Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kia ora my beautiful family!! dang sounds like everybodys week was two mean!! thats so crazy ash dem won state champs!! oiyoiyoiy shole mean ash bro! that must of been all out ay!! dang good stuff family. Thanks for all your letters. Thanks giving went good to ay? you buggars lol thats crack up you guys just ate Hawaiian food, making me hungry right now. Cool though family, Im happy everyone is doing so good and had a fun week. Thats cool mum that you got to see your dad, Im sure he enjoyed himself and to think were all his posterity he probably is so proud to see how successful his family is. Hes probably ashamed he hasnt been there to enjoy seeing the success as well. But anyway family, my week was a awesome one, and thanks giving was mean too! Me and my comp. spent it with two different families in our ward, first we were with our branch president and his family and then afterwards with another family of the ward. But we had heaps of food man and I was taking full advantage of everything available lol. Everyone trips out at how much I eat lol but ye we were so lucky to be able to have such a awesome thanksgiving with two awesome families. My mission here in kenosha is going good ay, iv really grown to love the area and also the people. My spanish has improved way more along with everything else in the work. Con bro se ounce sole yesh i win memorize da first vishen shole. But foreals bro I eat up the work bro, apostle status lol. Na but our transfer is coming to an end and the Christmas season is about to begin. We had a huge Zone Christmas training yesterday to prepare for that and im just excited to take care of business this next transfer. Time is flying for me here ay and at the moment we have a family progressing since last week. We put on a huge production and chapel tour me and my companion for a new family we found. Everything went awesome though and we brought a family from the ward to fellowship them. We committed them to baptism first lesson and they came to church this past Sunday it was so awesome. Heres a miracle that happened. The family that fellowshiped in our first lesson with them, both husbands and wifes of the spouses(members and investigators) met each other back in mexico before they were even married and in different parts of mexico. How crazy is that ay?? the fact that they met again at this time in wisconsin all the way across the world. Now just that but this member family are new converts to the church so it was a cool as night. it was right at the beginning that this happened and me and my comp just looked at each other how the lord just prepares things like this to happen, no coincidence! But anyway family we do have a lot of work going on right now, not much progression but we are harvesting the field to find the prepared. Things are all good here with me. The weather has been weird as the mother here. Its been cold as and also windy like 20 degrees but it hasn't even snowed. Out of it ay. there expecting it to snow this week though so in answer to your question, yes its cold as lol. But family I love you falas ay, and always so grateful to get letters from everyone of you, coolest thing. My missions mean, I love it here, and excited to hear from you guys at Christmas. Imma try plan to skype you falas ok so keep posted for that. I give you more details next week when I found out where were gonna be. I love you falas ay, have another mean week you falas, and ill hear from you next week, peace!
elder kanahele kaka!!
hey mum!! happpy birthday girl! I want you to know mum that I love you so much and miss you so much. Everything about you ay, your such a special women mum. You truly have been a mentor and exemple of light to me my whole life. You have prepared me from the beginning to be out here serving the lord and its changed my life. I know that families are forever in the gospel and my life has been blessed through our family and your example as parents. If this life has been so awesome, I cant wait to live with my family in a state of never ending hapiness forever. Mum theres no one like you girl who loves their kids, and puts everything into making them happy, Iv recieved nothing less than this from you mum and im forever grateful. Hope you had a good birthday though mum cuz you deserve it man. You work your butt of and still try to be a awesome mum and member of the church while being patient with it all at the same time. Only you ay mum, your superwomen to the max. I know heavenly father is so pleased with you and your efforts to fulfill your purposes on earth and your whole family is blessed from you and your example of someone who endures. I could go on all day mum about how awesome and lucky I am to have such a beautiful mother both physically and spiritually. Never forget how much you are loved and appreciated by your kids, your huband, your family. I love you mum, thought Id just give you my love and appreciation. Have a good strong week and ill hear from you next week ok :) xxxoxoxoxoxoxo love you mum!!
love your son, elder kanahele kaka

Monday, November 19, 2012

Kia ora! hey my fat kaka doodoo family!! haha cheesecake ay?? lol
I remember spending my whole pay checks on food and expensive restaurants like I was rolling in the cash haha crack up family. Sounds like everyone had a busy but good week, and the red raiders are two millymills, winners!! thats mean ash bro, its crack up to think that your in varsity bro, it feels like I was just there yesterday. Mean though bro, hope your training harder then everyonelse bro, its the only way to do it bro. Smash tui bro, kill everyone on the field when you get on bro, everyone in your path bro, just waste them, and the coaches will love you. thats what its about ay ash? haha proud of your bro, your doing good in everything man, keep your goals in front of you bro.
Anyway though family thanks again for your mean letters, the family sounds beautiful and like you falas still love each other! This week has been two mills for me and my comp!! We been tearing up this area, through the members, less actives, investigators, potentials and just using every moment as a teaching and finding opportunity. I feel so blessed right now to be in this companionship, our desires together are so strong and Iv really felt the spirit so much more, its been a huge motivation because we've been blessed like crazy in so many aspects of the work. We went from having no investigators to having like 10 plus people and families to teach. We've strictly been following council, commitments, our tools in the work and living from the preach my gospel and its worked. But really overall just trying to be obedient ay and weve learned and have grown so much together. This past week we had two investigators attend church and it went really well, it was like Christmas to have them there and to be able to prepare a class to help them nitch with the members and feel for themselves the blessings of the gospel. My spanish is coming ay, and con bro your so right bro, there really is no excuses ay. With every commandment, calling and task that God gives us, he always provides a way to accomplish it. I am trying to live every moment bro and make it count, I wake up everyday hammered and zero energy but some how im always able to get up and go to work. Im hammering my comp ay and hes probably sick of me at this point cuz we never rest lol. It is starting to get colder here and we had a little snow the other day but nothing serious. They say itll pick up in a few weeks but Its algud and iv got everything I need ay. District leader has definitely put me on my toes ay and its good cuz iv been able to develop better organizing, prioritizing skills and really put forth more in the work to be of more service to the lord and our mission. As you know that wasnt me before the mission ay, I was a free spirit and just went with things and it always seemed like it turned out alright ay? lol well it dont work like that our here ay lol I find myself thinking all day, of things I need to do, commitments I need to keep, and everything else out there. My district is also full of girls so iv had to learn how to be sensitive with them but also bold and constructive, its been a funny experience. Sometimes I just wanna slap the sisters heads ay lol So patience has been a necessary on going process. But family the work is coming and we are teaching and inviting people weekly to be baptized and working to help them catch the eternal vision. I love it out here ay and looking forward to the snow lol. I love you falas man like crazy. Thanks for your sacrifices and your never ending love. Its my drive. Everyone have a massive week. Dad bro stop farting ow lol you guys are my best friends man, represent and know im here doing the same, famous as man!! haha hear from you next week. p.s ill try take some pics lol
elder kaka
This is Elder Kaka's Letter from 11-12 -12
que pasa mi familia!!! todo bien conmigo!! la obra es facil jajaja na
hows it going family!! thats pretty much all the spanish i know right there lol. Thanks for your mean letters, fa you guys look awesome man!! dad bro, looking tight their bro!! hoohoo mean man, good on you dad, still showing up the young G's ay. As for myself iv actually gotten pretty mean at b-ball so be ready to ball it up when I come home in a year lol. Its cool to know that you guys still go out and play basketball together, awesome memories ay. You falas miss my hard rough playing? lol beautiful family. Con bro new truck G? lol mean bro, thats crack up, pretty big step up from bikes and skateboards ay bro lol. Good on you bro. Family just wanted to thank you guys for all the hard work that you do while I am out here on my mission, the shave ice and everything that you fit in your lives to make my service possible. Lia thank you ay, i love you girl, you are so special to me, I want you to know that Lia. Whoever tries to marry you im gonna waste them first lol. Mum hows your schools and work coming girl? hard core ay!! your the bomb mum, Your hard works have never gone unnoticed in our family ay mum. You and dad have definitely through your examples been a light of direction and we have been so blessed because of it. shot family!!
As for me, this week has been awesome. I learned so much this week ay. Its been stressful hard in the work, and with the new calling its really kept me on my toes always thinking of things I need to get done, things to plan for and people to see, its been a learning experience for me. Iv definitely learned so much in this transfer as well with my companion. We've really had to work our butts off here to find success. I was able to go on exchanges this past week also with one of the zone leaders the one who I got really close with last transfer. Man hes a awesome missionary and has been out a long time and in leadership positions so he really was able to shed some direction for me in this new calling. You ask how the spanish is coming? alright ay, still useless ay lol. The work here is a little different. The population is very diverse, blacks, whites, hispanics, asians, everything. So the way we find specifically hispanics has had to be tactful. They are not really located in one area but spread out all over the place so weve really had to work with the members to find a lot of work. Its starting to get cold here lol and was snowing yesterday. Well be out tracking for like half an hour and my whole body just freezes up haha but my gears are doing me good. We have really been blessed this transfer, and really striving to become preach my gospel missionaries. We've found two awesome families that we are currently teaching and preparing for baptism. My comp and I are really getting along and are really trying to strengthen our area and more specifically our small spanish branch. I love the members, very small in number but share the gospel like crazy to their friends. Almost all of them are converts, so they are all young and inexperienced in the gospel, yet they are humble and really passionate about missionary work so weve really taken advantage of their efforts and its been awesome. We do a lot to strengthen the members as well coz even they seem like investigators, young and still developing in the gospel. At church we give talks, teach classes and just do a lot to fill in as needed in the branch and thats been a huge help in forcing me to learn and speak the language. But family as for me, this has been my mission, just working to fulfill my calling and doing everything to receive blessings here in my mission. I love it, am enjoying every bit of it and learning and growing as I go. I love you falas ay, heaps man, your my motivation to share with these people, whats blessed my life, my family and the true happiness that they can also achieve. It starts in the home ay, and that's exactly what our family has had, a true foundation built upon the saviors gospel. Thanks for all you do, im alive and well and going hard as the mother!! Ill here from you next week ok, doittzz!!!!
elder kanahele

Monday, November 5, 2012

kia ora kia ora family! shot on the harakeke bei!!
hey family, good to hear from you guys again, your letters are crack up! And about the shoes dad, na bro im alguds ay, I dont really even go running, so my shoes are still clean and in good condition lol. Doesnt mean im getting fat though, we dont get fed much here so im skinny again lol. But thanks for thinking about me bro, you keep them bro. Thats crack up bout bro-town lol I was just telling jack last week in my letter to him, how he reminds me always of jeff the maori cuz of his snotty nose haha, me jack have been able to keep in touch tho since the beginning, he sounds like hes a awesome missionary ay. Anyway though family sounds like you all had a awesome week together, and to be honest thats pretty much the only thing i miss, is the time we spend as a family. Yesterday we too had stake conference, and for me it was a breath of fresh air. Had some awesome talks, mainly talking about the family and how important and essential a parents job is in preparing their children to serve missions and to become strong saints in the gospel. I was so proud of you mum and dad ay. I have had such a spoiled life. I counldnt find one thing that you as parents have not provided for us kids in our lives. Every principal mentioned were things you have done. What awesome examples I have man, I love you mum and dad ay and so grateful for all you do and have done for us kids. Its whats shaped me and alllowed me to know how true the gospel is. Thats so cool dad that you spoke at stake conference, Im sure you were mean bro, nothing new there. Your the man dad.
As for me though family, I had the meanest week ay. My companion and I were able to find and do a lot of work, and it was a miracle. As you know this area has been really slow, for a long time. This past week we were having lessons left and right. We tried contacting a family that were taught 2 years ago by other missionaries and from their teaching record didnt look to promising. We felt the impression to go see them though which was weird. So we went by not expecting much to happen. We knocked on the door and and they opened the door and immedietly said "we've been waiting for you, come in" . It was crazy, we went in, they turned the tv off, sat down, opended with prayer and had an awesome lesson. They were so perpared and so we invited them to be baptized and gave them a date for Dec 1st. They were excited and you could just see how much they wanted the blessings of the gospel and it just felt right to them. The spirit was so strong in that lesson and me and my comp just connected to it. We were blessed like crazy this week and had some amazing experiences. So this was my week ay, just been really seeking and finding the prepared. This transfer has been good, my comp is getting a little better with cleanliness, he is a awesome guy though and we really get along. Hes had a rough as life man with his family, and has pretty much experienced it all. Hes the only active member of his family and so its been humbling for me to see and really made me look at how awesome my family is ay, and like i said before, fa were spoiled man. But family ye things for me are beautiful, im safe, healthy, got everything i need for now, grandma sent me a box of feeds so give her my love and appreciation. She had a beautiful letter too. Grams is so lovely ay. But I love you all, con, ash, lia, mum and dad, you falas are my life ay. Im going hard as the mother, and just out to improve everyday. Im proud as of you falas man, ash bro, keep goin hard boi, youve got all the goods, con bro, mean example bei, in every way, good luck for the wife search bro lol, lia your so beautiful, thank you for who you are, you ma girl. love you falas!!
elder kanahele kaka