Monday, November 19, 2012

Kia ora! hey my fat kaka doodoo family!! haha cheesecake ay?? lol
I remember spending my whole pay checks on food and expensive restaurants like I was rolling in the cash haha crack up family. Sounds like everyone had a busy but good week, and the red raiders are two millymills, winners!! thats mean ash bro, its crack up to think that your in varsity bro, it feels like I was just there yesterday. Mean though bro, hope your training harder then everyonelse bro, its the only way to do it bro. Smash tui bro, kill everyone on the field when you get on bro, everyone in your path bro, just waste them, and the coaches will love you. thats what its about ay ash? haha proud of your bro, your doing good in everything man, keep your goals in front of you bro.
Anyway though family thanks again for your mean letters, the family sounds beautiful and like you falas still love each other! This week has been two mills for me and my comp!! We been tearing up this area, through the members, less actives, investigators, potentials and just using every moment as a teaching and finding opportunity. I feel so blessed right now to be in this companionship, our desires together are so strong and Iv really felt the spirit so much more, its been a huge motivation because we've been blessed like crazy in so many aspects of the work. We went from having no investigators to having like 10 plus people and families to teach. We've strictly been following council, commitments, our tools in the work and living from the preach my gospel and its worked. But really overall just trying to be obedient ay and weve learned and have grown so much together. This past week we had two investigators attend church and it went really well, it was like Christmas to have them there and to be able to prepare a class to help them nitch with the members and feel for themselves the blessings of the gospel. My spanish is coming ay, and con bro your so right bro, there really is no excuses ay. With every commandment, calling and task that God gives us, he always provides a way to accomplish it. I am trying to live every moment bro and make it count, I wake up everyday hammered and zero energy but some how im always able to get up and go to work. Im hammering my comp ay and hes probably sick of me at this point cuz we never rest lol. It is starting to get colder here and we had a little snow the other day but nothing serious. They say itll pick up in a few weeks but Its algud and iv got everything I need ay. District leader has definitely put me on my toes ay and its good cuz iv been able to develop better organizing, prioritizing skills and really put forth more in the work to be of more service to the lord and our mission. As you know that wasnt me before the mission ay, I was a free spirit and just went with things and it always seemed like it turned out alright ay? lol well it dont work like that our here ay lol I find myself thinking all day, of things I need to do, commitments I need to keep, and everything else out there. My district is also full of girls so iv had to learn how to be sensitive with them but also bold and constructive, its been a funny experience. Sometimes I just wanna slap the sisters heads ay lol So patience has been a necessary on going process. But family the work is coming and we are teaching and inviting people weekly to be baptized and working to help them catch the eternal vision. I love it out here ay and looking forward to the snow lol. I love you falas man like crazy. Thanks for your sacrifices and your never ending love. Its my drive. Everyone have a massive week. Dad bro stop farting ow lol you guys are my best friends man, represent and know im here doing the same, famous as man!! haha hear from you next week. p.s ill try take some pics lol
elder kaka

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