Monday, July 30, 2012

Kia ora kaka whanau,
fa you falas are doin it for the maoris ay!! thats crack up man everyone in whakataetae this year, cool man!! thatll be cool if you guys send me that when it’s all done, good on yous man, good luck with that ay, mean maoris mean, haka hard for the haere mais apple pies. Anyhow though family it’s so good to hear from you guys ay. Im happy everyone’s had a good summer and man the shave ice, you falas must be rich? haha yiuh thats beautiful. Con ay hope your trip went good, it looked like heaps of fun bro, your pics are two mean sole, so sexy lol did you find one wahine or wut? lol one of the members printed out the article of you guys in Utah and it has all you guys on there. man i was feeling the ihi bro, the article just talks about how awesome the center is and how its flourished over so many years with success and that’s because it’s one of the lords tools in building his kingdom, beautiful. Thanks everyone for your letters ay, i love you guys so much, i have the meanest family in the world man, and everyday i preach the gospel, i just can’t believe how mean of a family i really do have, fa were all going to heaven haha. Thanks for your words of wisdom and advice to me, man it’s always a motivation and a drive to go harder the next week.
Anyways family i have been awesome az ay. I had the meanest week of my life!! haha dang i had like ten birthday parties lol it was crazy ay. All the people in our building put a party on, some of our investigators had one for me( dee hardrath), the ward members just spoiled me ay. It was so cool family, the coolest thing was the party our building put on though. Man it just brought everyone together, cultures from all over the world but we had a awesome night and me and my comp were able to share a little about what we do as missionaries, and why we’re here, then we sang them a few songs. They loved it man, they thought we were so cool lol. but man iv just grown to love everyone in our building ay, like my own family. We’ve been able to share the gospel and from that party, a black man named Richard was just astonished from the whole night and the spirit he felt that he hasn’t felt in a long time. We were able to go to his apartment last night and teach him a lesson and it was amazing. It made me realize how much people really need the gospel and for him he’s had the hardest life iv ever heard of, and its so sad what some people experience in their lives that really makes them lose faith. I hope that we can help bring him to baptism and to our savior Jesus Christ. We plan to give a Book of Mormon to everyone in our building and its perfect cuz we know all of them and are good friends with a lot of them. Family the missionary work is going good ay. Its been hard this summer because everyone has been in and out for vacation and wot not so sort of difficult to have consistent lessons with people. But family transfers are this Wednesday and so i get a new companion, pretty excited for that. My comp has been out of it this past couple weeks, lazy az so iv been holding back from smashing It’s been hard in that area coz he moves slow az and unorganized which has screwed us up a lot. Besides this we have had an amazing experience together which has helped me to grow so much spiritually. Family i am doing really good ay, and i do love my mission, I am happy, healthy and sweet az. I didn’t get the box yet, the mail system has been jacked up lately so it should come in sometime soon hopefully. Thanks for that family, im excited to hear you guys, i love you my family, you guys are my all.
love elder kanahele

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hey family!!

Awesome to hear from you guys ay, crack up az letters man. everyone sounds way good man. cant believe you guys aint doing ward camp ay, thats crazy! everyone sounds awesome though. Cons trip looks fun man, good memories with the promo ay. man con looks massive too, oosh, good on him man, must be really looking hard for a wahine ah lol shot bro, good on you con. tell him i said thanks for the letter ay, i know he had to really go out of his way to find time for that, so thanks bro, that means a lot to me ay, im so lucky to have a awesome family who writes me. mum ay, busy as women, never can get any slack ay mum. Man sorry bout that lol your beautiful mum, I know that after you finish this hard run you'll be algud ay mum. theres a quote that i want to share with you mum that comes from a letter that was written by john adams to george washington during the revolutionary war. during this time george washington was not in good conditions in means of the war and this letter helped him put into perspective what he was fighting for which was the freedom of our country. so this is the quote:
"Anything achieved too cheaply, is esteemed too lightly"
so in other words, this goal for freedom was not going to be something easily achieved but it made him realized it was something worth fighting for. Mum so i know it will be all worth it in the end ay, i love you mum, thanks for all you do for me. but this quote goes right along with the gospel ay. christ invites us to follow him knowing that it wont be easy but that we are rewarded in heaven and by our endurance to follow him, he promises us eternal life, which is something worth striving for in this short life.
Anyways family i had a good week ay. the work is going slow again but its algud were still working to find opportunities to find work. yesterday at church was awesome, dakota came to church with his family, dressed in a white shirt, tie, black pants/shoes and he was up with the priests preparing the sacrement. it was the coolest thing to see ay, already exercising his priesthood. Their family continue to face so many struggles that its crazy but the ward helps out so much and its been a huge blessing being able to become close with the ward members, they have done everything for us. this past week we had a family from the ward go out to dinner with Dee and her husband jim and went so awesome man. it was a miracle just to have them step way out of their comfort zone and come out to dinner with us. Things like this have really helped our investigators progress, gain trust in the members and feel more comfortable in coming to church, fa cuz thats the hardest thing ay, getting them to come to church. so ye family everything is going good, our library investigator "jeremy" hes doing awesome ay, still preparing for the 11th of august and hes excited, so just working for that. transfers are at the end of this month so ye pretty sad about that but excited aswell to learn more from another missionary. Ill still be here in waukesha but my comp probably will be leaving, so ill let you guys know how that goes. Iv had a very awesome experience thus far ay, I really am loving it. Its been fun az to at the same time, me and my comp have some mean az laughs, with the work and even some of the rejections we get, theres some sad falas in waukesha haha. but ye family everything for me is good, i recieved the box from the guthrie family with all the back medicines. tell them i said thank you so much for that, iv been applying all the things and its been helping my back to heal, so ye the back is algud, still soar ay but its being aided too. i love you guys family, i miss you guys ay. have a good summer everyone and know that im doing my best out here to serve the lord and im happy to be here and apart of his work, iv been very blessed and so grateful for this opportunity. our whole building is having a party for me and my comp since transfers are coming up and its crack up cuz were tight as with everyone ay, we take them food all the time and even the land lord, and so weve developed some really cool friendships with everyone. i love you my family, thanks for all your words of wisdom, dad your the man bro, love you too ay, your my best friend dad and the best example for me. ash and lia i love you guys so much ay, you guys are good kids ay, such awesome examples to me, i miss being with you guys. ash i was just thinking of this past thanks giving when me and you went beach all day, that was crack up ay bro, but good memories with you guys ay, priceless. thanks for your letters they help me heaps man. con bro, your the man bro, massive as, sexy falas man, pcc so'o, lol good on you tho bro with the pcc and everything love you bro, thanks for all you do to help me be a successful missionary, it has helped a lot ay, love you bro, your my best friend. alright then falas love you guys, gotta go now laters!!

Elder kanahele kaka


Shot family on the Harakeke,
Dear Mother and Father of Elder Kanahele
I just want to start off by first telling you what a privledge it has been for me to train your son in the work of the Lord. Not that i actually had to teach him anything. If anything he probubly taught me more then i could have taught him! He has been the best companion that i have had so far on my mission! That is easily seen by the fact that im writing his family! He always talks about you guys, and there is always good things to be said. As well as hilarious stories! I have been blessed by the time i have had to be with him in this companionship. I have easily had the most fun so far on my mission with him as well. So i just wanted to thank you for what you have done for me, by teaching your son in the ways of the Lord that he might have served a full time mission, that this companionship could happen. I really do mean that and it comes from my heart to say that im grateful for the friendship that this has become! He is one of the best missionaries that i have ever met. He is the definition of putting all of your heart, might, mind, and strength into the work. He does all that he can to please the Lord and its the best example.
With all that we have talked about with our families i feel like i know you guys already for real! Anywas im not sure what to write at this point but i did just want to thank you. As well i wanted to tell you that your son is sending home his ipod so you can see all the videos that he has been filming for you all. One of them on there is one that he made me do which is sing a song. I want to let you know in advance that your welcome cause it may very well be the greatest singing performance in this dispensation.
Ustedes Amo,
Elder Alex Loertscher

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Monday, July 16, 2012

Kia Ora family,

Hi everyone, so happy to hear from you guys ay. i had such a awesome week, and one that ill never forget. I have really felt the spirit and guidance of the lord this week and family i cant explain how happy i am to be here on a mission serving the lord. I feel so grateful and blessed to be here and im loving it. this past saturday Dakota and his mum Candy were baptized! it was very stressful preparing for the baptism and hoping that everything would go right and that the spirit would be there and that they could feel it. the baptism went perfect though and the spirit filled the chapel. I had the opportunity to baptize Dakota and it was the greatest feeling i have ever felt. Im so happy for their family and my heart is just filled with the spirit right now thinking about the path that they have just begun towards eternal life, and i can just feel the lords love for them and that he is pleased with there decision. On sunday i was able to confer him a member of the church and give him the holy ghost. It was beautiful ay family, i love missionary work and it is so worth it. I honestly didnt know how things were gonna work out this past week coz my companion was gone on a exchange so i was left with all the stress but the lord did lift me and help me in preparing them for their special day. Iv never prayed so hard for the lord and i know that he is real and iv felt him so much stronger as i have strived to be obedient. its become something that i crave everyday and when its there, its an amazing feeling. Dakota recieved the priesthood this past sunday aswell and our next goal is for him to baptize his two younger brothers joey and tyler who are 14 and 13 years old. so family i thank you for all your prayers and your support for me, it does mean a lot. I was listening to my i-pod this week and it has us brothers and dad singing on there. i couldnt help but think of my family and just singing and being with you guys. im so grateful for my family ay, i love you guys so much. anyways though. you remember that guy i said that we ran into here in the library last week? well it was a miracle and weve had a few lessons with him this past week and he is changing himself day by day to prepare for baptism on august 11th. but the experiences that we have had in our lessons with him have been great and the spirit is just always present. I can see these people as they begin to apply the things we teach in to their lives, receiving immediete blessings and when they see the big picture its just awesome ay because you know your fulfilling your purpose and theres nothing better than that. everything for me is going good though, i have grown to love this ward and the members, like their my family. i have had the opportunity to sing and share music which has been very special. The members here have been everything to our missionary work and it has helped the work progress and move foward. our apartment building people have even got attatched to us missionaries and they love us. the whole building is having a party for us before the transfer ends this month for me and my companion and the lord has just really blessed us. i love my companion and we have had some good experiences. so family know that i am very well, still have a lot to do, and time continues to fly and i just want to accomplish as much for the lord as i can. thank you for your letters, your love for me. i miss you falas ay. love you mum and dad, family, you guys are my best friends, keep going hard in all that you guys do, tearing  it up tho..chee-hoo..shot on the keke doitz! and mum ye the back is alright, i havent yet recieved that medicine and stuff from sister Guthrie for my back but its not like im dying but that is so sweet of her mum, please give my love to the Guthrie family.  The presidents wife just told me to follow the health book so iv been doing that and the work outs in there, and i dont know ay, theres nothing else really that i can do with that so ill let you know how that goes. love you guys family, later!!
love elder kanahele kaka

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hey family!!

Hows my family doing? haha good to hear from you guys ay, lol mum and dad ow my backs alright man!! na it has actually bothered me some wut ay lol, not just from that sledge hammer session but we did that sort of crap everyday, and i called the presidents wife, shes all crap. i told her my whole situation and that iv had it for a while its not bubblegums but she thinks it is and she just gave me some crap to do and said well see how it is in three weeks. i dont know ay, im really to busy to even get a message lol or anything like that, so im just gonna hammer it till i cant go no more. but anyways family, i had a good week. things have been all over the place with our investigators and so weve been doing everything on our part to have the lords guidance in this. candys family is alright ay, things just keep getting worse for their situation and i just feel like buying them a house or something lol. but we taught the meanest lesson to their whole family and candys sister and 2 daughters and commited candys sons to baptism. they are excited as!! it was soo cool ay, the spirit was amazing, so now theyve all got baptismal dates for their family and candy and dakota are still on for this week Saturday so i just hope everything goes as planned. fa missionary work is hard ay lol im loving it though family, and its crazy to think how long iv been out. the time flies ay, its so crazy. its been hot as the mother here man, 115 degrees all week, but we got our car back for a bit. we tract for one street and feel like dying, the heat is a thick one too so all the animals here are dying all over the place, out of it az. the missionary work continues to get better and me and my comp have some awesome goals for the next few weeks before we are transferred. we have been praying and working hard to find some investigators and just as we walked to come into the library to write our letters, we ran into a dude who approached us asking if he could take the lessons(mean man!!). we asked him what hes expecting out of these visits and he says, a better relationship with god and jesus christ and how he can find more hapiness in his life. For me this is a miracle ay family, because this doesnt just happen. the lord knows our wants and our needs and through obedience and application we find people like this guy jeremy. He just grabbed onto everything that the gospel had to offer and we have a return appointment with him tonight, so im excited to see how this goes. iv had some awesome experiences with many wonderful people who are just seeking for the truth and just doing everything to get them towards baptism. family the work is coming along. iv learned so much about the gospel, and about myself. there is so much to be done ay and me and my companion have just been working our butts off. iv never been so tired before but its a good satisfying feeling. me and my comp, we really get along and the spirit that we feel together in our lessons has grown and has become very effective. i strive each day to follow everything to the "T" in being a preach my gospel missionary. the prophet and apostles really have layed out the keys for us in becoming the best missionary that we can be in reaching our potential and thats my goal. the language is still cabbage, dont speak it often but its improved heaps. but family, i know that this is the greatest gift that heavenly father could give me, being able to represent him everyday. iv never felt so close to the lord in my life, and that spirit is something i crave in everything that i do. i dont know everything that there is to know, but i know that  when the spirit is there im able to say what matters, and i know the people that we teach feel that. thanks for all your prayers and support family, it has helped me improve myself as a missionary. i love and miss you guys and know that im giving the lord my all in his work. i know that this is the only true church on the earth today. and something our zone leader told us this past week which i think im the only fala in this mission who didnt know lol is that our mission is considered one of the hardest missions in the world becasue it contains the largest variety of religions. its so crazy because on every corner(literally) there is a different church. we tract into ministers and pastors home all the time and they just bible waste us everytime lol. so everyone we talk to just thingk were another church on the "corner".  other than that everythings sweet family. mum thanks again for my box and the treats and your lettter, your awesome mum:) love you all, sorry my lettters all random ay, lol thats how everything is here thats why haha, all over!

love elder kanahele kaka

Monday, July 2, 2012

kia ora my family!!

fa everyone sounds good man, thats awesome. im doing good az family, had a massive week ay. so our baptism that was meant to be this saturday got moved to next saturday. man satans really been working on our investigators candy and her sons and eversince they have been trying to do whats right, all these obstacles and the worst things that could happen, has happened. we teach candy and all of her sons now, so its dakota, joseph and tyler but there 15,14,13 but they have a hard as life, have no where to live now so its been difficult to just sit down and have a full lesson. they brought us mcdonalds last night to our apartment and it was like christmas ay, was beautiful, filled my guts up lol. so i love them ay and just really doing all i can to get them to baptism. if this next week clears up then shell be ready on the 14th, so thats us family. iv got the boys all signed up in scouts, and youth conference too lol so im really hyping them up for that, so hopefully that goes good. missionary work has been awesome family and its never a dull moment for me ay, im having fun and my testimony continues to grow everyday. me and my comp are sweet az man, we get along good as, and just boyz now. i always talk about you guys, so he feels like he knows our family already. we got kicked out of our car this past couple weeks so we walked our first couple days then our mission leader in the ward let us use his bikes. our areas massive, so everything is spaced out and far, (hence the cars). and its the middle of the summer so its like 100 degrees plus outside. we been biking it up hard and i just been losing heaps of weight, i feel like when we get to one destination, i have nothing left or energy to teach haha fat bugger ay, but its been a different experience on the bikes and the opportunities to find and teach because were not in cars, so its been an interesting week. Weve had to drop like three of the people we teach coz they were just useless ay, so were just trying to re-develop our pool of investigators again. We just got our moneys re-filled today so were gonna go shopping after this, and get some icecream and cookies haha na but ye mum we been eating ay, the money they give us for the month, lasts for like 2 weeks, and the thing is we buy the cheapest thing in the shops,(useless man) so its out of it, but we make it happen ay. riding on the roads we get all kinds of people yelling things out of their cars and everyone here smokes and drinks so its crazy. i always got my eyes open for someone to throw something at me while im  riding, so im always on my toes ay haha. crack up but family thanks for your letters, its reassuring for me to know my family is doing awesome ay, thanks for all the support with the shave ice and your prayers. i love and miss you guys but im alguds ay, im happy to be here and theres no place id rather be right now then serving these people here. i know that this is the true gospel and and our way back to heavenly father. iv read, pondered and prayed about it and iv received that witness for myself the truthfullnes of this gospel and plan of hapiness. I feel so much more passionate about the things that i teach and share because i know without a doubt the message that we share is true. and it is hard to see people reject it and miss out on all the blessings that our father wants to give us.
thanks family/con for all your love and wisdom for me. i try to apply all that i learn into the work, and exercise them and been setting heaps of goals for myself. i also got the box mum:) thanks ay mum, i appreciate that hard ay, and for the patriarchle blessing. it was exactly what i needed. thanks for the pictures and stuff, now i can show my investigators what my family look like. but yes family i love you falas, i dont need anythign ay, im sweet, the box is sweet, got some squid in there even ay mum? ay? lol yiuh crack up. let me know if my letters are dum ok, coz so much stuff happens that i dont know what to say some times lol but im safe and healthy family. i love you all, have a awesome week, go hard and have fun, ill here from use next week

love elder kanahele kaka