Monday, April 29, 2013

que pasa vatos locos (which means kia ora falas in espanol)!! haha how you guys doing ay?? beautiful letters! good as to hear from you all ay. Im happy to hear you putting some weight on ash and lifting hard g. How much you benching? lol shot bro. Hopefully you can be stronger than me by the time I get home lol 2 years of not lifting. So koal is back at byuh ay lol mean! no time to waste, mean!! I better shape up with my body so I dont look like a old man ay when Im done lol anyways I got your box mum:) thanks ay, I love you! I been eating my lollies hard out haha and we had musubis for dinner last night and left overs for breakfast this morning, was mean! I use all the things you send me so thanks a lot ay. I eat like a king all the time ay, none of this microwave crap. Sraight up feasting always. lol but anyways that's cool that you guys got to go to the temple together. How blessed are we to have the temple literally in our backyard ay, in sight even. Iv grown to appreciate the temple so much out here in the mission not being able to go there so often, it being 3 hours away. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place ay where everything is just so great, easy going and convenient. I'm also grateful to know that our family is so blessed to be able to run the shave ice and at the same time do missionary work, a huge blessing and comfort to me that the lord is taking care of you all in every aspect of life. Its awesome cuz I never really have to think about you guys, I know that if im doing my part the lord will do his for you guys back home, and he has. biggest blessing for me as a missionary.
Anyways though, I had a awesome week ay! was hectic as the mother and just glad its p-day today. We had 8 investigators at church and had enough people to have all 3 hours in a separate Spanish meeting for them. Me and my comp have had to coordinate all the classes, translating situation and organizing lessons for them. Yesterday was our first trial run for doing all of that in one Sunday and.. it was mean!! our investigators enjoyed it hard and received massive growth. Its just a miracle getting everyone to church ay through the week first motivating them to go and then organizing all their ride situations, a lot to be thinking and doing ay. Its been another time for me of actively working and being given greater opportunities to grow. For now I am the elders quorum leader for our Hispanics but its been cool cuz the lessons I have correlated with what we have been teaching our investigators through out the week and its helped them to fit all the principles we've taught them in with the lessons taught in church. Its been so cool and we continue to see the fruits of our labors. Every week we work with our less-active Hispanics and its been a treat seeing them slowly come back to church, renew their baptismal covenants and just making things right with the lord. My goal here isn't to band-aid our people but to strengthen the roots so that when I leave their foundations are strong enough to face the waves of life that come at them. I'm loving my area here and just seeing so much great things happen. I love my companion elder lifferth, a awesome missionary, smart and on to it and together we've just been able to accomplish a lot. I love my mission you falas. Im having heaps of fun, growing spiritually and trying to benefit from everyday. You guys have been a huge support in all of this both before and during. Love you guys heaps man. I feel so bad i haven't written gramz in like 6 months lol tell her I'm sorry, i still love her and that imma write her. Okay family until next week, 2nd wind, up the guts ay doitz!!
p.s dad bro im alguds ay bro, im gonna be buying me some new gears bro, all my shoes are ripping and things just look like crap so ill just buy em here since im in america lol but just letting you know. sorry ay, you falas financially stable now days? lol let me know love you

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hey family! mean pics man!! fa I just wanna come home now hahaha na jokes lol that's mean Ranas back. Time just flies aye hoohoo mean. ye Jack told me he was done and going home, so cool, probably way different I can imagine. So cool that our families are still gathering together, times I will never forget. Sounds like everyone had a mean holidays and week, fa beautiful. I cant believe Stace got married! lol tell that chick I said hi! You falas still doing band stuff ay dad? mean bro. Glad every one's doing good ay. Con bro surf so'o ah? mean bro vacations haha, sounds like you had a good trip, hows your dating and marriage seeking going? any potential investigators? shuah! lol You guys all look awesome in your pics ay, good looking family man! handsome as! Mum Im happy that your getting through your schooling strong, your the bomb ay mum. Can you still do my homework's when I get home? haha
Any way though I also had a mean week you falas! Got to go to the Chicago temple again and do a session, it was mean. Here in Janesville pretty much 90% percent of the members are doctors so everyone is rich and feed us food for the kings lol. Somethings wrong with my system coz I cant eat as much as I used to but I'm still fat lol any suggestions? Our goals in building the branch are just improving weekly its been a joyous hard working process. This Sunday we had our own class filled with investigators and less-actives. For now I'm the teacher but its been awesome being able to teach the class cuz I str8 up give commitments and invite people to be baptized and everything in the class lol its pretty effective. This Sunday they also asked us to give talks in church on Small and simple things. Another awesome opportunity I had to throw it down on the ward wake them up to smelling the roses lol. Na but its just been a very prosperous week ay family. Every new investigator we've found has been through our members and less-actives so we've been finding a lot of quality people to teach and have a lot of big gaols we are setting. The members have been really noticing the fruits of our labors and the bishop actually is considering doing more for us in the Spanish program the egg. We are being patient and are just working with what the lord has given us and great things are happening. I have a testimony that anyone can be successful no matter the circumstances if they are faithfully obedient to what the lord has asked. Great things have happened for me on my mission as Iv focused on the small things like faith in Jesus Christ and obedience. Such simple principles that allow us to receive the greatest blessings of our heavenly father. Love you falas, my times up, hear from your next week. Have a strong week aight!!

Elder kaka

Monday, April 15, 2013

Kia ora family!! man awesome as letters! I love it!

Everyone sounds mean! I cant tell you how happy that makes me and proud as I am out here. I have no worries about you guys and I know you guys are strong and continuing to grow together, its a awesome feeling. Thanks for that you guys. A lot has changed in the church since Iv been gone and Iv noticed it like a soar thumb as a missionary. Good changes ay. The bar has been raised in every way and I love it. My mission has been my life changer. Every week I feel like I'm being converted more and more to the lord. Iv realized that you can really measure a persons love for the lord by their willingness to sacrifice things of the world to come closer to him and his son Jesus Christ. Every week I feel my willingness to sacrifice more has grown and it makes me think of what was said at general conference, that "at the depths of pain and anguish the lord stood strong for us, lets stand strong for him" We all need to be standing strong for the lord because he needs us most now then ever. We really do live in the last days and and its crazy to think that we've been chosen at this time of earths existence to take the gospel to every nation tongue and people. The general conference has done a lot of good for our whole work aspect and Iv really been taking advantage of the teachings both in my own personal life and in helping the members here fulfill their call to duty. I cant explain how confident I am in the lord right now in building a Spanish branch here in Janesville. Iv been thinking a lot lately of the miracles the lord has done since the beginning of time for our book of Mormon missionaries and prophets converting, cities, kings, and even the most vilest of sinners. If God was able to provide for all these his servants than why not for us his servants now in building this branch. I know the lord doesn't change and his miracles never seize but it is the faith of the world that have caused those miracles to not be seen and even in the mentality of missionaries. The lord is capable of performing great things and so we should have our faith be brought to believe that great things can and will happen to those who have faith. I bring this up because we haven't received this support in means of building this branch even amongst other missionaries. Despite of that, we have had crazy things happen, activating almost all of the less-active Hispanic members here, preparing for translating in all three meetings, and even Spanish classes for the 2nd hour while our investigators are here. We are working to get them all activated and working towards temple prep, and becoming strong converted members. We even got them to come to the conference which has been the steroid of our growth in this vision of a branch. All our Hispanics are excited and great things are happening here family. I'm grateful to be a son of God and for the ability and potential he gives to all of us to do great things. Its in our nature to do these great things, all he asks is we have faith in his son. My goal has been to strengthen the roots of our ward wrapped in this goal that we have to form this branch so that our members, the roots will be able to hold the fruits (the converts we bring). Things are going family. I love you guys and am proud of you and the missionary work you have done already with our extended family and everyone else. Greater joys and blessings will continue to flow in our home as we partake in the lords greatest glory and purpose which is to bring his other children to the truth of his love and gospel. His miracles never seize, and he never seizes to be a God of miracles. Love you all!

elder kanahele

Monday, April 8, 2013

Kia ora you falas!!
mean as conference ay. Mean letters family, thanks. I was cracking up hard reading all your letters ay. Classic as sleeping through conference, farting, crack up. That part of me hasn't changed, i be farting in some of our lessons its crack up lol. Awesome though family sounds like you all got heaps out of the conference. I cant believe I use to sleep and not pay attention to conference back in the days haha. The general conferences out here have just been the hugest confirmations and turning points for my testimony, and that God does live and his church continues to run upon prophets and Apostles, Jesus Christ at the head of it. Just like you all I received so much good from it. I received a lot of answers that strengthen me today. Just a quick story so we received a referral from one of the members a couple weeks ago but she didn't have the address so we were just thinking "how the crap are we supposed to find this person if we have no clue where she lives" anyways so we were out working last week and actually tracked into her!! it was crack up. we got talking to her at her door and I ask her what her name was and she said "suyapa" i was like "it cant be the same one were thinking of" but na it was the referral the member gave us. It was so cool ay but anyways so we had a lesson with her in her home with her family and it was mean!! There whole family showed up to conference yesterday along with some other investigators that we are teaching. Its crazy how much success we have had in such little time and with such little resources. When we all arrived to the chapel with our peeps there was nothing set up for our Spanish people i was ticked ay cuz the white dudes don't give a rats so its been hard with no support sometimes. So I had to figure out how to get the system going lol oiyoiy trouble shooting so'o you know how terrible I am with technology ay haha but some how miracle were wrought and I got it to work. Awesome as time to be a missionary right now ay family with the work just moving about so rapidly through out all the world its a beautiful thing. Conferences have meant so much more for me having my investigators there. These people are my family out here in the mission and I treat them with the same love and passion I have for you my family. Its helped me endure my time here and to really hold nothing from the lord. my biggest question going into conference was why has my patience decreased when I have given my all to become more Christlike? and What more can I do to develop the patience I need to be a better missionary? Iv been asking these questions for the last 6 months and its bothered me cuz Im trying so hard to seek and do what the lord wants. I came to the conclusion that its not that my patience has decreased but my passion and desire for the lord and his gospel has increased so much that its hard for me to accept when others reject our message. Dean m. Davies talked about building a sure foundation. He said that balance plays a huge role in building this foundation and I then realized that my patience level needed to be balanced more towards the level of the other strengths that iv acquired through my experiences here. In other words in order to produce more fruits we need to strengthen our roots. if our roots are strong, it will hold up all the fruits we produce. Those roots are the Christlike attributes. Obtaining the Christlike attributes is my lifelong goal ay family and you all know its my patience that needs work lol "just found that out now" haha na but so I have a better vision on what more I can do to become a greater servant for the lord. I love the gospel and what its done for my family. I love you guys so much and im trying to change every day to be better. We should never cease to progress if we expect to live with God again ay. Shot family doitz!!
Elder Kaka

Monday, April 1, 2013

Kia ora family!! Happy Easter!! Sounds like you guys had a good one both physically and spiritually, that's beautiful! I love you guys ay. Thanks for your testimonies, it strengthens me hard out ay. That's cool con got to go see koal, he wrote me the day he was getting released, really strong testimony, sounds like he really served an awesome mission. Tell the dude I said sup dawg!! lol but anyways family so good to hear from you all again, its my refresher for the beginning of my weeks, it's played a big part in me being able to focus through out the whole of my mission so thank you so much family. My Easter was so awesome. theirs a family we've been teaching the Torres family, they straight up speak only Spanish so its been a battle trying to get them to come to our English ward. We are working to build a branch where only Spanish speakers are, but for now our obstacle is trying to get all our Hispanics to come to church which is filled with white dudes. Pretty intimidating for them and even for me ay but its been the coolest experience seeing how the lord is really making up for the lack of resources that we have and really providing a way for us to accomplish his work here. We've been able to establish classes for them. teachers, translators from members that served Spanish missions and really have just worked from scratch. So this family that we've been teaching are really progressing and its been a spiritual battle helping them overcome small and large obstacles. This past week we felt impressed to teach them the Plan of Salvation and it was a mean lesson. It was inspired because they came to church this Sunday and it all fit perfectly with Easter and what we've been teaching them. They received huge growth in their testimonies of the gospel. We were also able to get a lot of less active Spanish families to come to church and we had a huge Spanish turn out. I saw my investigators in a whole other light ya know. Just seeing them becoming converted to the gospel and receiving all the ordinances of the gospel Its the pure love of Christ that accompanies the calling that allows us to see good people as better people, and greater people with the potential become Gods. I had to translate for all of them as well during the meetings and it was stressful as heck but it all worked out ay. This area has really stretched me for sure and its been awesome how the lord has allowed me to mold to those specific tasks and help me achieve them. My companion has really taught me a lot ay. We are two very different people but Iv learned that any two people living the gospel and who are obedient can make things work in the lords way. I love my mission for this ay and whats cool is iv seen it work through out our own family's life and so its a testimony that I already have but that has been strengthened and nourished even more. Thanks for your sacrifices family. never do I forget the things you are doing to make it possible for me to be here doing the lords work. Thanks for helping me do this for him. Thanks lia for your love girl, love you so much lia, your a good girl, I Miss you a lot ya. Your testimonies are getting strong as man, so awesome. Ash bro, read the book boi, prep as much as you can bro, arm yourself boi! Con bro, your the man g! str8 up the guts bro lol. Mum and dad love you guys so much ay. go hard family, lets do this crap!!
p.s cant believe you falas left mum doing the shave ice by herself, sad dudes ow dont do that ever gain! love you mum
elder kanahele, shot bro!