Monday, October 15, 2012

Kia ora my beautiful family!!
Mean as letters man. I had a slow as week ay family lol, things have been really slow here in my mission, stumped hard ay. We been working hard as and obedient and its just been difficult cuz I feel like iv accomplished nothing from it. Iv learned some hard patience this transfer, patience with a lot of things ay, my companion, learning the language and and doing the work. All I wanna do is the lords will ay and so that's been my challenge. I was talking with the one of our zone leaders the other night in the apartment and it really helped me put things into perspective. He said: the lord gives us trials for a reason, "he wants to see how diligent and faithful we will be when it really matters and when times are hard". And that quote you said to me mum, I really liked it, but it said, "if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you" and nothing great is achieved lightly. He then told me something he was told when he had the similar problem in his mission, it was "include the lord in the lords work" and so iv realized ay that not only are we building the lords kingdom, but hes building us. Iv been a little selfish in that aspect because iv been spoiled through out the mission with people to teach. We are given trials and weaknesses to be humble and to know that we are nothing with out the lord, and that's been my experience. "Include the lord in the lords work" applies to everything we do ay. Its the ability to be patient and trusting that the spirit will provide a way for us to accomplish the lords purposes. And so this is me ay family, you know how impatient of a fala I am, and so its been a blessing to have these opportunities to learn patience. Sorry bout explaining it. I dont really have much to say bout this week, still plugging away ay family, still having fun and loving the experience. I almost cracked my comp the other day cuz he teased my last name in front of the members, hooo hooo lucky ay. Aw ye that reminds me, I went to the chicago temple this past thursday, it was mean as ay. We went with a member from the english ward but it was a breath of fresh air, ill send the pics.
Anyway family thanks for your letters, everyone busy as ay. Mum school sounds enduring ay? your awesome mum, everythings for the family and thats how you are mum, thats why I love you ay. I miss you too mum. Hi dad bro, miss you too bro, sole just fixing everyfing ah? you the man dad, always a mean example to me ay bro. You falas still working out? or you falas gettting fat? lol anyway Hey ash and lia thanks for your guys letters ay, I miss you guys heaps man, I love you ash and lia. Sorry for being mean to you guys ay,fa!! I do love you guys more than anything ay, my best friends. Thanks fro your guys testimonies, such awesome brothers and sister man, keep being good and love each other ok. Con sole no he conocido algunos chilenos, solo mejicanos aqui. ha sido dificil con buscando personas para ensenar uce, he sido siempre diligente en la obra y con todo. pero, sole me encanta la mission uce en todo aspeto, espiritualment y la experiencia con el evangelio. sole gracias por tu ejemplo para mi uce te quiero brosif. el espanol no es bueno lol. todo que yo puedo hacer es testificar, y ensenar y eso es todo. tiene algunas ideas para mi? diga me! lol na bro im gettting it ay sole , its coming. Crack up bout aunty from kiribati bro lol mean bro. Ye bro i remember falling asleep during that talk bro lol sad as dude ay bro lol iv changed bro. I actually know whats going on now in the talks haha their applicable to my life now. Con bro dont stress out with school bro, when times get stressful bro, go to the beach for a few hours for relief bro lol and itll all work out somehow ay dad? remember the quote form uchtdorf "life isnt a race, its a journey, enjoy it and be glad in the short time being" lol anyways I love you my family, have a mean week you falas. Con bro I dont know what I need help with ay bro, just keep giving me ideas, and council bro, im just trying to live the PMG bro. Shot family, I love you guys!

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