Monday, August 27, 2012

Kia Ora Family,

massive letters man!! good to hear from you guys ay, fa i had another even more out of it week lol. Had some awesome experiences though and some sad ones. Our investigator Alyssa (Candy's niece) is getting baptized this saturday so its been way better for me because i know how the system works now so iv been on to it and organized with everything. Making calls to the members and getting the whole program together, its eased the stress of everything else that comes with a baptism. So that has been really exciting. Alyssa is such a awesome girl. Weve challenged her to be baptized several times but nothing came of it but slowly and surely she has progressed. Shes read and prayed about the Book of Mormon, shes quit smoking, drinking, partying and her whole lifestyle. theres a quote that says "Hapiness in life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the lord Jesus Christ". Alyssa has changed her whole life around which hasn't been easy, iv been with her ever since i started my mission and so shes been working at it for a while and because she begun to build her foundation upon our savior, she allowed him to change her life completely. Its been a crazy and growing experience for me, definately not roses lol but i'm just hoping everything continues to go as planned. Our old  investigator Sky(the lady candy was living with) her baby with the un-curable cancer is gonna die any day soon, so its been a really sad week, iv wanted to go over this whole week but just havnt felt the prompting to go just yet. And our other investigator Jeremy ( the library dude) he was meant to get baptized on the 8th but his mum just had a stroke and now in a level 12 coma so its been a very crazy and intense week with everything. Obviously he hasnt been able to make it to church for that reason so weve for the most part have been trying to comfort everyone through the gospel. The mission is beautiful family lol! bit stressful but after church yesterday I was ready to go again hard with the work. Things with my comp are sweet az ay, hes a awesome guy, just a bit of a rebel sometimes so i been on his case hard. I have learned so much though these past couple weeks and have had some really humbling experiences. Iv really depended on the lord so much more than i ever have and hes given me strength when iv most needed it. I read a scripture in my studies this morning from the bible but it was beautiful. Proverbs 16:3 " Commit thy works unto the lord, and thy thoughts shall be established" but it is so true ay. When we are working our hardest to have the guidance of the lord with us in our lives, he will direct us for good, and he is bound to give us that promised success when we are obedient. I want this success ay family. And I have been doing and giving my all to obtain it. I love you guys family. you falas missing us ay? stop crying ow! lol na awesome letters tho ay, crazy about the all blacks tho, our family's getting famous ay! lol awesome man. Mum thats crazy bout your work, I dont know if i could handle that lol good on you mum, and ash bro, shot bro, going hard ay, that awesome az man, you can do it my bro, continue to work harder than everyone else. Lia i love you ya. you mean so much to me too expecially now that i am gone on a mission, my family has meant everything to me. keep being a good girl lia, i love you. Con g sup bro, awesome news bro, glad everything's going good down in nz. massive bro, get into any fights yet? lol crack up bro, give everyone hidings bro. Give my love to the Mahe's, miss my dumb cuzion Meagan.  Mum and dad i love you guys thanks for your support ay, its been my motivation and drive to pick myself up and do it ay. to the end family, up the gutz!!
love elder kaka

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