Monday, December 3, 2012

kia ora family!!
fa so good to hear from you guys ay, man the weeks go by too fast! But man sounds like everyone is going two mills in their endeavors, mean family! Con bro mean testimony bro, thanks uce. My mission is mean ay family, I really am loving it, and I don't just say that but I really do love it. It hasn't been a breeze at all I can tell you that but I know that Jesus really is our savior, the literal son of God in the flesh. And its the greatest joy being able to see both small and great things that happen while serving with him in his vineyard. Its a feeling of peace that cant be described, a motivation that cant be explained. The lord really is in the details of our lives and Iv felt this for myself many times through out my mission. Last night was the Christmas fireside in Salt lake, I don't know if you guys watched it but it was so awesome. Given to us by our prophet and his two counselors on what Christmas really is. Its the celebration of the birth and life of the savior. We remember his life, his example and his teachings. It was a cool fireside though and I'm just so grateful for this Christmas that I have to serve the lord and to perform a marvelous work, an opportunity to open the doors of the celestial kingdom to the sons and daughter of god. Only we as missionaries can do this, and what a privilege that is to bring forth during the this special time when the savior was brought into the earth. Its a special time of the year, where the spirit is felt most because families are all together sharing the joys of giving and receiving gifts. But as we focus on the greatest gift that God has given us which was his beloved son, we find the greatest joy of what Christmas really symbolizes, the ability to live again with our families forever with god, made possible through our savior. We then see the significance of his birth. Its been cool transitioning into the new season and having the opportunity to share this message with families and their friends. Iv been using my guitar as well to sing carols, which has been so awesome. But sorry to explain the life but family my week really has been a good one. The work continues to move forward and we are finding so much success along the way. This past week we found so many new investigators to teach, and commit to baptism. We had two whole families attend church this week because of it and for the ward they have been seeing the success of our labors and have really gained a huge respect and trust for us and our efforts. Apparently in the past they've had a history of a lot of useless missionaries and so gaining their trust through our obedience and diligence through our works has been one of our big goals. Members really play a central role in the conversion of our investigators and so we've really changed the culture that was been left here before us. But family this is us ay, just trying to leave it all out here like you said and really just get lost in the lords work. The weather here has been really weird it actually hasn't even been cold. It was colder in the fall so i don't even see it snowing anytime soon but well see about that. Every things all sweet with me ay, Me and my comp are doing work like dogs and we've seen huge change in our mission. I'm trying to find a member home that we can go over to skype so i let you know as soon as i found out the happs. but until then could you falas send me my skype account details dad you remember them? and for my Christmas list lol oi lol can you send me some face lotion please mum, and burn me the p90x please dad haha sorry that's me. Love you falas though, thanks for your support, love and miss you falas heaps and looking forward to see and hear from you. Have a mean week family!!
elder kanahele

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