Monday, August 20, 2012

hey kia ora family!

wot a mean letter man! awesome az family, so good to hear from you guys ay. Con bro thats three mean uce, sole! do wot you gotta da ma bro, thats crazy tho man just up and out in a day ay. beautiful bro!! crazk up az dude, hopefully that was the spirit prompting you bro lol Ash!! shot bro varsity ay, beautiful bro, just know bro that works beat talent. It dont matter whos in front of you bro, if you put forth the works, train and lift hard bro, youll do it bro. When you get on the field bro, thats your opportunity to shine bro, smash anyone and everyone bro, no mercy! Leave no regrets bro!! good on you ash, you look good in your pics bro, tall az fala ay!! 84? member javan had that number his senior year. Anyway family I had a long hard week ay, dang man. Iv been tested hard. Dee Hardrath has been a mission for me ay. Iv never prayed, worked and lived so hard to have the spirit to help me with her and her husband. and several times the spirit has told me to hold on a littler longer with them and to be pacient. She really has ceased to progress though and last night we met with her and she just said she doesnt want to meet anymore. It was the hardest thing for me to hear, knowing all the blessings that shes missing and the truth she has been searching for this whole time but yet blinded by her own confusion. I just broke down last night thinking that I literally gave it everything I had ay and it ended just like that. After praying I did find comfort in myself, i dont know whats going to happen with them but i know that the lord has a plan for each of us and tests us and gives us opportunities to grow and I did. I definately have learned so much from my time with Dee ay but fa she waste time!! Not much has happened this week, its been tough finding work and having our investigators progress. It really has made me look at myself and what i can do to be better as a missionary, in this companionship, and what i can do now to change and be better. Im still plugging away though family and pushing myself to the limits. My comp really isnt liked to much through out the mission for many reasons so the leadership in our mission dog us a lot ay, messed up crap, so were really determined to change things in our area and just work hard and find success. Anyway family thanks for the letters. Lia i love you, your such a good girl, you have a beautiful testimony and you have the desire to be a good girl. i love you, keep doing good and know i am so grateful to you guys for all the shave ice and hard work that goes into supporting me out here. Mum and dad love you falas ay, i cant express how much i love you guys and just being on the mission i realize how amazing my family is. I am algoods ay, iv been spending heaps of my money mum so maybe check my account. I try to spend wisely in my expenses and only spend when i really need to. and this summer we havent had a lot of getting fed so i had to spend extra on that. my back is getting better so im all g. Have a good week family, love you guys!

PS: con bro keep me posted with everything and let me know how everything goes. crack up sunday story bro lol maoris ay. anyway bro i wish you the best of luck with that. you ma bro dog, i love you man, my best friend .

Elder Kaka

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