Monday, November 5, 2012

kia ora kia ora family! shot on the harakeke bei!!
hey family, good to hear from you guys again, your letters are crack up! And about the shoes dad, na bro im alguds ay, I dont really even go running, so my shoes are still clean and in good condition lol. Doesnt mean im getting fat though, we dont get fed much here so im skinny again lol. But thanks for thinking about me bro, you keep them bro. Thats crack up bout bro-town lol I was just telling jack last week in my letter to him, how he reminds me always of jeff the maori cuz of his snotty nose haha, me jack have been able to keep in touch tho since the beginning, he sounds like hes a awesome missionary ay. Anyway though family sounds like you all had a awesome week together, and to be honest thats pretty much the only thing i miss, is the time we spend as a family. Yesterday we too had stake conference, and for me it was a breath of fresh air. Had some awesome talks, mainly talking about the family and how important and essential a parents job is in preparing their children to serve missions and to become strong saints in the gospel. I was so proud of you mum and dad ay. I have had such a spoiled life. I counldnt find one thing that you as parents have not provided for us kids in our lives. Every principal mentioned were things you have done. What awesome examples I have man, I love you mum and dad ay and so grateful for all you do and have done for us kids. Its whats shaped me and alllowed me to know how true the gospel is. Thats so cool dad that you spoke at stake conference, Im sure you were mean bro, nothing new there. Your the man dad.
As for me though family, I had the meanest week ay. My companion and I were able to find and do a lot of work, and it was a miracle. As you know this area has been really slow, for a long time. This past week we were having lessons left and right. We tried contacting a family that were taught 2 years ago by other missionaries and from their teaching record didnt look to promising. We felt the impression to go see them though which was weird. So we went by not expecting much to happen. We knocked on the door and and they opened the door and immedietly said "we've been waiting for you, come in" . It was crazy, we went in, they turned the tv off, sat down, opended with prayer and had an awesome lesson. They were so perpared and so we invited them to be baptized and gave them a date for Dec 1st. They were excited and you could just see how much they wanted the blessings of the gospel and it just felt right to them. The spirit was so strong in that lesson and me and my comp just connected to it. We were blessed like crazy this week and had some amazing experiences. So this was my week ay, just been really seeking and finding the prepared. This transfer has been good, my comp is getting a little better with cleanliness, he is a awesome guy though and we really get along. Hes had a rough as life man with his family, and has pretty much experienced it all. Hes the only active member of his family and so its been humbling for me to see and really made me look at how awesome my family is ay, and like i said before, fa were spoiled man. But family ye things for me are beautiful, im safe, healthy, got everything i need for now, grandma sent me a box of feeds so give her my love and appreciation. She had a beautiful letter too. Grams is so lovely ay. But I love you all, con, ash, lia, mum and dad, you falas are my life ay. Im going hard as the mother, and just out to improve everyday. Im proud as of you falas man, ash bro, keep goin hard boi, youve got all the goods, con bro, mean example bei, in every way, good luck for the wife search bro lol, lia your so beautiful, thank you for who you are, you ma girl. love you falas!!
elder kanahele kaka

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