Monday, October 22, 2012

No chickens in Wisconsin..haha!
Hey family!!
soo awesome your letters. Thanks for all your love, support and council. It means a lot to me ay, and things I need to hear and be reminded of. You guys sound so good ay. Shave ice sounds crazy, thanks for making it possible for me to be out here family and for your sacrifices. I remember when we would work kaaawa house to help pay for conways mission and now that im out here doing the same thing, it makes me so grateful for the sacrifices you all make for us to do this work. There is no where id rather be right now than out here on my mission serving the lord. Iv learned so much and have gained so much more love for our savior and the eternal path that our family is already headed in. Im grateful to you my family. Im doing really good you falas. Had another one of them weeks, slow as the mother but its algud. Transfers is coming up in two days so im again excited to start again, new companion, new faces. Im staying here again in Kenosha, and I was called to be the district leader. So its gonna be a good learning experience for me. Keen as for everything though family and excited to do and learn more to be better. Kenosha is a huge as mother area ay so I have no clue where ill be going and how to get around lol so im doomed haha na but theres heaps of work to be done here. Our Spanish branch is really little and as you know, Hispanics work all day everyday, so it makes the work a little more difficult not having the support of members. There is a lot we want to do wit them but dont have the opportunities with the members, so at church on Sundays, were on the hunt hard for member help. I met an old maori aunty from the english ward maybe two weeks ago. I told her I was a kaka and she said "you look like a kaka" lol and she also knows papa so that was cool ay. Her family flew up here this week, so I got to see some maoris at church, it was cool as. I cant remember what their last name is though lol sorry. Anyway though family, had a cabbage as week, we been on the hunt and been doing a lot of different things to find success. So dont really have much to say lol. Got some mean as rejections though lol the world is a little messed up sometimes ay. But things are algud, im enjoying my time and still learning a lot. I loved the story you shared con about Abinidi, and it is so true ay bro. We dont always have the opportunity to see the fruits of our labors but the lord in his own time brings forth his purposes. We need to be faithful. So just going forward with things. Thanks for your words bro. Right now I cant imagine not being a missionary bro, I love it, the feeling, and all the blessings that come with the calling. Anyway though falas, last week Tuesday we had Zone conference again. A general authority from the seventy came, his name was Elder Golden, but he was a powerful and spiritual giant. Him and his wife are from south Africa but they sounded like maoris lol. I asked them at the beginning, "are you falas maori?" and they laughed at me lol and said no. But I sang a song at the conference. I was scared cuz there was two whole zones there so there was heaps of missionaries. The other elder who's the zone leader is awesome with music but he made an arrangement of "Abide with me" and played the piano while I sang. It went awesome. But ye family so that was my week, it was a good one. And about the temple, theres a member from the english ward but he loves the missionaries so he asked us if we wanted to go, so we took that as our P-day. Love guys family, Mum and Lia I love you guys so much, have a good week. And my bros, love you guys ay, up the gutz again this week!!
Elder Kaka/Kanahele diotz!!

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