Tuesday, December 11, 2012

hey family!! dang mean letters man!
You guys sound busy as heck with school, work and sports!! fa I remember that crap man, hope you falas aint procrastinating haha. Na crack up family, its always so good to hear from you guys ay. I look foward to reading your letters, a boost and confirmation to me how important this work is. Man the mission is the best ay family. I love my mission so much and its so crazy how much you learn, how many opportunities your given to change, grow and be like our savior Jesus Christ. Iv learned so much about the gospel, through living, seeing and sharing it. The mission really is the result of who you will be for the rest of your life and so far through my experiences here iv really come to know personally the savior. Iv seen miracles in so many different ways ay family and I feel even more passionate about the gospel now than I have ever in my life and its because of my knowledge of the savior. Iv felt the lord pick me up and strengthen me so much out here and I know that his greatest work and glory is in our success the success of us his children. Theres a book i Just finished reading and its called "The Christmas box" its a short one but gives such a powerful message. The authors intent is to help the readers understand the true meaning of christmas. The book explains the significance of the "box" though representing the first christmas. "for christmas began in a humble, hay filled "box" of splintered wood. The 3 wise men who had traveled far to see the infant king, laid treasure-filled "boxes" at the feet of the holy child. And in the end, when he had randsomed our sins with his blood, the lord of christmas was laid down in a "box" of stone. How fitting that each christmas season brightly wrapped "boxes" skirt the pine boughs of christmas trees around the world." The "box" or the chirstmas box or present represents the gif t of the savior of the world and the "love" god had to give us his greatest "gift", his son so we could recieve as "families" the greatest gift, eternal life. Thought id just share my experience from this book but family, its been a awesome week, and much more success coming slowly but surely. Con bro, my mission is a obstacle in itself bro but a lot of things that change as my knowledge of the gospel deepens. I feel like as I continue to learn and give of myself, that my ability to serve and accomplish the lords purposes increases. I know Iv been giving my all here on my mission because my whole heart and mind has changed and its just an on going process that literally is a "refiners fire". A cool quote I read today in a talk "the fourth missionary" said: "Your lifes greatest work is you. Your greatest work: your most important creation is and will ever be you. You are wholly responsible for what you do and most importantly who you become. Envision and plan for your greatest work." and truly bro, this is my goal, to give the lord my heart and my mind, and to take my own cross up and follow christ. And it says that "as our knowledge of the savior increases, our capacity to change and follow him will increase" I love my mission for this very reason ay family. The personal conversion you recieve and the product you become as you serve. I know i smallkine explain da life but truly this has been my experience. My area has strengthened a whole bunch and so has my ability to teach in spanish. Most of our work here is spanish and occassionally english. Its aweosme though and our success here in this area has increased so much more. We have a few people right now progressing towards baptism with dates and so we are still working to make everything possible. Iv learned a whole lot more also as district leader and really just the additional opportunity iv been given to serve. Things are good with me ay family, iv never been happier and im really just trying to make things happen this christmas ay, keeping in mind that first gift given to us which makes all of this possible. Thats what christmas is all about ay, our savior. Mean family, thanks for all you do for me, i love you guys so much and here from you on christmas. Family go hard this week and finish everything of strong. Itll all be worth it in the end ay, hoohoo mean man!!
elder kaka

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