Monday, October 8, 2012

Hey family!! Very sorry bout last week ay hahah I feel bad as! I'm still dumb ay when it comes to the computer. I must have up-loaded to many photos on the file that it didn't send. Did you guys get my pics at least? dumb as man!
Anyway family, I had a life changing week ay. So grateful for the things that I have been blessed with here in the mission. General Conference was the meanest thing ay I loved it. I was feeling bad because that was the first time my eyes were open from start to end. I learned so much and was so lifted to apply more fully the gospel to my life. I realized how great my calling really is to be a missionary. Family things are getting better for me here ay, specifically with the language. Iv been studying, fasting working and praying more than I have ever in my life and here on the mission to speak the language and be an effective missionary. Iv felt very inadequate from the beginning of the transfer and hopeless in giving my all because of the language barrier. I had some miracles this week and they were life changing. Iv just really felt my tongue loosed to be able to preach teach and declare the gospel by the spirit. The general conference talks were also answers to my prayers. President Eyering said something in the priesthood session that really stood out to me ay. He said something like, " to everyone God gives gifts. Pray to know what those gifts are" I immediately got the prompting to pray then and there to ask heavenly father what those gifts might be. I had the immediate impression and strong feeling that the church was true. Every time iv received that answer for myself it has been through music. Several times through out the conference when the choir would stand up to sing, my body was filled with the spirit that it did become overwhelming. I cant explain the confirmations I was able to receive yesterday but its strengthened my testimony and has given me a greater desire to declare my purpose. Family this simple prayer brought to my remembrance all the times I have received the knowledge of the truthfulness of this gospel, music. I love it here, and am changing each day to be more like our savior. The question I had going into the conference was, how can I give the lord my total surrender?, and it was definitely answered. I know that if we seek to do the lords will and not our own, and then do it, we will have taken the first step to becoming like our savior. We have to put ourselves in the position to be changed. "we can never go back to fishing" he said. Christ's life and motivation was to serve. He invites us to follow him and we shall have treasures in heaven, eternal life. And so we must do exactly that till the very end of our lives so that when we return to our father in heaven and he asks us, did you love me? we can say yes! I want this for myself ay family, to serve the lord to the end, and as members we all have the duty to do the same so that we can return to heavenly father knowing that we did our very best.
Anyway family Im doing good here in Kenosha. President Calderwood and his wife and family are awesome. There family take care of us hard and so im glad you were able to talk with them. I try not to bring up our last name ay coz when people tease it, the bad side of me takes over lol. Ash thats so cool about the new missionary announcement. Bro prepare now uce, serious bro, I cant express how sacred this calling is. Theres nothing more important you can do in your life right now than become worthy to serve gods children bro. You need a testimony of the book of Mormon, read study and pray to know that it is true. The success of others will be based on your personal worthiness. So know the doctrine bro. study the Preach my gospel and learn as much as you can from Con bro. Bro thats gonna be mean man, I cant wait for you to experience this bro. I love you ash, proud as a mother of you and your grades bro, fa you've changed ay lol change is good bro. Anyway family I love you all, you mean the world to me. Mum you can do it girl, keep going. Im sweet with everything ay guys. love you, hear from you next week
Elder kaka

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