Monday, October 29, 2012

walking on water
Kia Ora - kia ora family!!
You guys sound awesome ay, thanks for your beautiful letters man, its one of the best things to recieve after a long week ay. It lifts my spirit even more every week hearing that my family are all safe and, happy and enjoying life as a family. In alma it talks about when ammon reunites with his brethren and his heart is filled with exceeding joy cuz they were still strong in the gospel and living it with full force. Every time I hear from you falas I get that same feeling of joy and gratitude knowing that my family is living the gospel and are enduring this short time we have here on earth to prepare. Awesome family. Sounds like everyone is busy as the mother in school, mum work so'o, Doctor kaka, dad the energy drink, ash school so'o and lia just running da school oiyoiyoiy shole two mean family!! you guys awesome as ay, I love what I hear.
For me family I had a prosperous week ay. Transfers have been a breath of fresh air for me. My new companion is elder Skyler Ashcraft from shelly Idaho. Hes such a good dude ay and from day one we got along real well. Im still in the same area (Kenosha) speaking spanish so'o everyday. I love it hear. My last comp was a walking GPS and so he knew all the streets like the back of his head but i didn't realize that till he left. Iv been getting lost heaps this week with my new comp and more worse we've been walking. Iv been acting like I Know where im going and walk like 10 miles in the wrong direction haha terrible ay. Just going by the spirit here. I went and bought a map and have just been studying the roads and all the addresses we need to contact, its been crack up. This week We had heaps of lessons, found new investigators and 2 of them came to church!! cheee pono!! It was a crazy week coz the lord has just been putting people in our paths. I thought to myself how the lord really does give us tasks to test how obedient and diligent were going to be. He prepares us for greater opportunities in store, and when were ready, he gives them to us. I feel like thats how its been for me the whole time here in Kenosha, its been really hard, slow and nothing coming out of our labors. But like the scriptures tell us, we receive no witness until after the trial of our faith. And I have been blessed like crazy. Iv received an even greater motivation to dig deeper especially with this new calling. I have 4 sisters in my district and the zone leaders, so our district is 2 mills. The sisters call me everyday for the dumest things ay lol crack up. Sometimes im just like "come on now sisters, think about that one" haha but im really enjoying it so far, Iv already been on my toes, and trying to discern the needs for our district. Tomorrow we have district meeting so iv been preparing things for that. Family im loving it here, walking marathons everyday, and we never get fed from the members, so we eat tek for dinner lol. Na I been cooking up feeds hard for all my comps cuz their all lazy and useless. Their sweet with eating chips and bread for dinner. My comp is lazy as the mother, so im like picking up after him hard like hes a baby. Forgets to flush the toilet, leaves his undies on the floor crap like that lol. But thats the behind the scenes ay lol. Family things are algud. The weather is getting a little colder, 40 degrees, not to bad yet. but anyway family before I forget, tell the Guthrie family I said I love them and are grateful for them. They have written me since Iv been out here on my mission and even with the back medicine. Such a awesome family. My backs alguds ay I have good and bad days but theres nothing more i can do besides work out on it, stretch and ice.
I love you family, you falas are everything to me. know that everyday im trying to be better and have no regrets. The mission does change me everyday, and Im grateful for all the humbling opportunities and miracles iv seen and experienced that have built my testimony and my desire to serve the lord. I cant explain it but Im loving every second I have to be here, through the good and the bad. You all have a massive week, here's a quote from the movie 17 miracles, as they journeyed through the worst conditions to establish zion, and the point of death one said: "it'll all be worth it in the end" so awesome and applicable to us ay. Go hard family in all you do, and ill here from you next week, love you!!
Elder kanahele

Monday, October 22, 2012

No chickens in Wisconsin..haha!
Hey family!!
soo awesome your letters. Thanks for all your love, support and council. It means a lot to me ay, and things I need to hear and be reminded of. You guys sound so good ay. Shave ice sounds crazy, thanks for making it possible for me to be out here family and for your sacrifices. I remember when we would work kaaawa house to help pay for conways mission and now that im out here doing the same thing, it makes me so grateful for the sacrifices you all make for us to do this work. There is no where id rather be right now than out here on my mission serving the lord. Iv learned so much and have gained so much more love for our savior and the eternal path that our family is already headed in. Im grateful to you my family. Im doing really good you falas. Had another one of them weeks, slow as the mother but its algud. Transfers is coming up in two days so im again excited to start again, new companion, new faces. Im staying here again in Kenosha, and I was called to be the district leader. So its gonna be a good learning experience for me. Keen as for everything though family and excited to do and learn more to be better. Kenosha is a huge as mother area ay so I have no clue where ill be going and how to get around lol so im doomed haha na but theres heaps of work to be done here. Our Spanish branch is really little and as you know, Hispanics work all day everyday, so it makes the work a little more difficult not having the support of members. There is a lot we want to do wit them but dont have the opportunities with the members, so at church on Sundays, were on the hunt hard for member help. I met an old maori aunty from the english ward maybe two weeks ago. I told her I was a kaka and she said "you look like a kaka" lol and she also knows papa so that was cool ay. Her family flew up here this week, so I got to see some maoris at church, it was cool as. I cant remember what their last name is though lol sorry. Anyway though family, had a cabbage as week, we been on the hunt and been doing a lot of different things to find success. So dont really have much to say lol. Got some mean as rejections though lol the world is a little messed up sometimes ay. But things are algud, im enjoying my time and still learning a lot. I loved the story you shared con about Abinidi, and it is so true ay bro. We dont always have the opportunity to see the fruits of our labors but the lord in his own time brings forth his purposes. We need to be faithful. So just going forward with things. Thanks for your words bro. Right now I cant imagine not being a missionary bro, I love it, the feeling, and all the blessings that come with the calling. Anyway though falas, last week Tuesday we had Zone conference again. A general authority from the seventy came, his name was Elder Golden, but he was a powerful and spiritual giant. Him and his wife are from south Africa but they sounded like maoris lol. I asked them at the beginning, "are you falas maori?" and they laughed at me lol and said no. But I sang a song at the conference. I was scared cuz there was two whole zones there so there was heaps of missionaries. The other elder who's the zone leader is awesome with music but he made an arrangement of "Abide with me" and played the piano while I sang. It went awesome. But ye family so that was my week, it was a good one. And about the temple, theres a member from the english ward but he loves the missionaries so he asked us if we wanted to go, so we took that as our P-day. Love guys family, Mum and Lia I love you guys so much, have a good week. And my bros, love you guys ay, up the gutz again this week!!
Elder Kaka/Kanahele diotz!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Kia ora my beautiful family!!
Mean as letters man. I had a slow as week ay family lol, things have been really slow here in my mission, stumped hard ay. We been working hard as and obedient and its just been difficult cuz I feel like iv accomplished nothing from it. Iv learned some hard patience this transfer, patience with a lot of things ay, my companion, learning the language and and doing the work. All I wanna do is the lords will ay and so that's been my challenge. I was talking with the one of our zone leaders the other night in the apartment and it really helped me put things into perspective. He said: the lord gives us trials for a reason, "he wants to see how diligent and faithful we will be when it really matters and when times are hard". And that quote you said to me mum, I really liked it, but it said, "if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you" and nothing great is achieved lightly. He then told me something he was told when he had the similar problem in his mission, it was "include the lord in the lords work" and so iv realized ay that not only are we building the lords kingdom, but hes building us. Iv been a little selfish in that aspect because iv been spoiled through out the mission with people to teach. We are given trials and weaknesses to be humble and to know that we are nothing with out the lord, and that's been my experience. "Include the lord in the lords work" applies to everything we do ay. Its the ability to be patient and trusting that the spirit will provide a way for us to accomplish the lords purposes. And so this is me ay family, you know how impatient of a fala I am, and so its been a blessing to have these opportunities to learn patience. Sorry bout explaining it. I dont really have much to say bout this week, still plugging away ay family, still having fun and loving the experience. I almost cracked my comp the other day cuz he teased my last name in front of the members, hooo hooo lucky ay. Aw ye that reminds me, I went to the chicago temple this past thursday, it was mean as ay. We went with a member from the english ward but it was a breath of fresh air, ill send the pics.
Anyway family thanks for your letters, everyone busy as ay. Mum school sounds enduring ay? your awesome mum, everythings for the family and thats how you are mum, thats why I love you ay. I miss you too mum. Hi dad bro, miss you too bro, sole just fixing everyfing ah? you the man dad, always a mean example to me ay bro. You falas still working out? or you falas gettting fat? lol anyway Hey ash and lia thanks for your guys letters ay, I miss you guys heaps man, I love you ash and lia. Sorry for being mean to you guys ay,fa!! I do love you guys more than anything ay, my best friends. Thanks fro your guys testimonies, such awesome brothers and sister man, keep being good and love each other ok. Con sole no he conocido algunos chilenos, solo mejicanos aqui. ha sido dificil con buscando personas para ensenar uce, he sido siempre diligente en la obra y con todo. pero, sole me encanta la mission uce en todo aspeto, espiritualment y la experiencia con el evangelio. sole gracias por tu ejemplo para mi uce te quiero brosif. el espanol no es bueno lol. todo que yo puedo hacer es testificar, y ensenar y eso es todo. tiene algunas ideas para mi? diga me! lol na bro im gettting it ay sole , its coming. Crack up bout aunty from kiribati bro lol mean bro. Ye bro i remember falling asleep during that talk bro lol sad as dude ay bro lol iv changed bro. I actually know whats going on now in the talks haha their applicable to my life now. Con bro dont stress out with school bro, when times get stressful bro, go to the beach for a few hours for relief bro lol and itll all work out somehow ay dad? remember the quote form uchtdorf "life isnt a race, its a journey, enjoy it and be glad in the short time being" lol anyways I love you my family, have a mean week you falas. Con bro I dont know what I need help with ay bro, just keep giving me ideas, and council bro, im just trying to live the PMG bro. Shot family, I love you guys!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hey family!! Very sorry bout last week ay hahah I feel bad as! I'm still dumb ay when it comes to the computer. I must have up-loaded to many photos on the file that it didn't send. Did you guys get my pics at least? dumb as man!
Anyway family, I had a life changing week ay. So grateful for the things that I have been blessed with here in the mission. General Conference was the meanest thing ay I loved it. I was feeling bad because that was the first time my eyes were open from start to end. I learned so much and was so lifted to apply more fully the gospel to my life. I realized how great my calling really is to be a missionary. Family things are getting better for me here ay, specifically with the language. Iv been studying, fasting working and praying more than I have ever in my life and here on the mission to speak the language and be an effective missionary. Iv felt very inadequate from the beginning of the transfer and hopeless in giving my all because of the language barrier. I had some miracles this week and they were life changing. Iv just really felt my tongue loosed to be able to preach teach and declare the gospel by the spirit. The general conference talks were also answers to my prayers. President Eyering said something in the priesthood session that really stood out to me ay. He said something like, " to everyone God gives gifts. Pray to know what those gifts are" I immediately got the prompting to pray then and there to ask heavenly father what those gifts might be. I had the immediate impression and strong feeling that the church was true. Every time iv received that answer for myself it has been through music. Several times through out the conference when the choir would stand up to sing, my body was filled with the spirit that it did become overwhelming. I cant explain the confirmations I was able to receive yesterday but its strengthened my testimony and has given me a greater desire to declare my purpose. Family this simple prayer brought to my remembrance all the times I have received the knowledge of the truthfulness of this gospel, music. I love it here, and am changing each day to be more like our savior. The question I had going into the conference was, how can I give the lord my total surrender?, and it was definitely answered. I know that if we seek to do the lords will and not our own, and then do it, we will have taken the first step to becoming like our savior. We have to put ourselves in the position to be changed. "we can never go back to fishing" he said. Christ's life and motivation was to serve. He invites us to follow him and we shall have treasures in heaven, eternal life. And so we must do exactly that till the very end of our lives so that when we return to our father in heaven and he asks us, did you love me? we can say yes! I want this for myself ay family, to serve the lord to the end, and as members we all have the duty to do the same so that we can return to heavenly father knowing that we did our very best.
Anyway family Im doing good here in Kenosha. President Calderwood and his wife and family are awesome. There family take care of us hard and so im glad you were able to talk with them. I try not to bring up our last name ay coz when people tease it, the bad side of me takes over lol. Ash thats so cool about the new missionary announcement. Bro prepare now uce, serious bro, I cant express how sacred this calling is. Theres nothing more important you can do in your life right now than become worthy to serve gods children bro. You need a testimony of the book of Mormon, read study and pray to know that it is true. The success of others will be based on your personal worthiness. So know the doctrine bro. study the Preach my gospel and learn as much as you can from Con bro. Bro thats gonna be mean man, I cant wait for you to experience this bro. I love you ash, proud as a mother of you and your grades bro, fa you've changed ay lol change is good bro. Anyway family I love you all, you mean the world to me. Mum you can do it girl, keep going. Im sweet with everything ay guys. love you, hear from you next week
Elder kaka
Letter from last week 10-01-12
Sorry family lol heres last weeks letter. Sorry bout that ay, It must have not sent!
Hey family!
So good to hear from you guys ay. Its always a boost for me and motivation to keep going head strong in the work, I love you guys. Thanks for the box ay, I got it the other day and was surprised to see all the gears I got! Thanks for the watch mum! I love you. And for the treats and the shirts. I was happy to cuz we had no food so I had those lollies for dinner haha. Awesome family. Its fall season right now so it looks really beautiful here, all the different colors, a really beautiful sight. I think ill need the boots eventually ay, Ill let you falas know. And ye dont worry about the pants ay, I think it'll just be easier if I buy them here so I can try them on and crap. wut you think? lol. Thank you though family for everything, the song was 3 mean!! taitanium oiyoiyoiy! you guys sound really good, It made me miss use heaps hearing your music. I wanna send my i-pod home, one of you guys think you can put more songs on there? thanks. And mum yes everything you falas send is good, iv eaten everything you've sent so far except those sour shriveled balls thingys haha na but im very grateful ay for everything. Anyways family fa had a good hard week. Had about one lesson lol. We been working as hard and tactful as we can and just was one of those weeks ay. Very humbling when we did have the one lesson though cuz it made me appreciate so much more the opportunities we have to teach the gospel. I treated that lesson so much more meaningfully and preciously and Its that passion that I wanna have in every lesson. I love the Spanish branch, the people are tight like family and I just love it. Ha vent had to many lessons since iv been here so the Spanish is really slow, I really suck it all in when we are with the members coz thats my chance to speak and make mistakes. We had to teach the primary yesterday in church and it was crack up as coz all the words I know are hard as ones that iv mostly learned from reading the scriptures, so the kids were confused hard haha. Although the work has been slow, We are preparing a women for baptism this month. Her name is Cecilia, shes an older Hispanic women, but shes so beautiful ay. Iv become really close with her, she says Aloha to me every time we meet lol but shes the one lesson we had this week. The president of the branch came along with us to the lesson and I was prompted to bring my guitar. He was like whats the guitar for? I told him idk. Then we got to her house. She had just lost her job so she had no electricity, food, and shes just been living like this and she was just having all these challenges in her life, sad as to see ay. We had a powerful lesson with her out of the Book of Mormon and then I sang the song "dream big" and just explained to her the message. She was just crying ay and even president and my comp were getting emotional. This is what I love about being a missionary. Being able to put into perspective for these people our purpose in this life, and how we can be successful.(mosiah 2:20-22) God simply asks us to keep his commandments and he will prosper us. We promised her that she would specifically find a job, as she kept the commandments one being to prepare for her baptism. Seeing the determination and the change of heart from the spirit that these people feel through our message is an awesome feeling I cant describe ay, I just love being a missionary. We work hard everyday all day and get nothing and then we have only one lesson and it makes everything we do worth it. That was pretty much my week family. Was a little rough but thats just part of the mission ay. Just want you to know how much I love you family. Con thanks for your support brother, your the man bro. Bro you look massive, shole!!! I just seen your video just now the one you and wesh made for my b-day lol was mean bro, thanks for your council ay, it helps me a ton man, inspiration hard. Cool bout your new calling in the elders quorum bro, I already know you ll be mean for that. Ash bro I miss you ay uce, sole your the man ash, you know I love you ay bro, im proud of you bro, keep tearing it up in your things bro, build your talents, your singing is sounding three mean uce. Hi lia, i LOVE you to lia and miss you so much. Lia dang girl you getting so big ya, looking good girl, thank you for your love lia, I can always feel that from you, thank you. Hey mum dad, thank you for the box and letters. I feel so spoiled out here in my mission and I want you to know i am grateful as for everything guys do ay. The fact that you guys write me means a lot, cuz dont know any other missionary that gets letters from every family member every week. I love you mum and dad, you guys have a good week ok, tell the mozo family I love them!!
elder kanahele