go over this whole week but just havnt felt the prompting to go just yet. And our other investigator Jeremy ( the library dude) he was meant to get baptized on the 8th but his mum just had a stroke and now in a level 12 coma so its been a very crazy and intense week with everything. Obviously he hasnt been able to make it to church for that reason so weve for the most part have been trying to comfort everyone through the gospel. The mission is beautiful family lol! bit stressful but after church yesterday I was ready to go again hard with the work. Things with my comp are sweet az ay, hes a awesome guy, just a bit of a rebel sometimes so i been on his case hard. I have learned so much though these past couple weeks and have had some really humbling experiences. Iv really depended on the lord so much more than i ever have and hes given me strength when iv most needed it. I read a scripture in my studies this morning from the bible but it was beautiful. Proverbs 16:3 " Commit thy works unto the lord, and thy thoughts shall be established" but it is so true ay. When we are working our hardest to have the guidance of the lord with us in our lives, he will direct us for good, and he is bound to give us that promised success when we are obedient. I want this success ay family. And I have been doing and giving my all to obtain it. I love you guys family. you falas missing us ay? stop crying ow! lol na awesome letters tho ay, crazy about the all blacks tho, our family's getting famous ay! lol awesome man. Mum thats crazy bout your work, I dont know if i could handle that lol good on you mum, and ash bro, shot bro, going hard ay, that awesome az man, you can do it my bro, continue to work harder than everyone else. Lia i love you ya. you mean so much to me too expecially now that i am gone on a mission, my family has meant everything to me. keep being a good girl lia, i love you. Con g sup bro, awesome news bro, glad everything's going good down in nz. massive bro, get into any fights yet? lol crack up bro, give everyone hidings bro. Give my love to the Mahe's, miss my dumb cuzion Meagan.  Mum and dad i love you guys thanks for your support ay, its been my motivation and drive to pick myself up and do it ay. to the end family, up the gutz!!
love elder kaka

Monday, August 20, 2012

hey kia ora family!

wot a mean letter man! awesome az family, so good to hear from you guys ay. Con bro thats three mean uce, sole! do wot you gotta da ma bro, thats crazy tho man just up and out in a day ay. beautiful bro!! crazk up az dude, hopefully that was the spirit prompting you bro lol Ash!! shot bro varsity ay, beautiful bro, just know bro that works beat talent. It dont matter whos in front of you bro, if you put forth the works, train and lift hard bro, youll do it bro. When you get on the field bro, thats your opportunity to shine bro, smash anyone and everyone bro, no mercy! Leave no regrets bro!! good on you ash, you look good in your pics bro, tall az fala ay!! 84? member javan had that number his senior year. Anyway family I had a long hard week ay, dang man. Iv been tested hard. Dee Hardrath has been a mission for me ay. Iv never prayed, worked and lived so hard to have the spirit to help me with her and her husband. and several times the spirit has told me to hold on a littler longer with them and to be pacient. She really has ceased to progress though and last night we met with her and she just said she doesnt want to meet anymore. It was the hardest thing for me to hear, knowing all the blessings that shes missing and the truth she has been searching for this whole time but yet blinded by her own confusion. I just broke down last night thinking that I literally gave it everything I had ay and it ended just like that. After praying I did find comfort in myself, i dont know whats going to happen with them but i know that the lord has a plan for each of us and tests us and gives us opportunities to grow and I did. I definately have learned so much from my time with Dee ay but fa she waste time!! Not much has happened this week, its been tough finding work and having our investigators progress. It really has made me look at myself and what i can do to be better as a missionary, in this companionship, and what i can do now to change and be better. Im still plugging away though family and pushing myself to the limits. My comp really isnt liked to much through out the mission for many reasons so the leadership in our mission dog us a lot ay, messed up crap, so were really determined to change things in our area and just work hard and find success. Anyway family thanks for the letters. Lia i love you, your such a good girl, you have a beautiful testimony and you have the desire to be a good girl. i love you, keep doing good and know i am so grateful to you guys for all the shave ice and hard work that goes into supporting me out here. Mum and dad love you falas ay, i cant express how much i love you guys and just being on the mission i realize how amazing my family is. I am algoods ay, iv been spending heaps of my money mum so maybe check my account. I try to spend wisely in my expenses and only spend when i really need to. and this summer we havent had a lot of getting fed so i had to spend extra on that. my back is getting better so im all g. Have a good week family, love you guys!

PS: con bro keep me posted with everything and let me know how everything goes. crack up sunday story bro lol maoris ay. anyway bro i wish you the best of luck with that. you ma bro dog, i love you man, my best friend .

Elder Kaka

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hey family,

Hows everyone doing ay? awesome as letters man, beautiful stuff ay. con thats crack up bout pcc bro, crazy az man, im happy for you ay my bro with all that youve been able to do bro, working hard az and still sharing the gospel, youve been the greatest example for me bro and for ash and lia. Anyway family iv been really good this week ay, its been awesome starting a new transfer and running the area. its crack up coz i make sure we have plans every second of the day, and so were all over the place ay, my comps probli tired of it lol. But ye we get along real well. Hes a awesome fala ay, chill az, just very knowledgable and has a huge desire to be a good missionary. weve been working really hard this week with our investigators and a lot of them waste time ay. Its hard to drop a lot of these people but it has to be done. We arent just planting seeds but also gathering the crops and finding those whom the lord has already prepared to recieve the gospel. Things with Dee have been hard ay, she feels the spirit so much and wants to progress but is held back from life experiences that just dont allow her to give her whole heart to god and to some of the things we teach. i know that if its meant to happen then it will coz i feel at this moment that iv truly given it everything that i have and so i know that the lord will carry us the rest of the way with whatever will happen. Jeremy is doing good ay, hes doing everything he can and also us to to preprare him for baptism, hes been the hugest example to me of faith and is spiritual az. most of the time i feel like hes teaching me. The work is slow but good. Weve been working to find more people to teach and so thats been a challenge. We prayed for a miracle and recieved a referrel from a member who has been wanting the missionaries to teach her good friend but hasnt found the trust in the missionaries. She said this to us as she gave us her friends information and for her to do that was a miracle for me to have her trust. That same day we met a guy and his wife who are looking for a church to attend and so we taught them the first lesson. They seem very prepared and so i hope our next visits will help prepare them to progress towards baptism. This is our miracles for the week and proof to me that the lord really does know our needs and hears our prayers. He answers them when we act and work as if everything depends on us, cuz it does.

Anyways family the mission is all good and were just working our butts off as best we can ay. had some mean as brutal rejections lately and its tested my anger hard lol but im still here ay lol The spanish is alright, i havent taught a spanish lesson in months so its hard to keep it up. I do what i can in my studies and with my comp so we do what we can with what we got and just hope for the best. anyway tho family i love you guys, thank you for all your letters, they are so awesome for me and the closeness and love i feel from you even being on the other side of the world. know that i work each day to lose myself in the work, and to be better. I do keep in touch with the kaka brothers in their missions and so weve been able to share our own testimonies and experiences with the work. Its so awesome to all be out together all fighting the same battle and being able to strengthen each other, awesome man. Anyway, I love you family, have a massive week!!

Love you, Elder Kaka

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hey family!!
Man awesome letters!! family im doing good az ay. My new companion is the man. His name is elder ben knight from Utah, cool az dude though. I already love the fala ay, im excited az for this new transfer. We been going hard az at the work this past four days, using every second of time we have, i love it. Iv set some goals for myself and things I want to accomplish and improve this new transfer. The first day I straight told this fala how things go ay lol. But we both have the desire to give the lord our all and just fulfill our calling to its fullest. Just like you said ay con it all really comes down to our obedience. I know that is true and that the lord can only bless us according to our obedience and so I really have been striving to live my life to recieve that light everday to guide and direct me in the work. I have definately drawn so much closer to the lord and have learned and done things i never thought id be able to. I cant explain how much iv been blessed in my mission and the experiences that iv had that have confirmed my testimony of the fullness of this gospel. Its so hard being a missionary ay, and its difficult to have to watch some of the people face the things that they go through everyday of their lives. I know the greatest gift that we can give to people is the gospel and it truly is. Iv watched investigators go homeless, and have no family or friends to help them, get sick and have no money to get treatment, lose everything that they have and have no where to go or turn to. Its the saddest thing iv ever had to experience and its become a testimony to me of the sure foundation on which the gospel provides us in this life. Iv been able to share the gospel with these people and watch them face these problems with out grumbling or blaming anyone but still having faith and love of god and the gospel knowing that God is there. Its so humbling to see this and it has strengthened my testimony immensely. My mission is going really good though ay family, I do love and cherish every thing iv experienced and do try my best to help these people get to where they need to be. I do have my weaknesses but I strive each day to overcome them and to lose myself in the work and give everything that I have to the lord.
Anyways though family thank you for all your letters. I am so proud of all you guys and all that youve been able to accomplish, and your desires to live the gospel. I do miss my family ay and its my motivation to wake up everyday and to press forward. Man i started doing some pukanas when i saw the pictures of the whakataetae ay, fa you falas look mean man, im gonna do a haka when i get home lol. shot family thats so cool, so good to see that everyone did it man, awesome experiences ay. falas didnt even get to take your shirts off lol. but hey mum your the bomb mum. Im so proud of you ay mum and all that you do as a mother, everything! I love you so much and miss you mum, thank you guys for the box and for all the goodies, it should hold me up for the rest of the mission. serious. know that i am being taken care of and spoiled like the heck from everyone. mum you are a good leader and the lord has given you this opportunity to share the gospel and to help build his kingdom through your leadership. I know youll be awesome cuz you raised me, a headache at times lol but something that helped me in the mtc when i was called to be district and zone leader is D&C 121:40-46

40 many are called, but few are chosen.
 41 No power or influence can or ought to be maintained by virtue ofthe priesthood, only by persuasion, by long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by loveunfeigned;
 42 By kindness, and pure knowledge, which shall greatly enlarge the soul without hypocrisy, and without guile
 43 Reproving betimes with sharpness, when moved upon by the Holy Ghost; and then showing forthafterwards an increase of love toward him whom thou hast reproved, lest he esteem theeto be his enemy;
 44 That he may know that thy faithfulness is stronger thanthe cords of death.
 45 Let thy bowels also be full of charity towards all men, and to thehousehold of faith, and let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly; then shall thy confidence wax strong in the presence of God; and the doctrine of the priesthood shalldistil upon thy soul as the dews from heaven.
46 The Holy Ghost shall be thy constant companion, and thy scepter an unchanging scepter of righteousness and truth; and thy dominion shall be an everlasting dominion, and withoutcompulsory means it shall flow unto thee forever and ever.
district and zone leader is D&C 121:40-46

Everything that we do in this life is to prepare ourselves to meet god again. Christ was the perfect example of a leader. He lead by these things and by pure love. By our examples, i know we are indeed preparing our brothers and sisters to receive Christ and to prepare to return to god again. I love you mum, hope this gives you some inspiration, not that you need it cuz you eat em up already. But thanks Lia for the box, I love you so much, you are such a good girl and im so proud of you lia, you are so special.ash your the man bro, everyone love you dog, keep sharing your spirit uce, be a good example and work harder than everyone around you uce. Rep it hard this year bro, in school, sports and everything, waste everyone bro, thats all i have to say bro, the moto for everything bro is to waste them, doitz! Con bro, sole you da man bro, i like grind you uce lol mean bod bro, i love you con thanks for helping me be better bro, i love you. Got your falas box, 2 mean!! thanks family, it meant so much to me to get that, you falas sound beautiful, i miss it hard!! love you all.

Elder kaka