Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kia ora my beautiful family!! dang sounds like everybodys week was two mean!! thats so crazy ash dem won state champs!! oiyoiyoiy shole mean ash bro! that must of been all out ay!! dang good stuff family. Thanks for all your letters. Thanks giving went good to ay? you buggars lol thats crack up you guys just ate Hawaiian food, making me hungry right now. Cool though family, Im happy everyone is doing so good and had a fun week. Thats cool mum that you got to see your dad, Im sure he enjoyed himself and to think were all his posterity he probably is so proud to see how successful his family is. Hes probably ashamed he hasnt been there to enjoy seeing the success as well. But anyway family, my week was a awesome one, and thanks giving was mean too! Me and my comp. spent it with two different families in our ward, first we were with our branch president and his family and then afterwards with another family of the ward. But we had heaps of food man and I was taking full advantage of everything available lol. Everyone trips out at how much I eat lol but ye we were so lucky to be able to have such a awesome thanksgiving with two awesome families. My mission here in kenosha is going good ay, iv really grown to love the area and also the people. My spanish has improved way more along with everything else in the work. Con bro se ounce sole yesh i win memorize da first vishen shole. But foreals bro I eat up the work bro, apostle status lol. Na but our transfer is coming to an end and the Christmas season is about to begin. We had a huge Zone Christmas training yesterday to prepare for that and im just excited to take care of business this next transfer. Time is flying for me here ay and at the moment we have a family progressing since last week. We put on a huge production and chapel tour me and my companion for a new family we found. Everything went awesome though and we brought a family from the ward to fellowship them. We committed them to baptism first lesson and they came to church this past Sunday it was so awesome. Heres a miracle that happened. The family that fellowshiped in our first lesson with them, both husbands and wifes of the spouses(members and investigators) met each other back in mexico before they were even married and in different parts of mexico. How crazy is that ay?? the fact that they met again at this time in wisconsin all the way across the world. Now just that but this member family are new converts to the church so it was a cool as night. it was right at the beginning that this happened and me and my comp just looked at each other how the lord just prepares things like this to happen, no coincidence! But anyway family we do have a lot of work going on right now, not much progression but we are harvesting the field to find the prepared. Things are all good here with me. The weather has been weird as the mother here. Its been cold as and also windy like 20 degrees but it hasn't even snowed. Out of it ay. there expecting it to snow this week though so in answer to your question, yes its cold as lol. But family I love you falas ay, and always so grateful to get letters from everyone of you, coolest thing. My missions mean, I love it here, and excited to hear from you guys at Christmas. Imma try plan to skype you falas ok so keep posted for that. I give you more details next week when I found out where were gonna be. I love you falas ay, have another mean week you falas, and ill hear from you next week, peace!
elder kanahele kaka!!

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