Monday, November 25, 2013

Hey wassap family!
This week was a crazy one. Snowing hard today. Me and my comp have been out shoveling snow for a older women in the ward Sister Winchel. Last week I also bought me some boots for 10 bucks at Savers lol crack up. There Green and yellow for the Packers. They should get me through the winter ay. I'm prepared this winter. Got the gears now ay, keen and ready. The work is going good here. We are working hard and hoping to have some baptisms in this upcoming month. We got 2 calls last night from former investigators that we use to teach and they are ready to take the lessons again so that's cool. I been working my hardest, so I ave a feeling that we will see the blessings this next month. As for the Drivers License. I have no clue why I need it. I Guess Pres has plans for me to be driving next transfer. Well see. Time is just flying for me here ay. The weeks go by like days and before I know it Im back here in the Library again writing my email. let me tell you that I am excited for this Christmas season. The greatest joy of the mission is doing the lords work during the season that he was born. I cant wait. Im gonna go hard.
     So the Wuehler family are the ones who called you guys. You have to call her back mum and thank her. She made a huge feed  the other night. Str8 up Loco Mocos, poi mochi crap, musubis and heaps more. She went through heaps to make all this Hawaii food stuff so I'm really grateful to them. She has done heaps for us and is trying to figure out what shes gonna make us for thanks giving.
     Anyways Ill tell you guys a little experience I had this week. We have been teaching an older women named Arlene Finlay. She is probably in her 70's. She is amazing and I treat her like shes my grandma and she treats me like im her grandson its crack up. When we first met her she said she was atheist and didn't believe in God and religions. Before closing her door we made the connection with her of Genealogy. She is hard out into family search and so we invited her to do family search at our chapel where they teach all that stuff. She ended up going to that thing and really loved it. We been stopping by here and there for the past 3 months and we've become really good friends with her. The other day we met her husband for the first time and had a good convo with them. We set up a return appointment and came back to there home which was this past week with some members from our ward. The topic of religion is a sensitive topic so we couldn't just be str8 up or else we would of pushed them away. I was however able to get through to them through music.  I sung them a song and it was obvious that they felt the spirit. My companion and I bore our testimonies and that was as far as we were able to get. It doesn't seem life much but compared to where we started till now this is a huge step just being able to help them feel the spirit in their home. I am so grateful to have grown up in music, instruments and sharing that talent. It has blessed me so much in the work.
    Anyways family I don't have much to say but that I'm doing good. I'm happy and I feel satisfied every night when I go to sleep knowing that I'm apart of this work. Its more true for me everyday when I feel the spirit. I love you guys. You sound awesome and Happy. Have a good week you falas. I forgot to bring my camera today but I will send you some pics next week. Tell grams that I love her a lot!
Elder Kanahele kaka! 

Monday, November 18, 2013

yo wattap family!! you falas a crack up man! Good to hear from you guys again.
    So proud of you all. Lia girl, your wrestling season sounds crack up, I remember that crap ay. I will never regret doing wrestling though, it taught me so much. It teaches you how to have personal accountability. your only as good as what you personally give. Endurance is another. Iv been blessed on my mission a lot because of the things I learned in wrestling so keep going Lia. The harder the battle the sweeter the victory!! Im proud of you Lia.
     Ash bro sole!! Player of the year??? sole that's 3 mean uce. So proud of you too bro. Eagle shuah?? bro mean dog take advantage of uncle Harold while hes a live bro, hes got heaps of knowledge. 
     Con bro you looking good dog in da surf pics bro. Sole that's crack up bout the flag football. must be having fun ah. Last week was so fun playing football man. We played out at some field in the snow. Man it was the most crack up thing ever. I straight up told everyone " i aint playing easy ay, were here to win" haha. It was my time ay. I was laying fools out all day. We were playing flag football with socks in our pockets but I was just tackling. They kicked it off bro str8 to me, it was hilarious bro I ran it str8 up the guts bro bowling all these little white dudes over, fended one dude right off his feet bro, everyone was tripping out bro, they thought I was angry ay, aint no thang man haha. Mean as zone leader ay?? haha gained heaps of respect though lol. Was a good P-day, memorable as.
     Mum girl. how you doing ow?? haha I love you ay mum, your a beautiful women. Im glad to hear you are learning so much from your work. You definitely have a lot to offer so that doesn't really surprise me. So imma try and get my license ay, hopefully I pass. Im pretty scared coz the roads here are retarded, They have like 6 way intersections and its just jacked lol. I guess pres wants me to be able to drive so I can be more moble and useful in other areas. 
    Dad bro, kia ora maori!! How's your body bro?? haha still looking good?? Im still a sick fala ay lol. I love you guys ay.
     I had a mean week. Seeing a lot of miracles. We have quite a few elders in our zone who are not approachable/ teachable in any way towards us or those whom they have stewardship over but its been cool learning how to get through to these types of people. For example we met up with one of them personally this week and just sat him down and had a talk. We asked pres for some coucil and he said to us "elders its kinda like marriage, the easy thing is to give up and get a divorce. Dont do that, work it out. most of all, love him."  I was like "fa what dumb council" lol I Was expecting something inspiring. Anyways we've been doing what pres said and its changed my whole perspective on leadership. Giving constructive criticism to your peers is difficult and Iv seen that in this calling. But this week I learned that when you lead with love they not only respect and listen to you but the problems that were there seem to just work themselves out. I don't know how that works ay but loving God and your neighbor brings success in all areas of life(matt 22:36-40).
     I felt the spirit so powerful this week. I been really trying to become a more charitable person and have been praying so hard for it. Normally when Iv prayed for something, Iv received opposition that allowed me to exercise some principle of the gospel. This week on the other hand Iv received tender mercies from the lord, not opposition in any way. Iv learned a lot about it. Iv been making a lot of changes in me that have blessed me this week. We learn of principles through church and the scriptures etc. but don't benefit from them until we really apply them. Jesus was perfect in this aspect. I want to have this as a strength, and so my week was based on becoming better at that. Anyways family that's if for me ay. Ready for another week of success. I want this!!
elder kanahele!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Alex's Baptism 11-09-13
Hey how you doing family!!! good to hear from you guys ay. Sounds like the rain is coming ay. Same story ay lol flood so'o. Thats crack up bout the little contraption you dumb maoris. As for the wheather here, today its snowing hard out. We gonna go play football in the snow so I get an opportunity to smash the District Leaders in my zone lol. My week was hectic as the mother. Monday through friday was straight transfers, moving missionaries all over, meetings and heaps of crap. Its been keeping me real busy ay which I love. No rest for the wicked you falas.
     Byu football team came up to play University of Wisconsin on saturday and got smashed. The friday before the game they put on a fireside at the stake center (our chapel). It was cool as ay. Was good to see and feel the spirit of polynesians man. I saw some familiar faces. coach mark atuaia the fwam, coach anai, i also saw sae tautu (tigis cousin). It was crack up coz he came up to me after the fireside and said "sole george how you doing" lol I was cracking up. He served his mission in Brookland and is back at BYU playing. I also met one of their star players Bronson Kafusi who spoke. He served his mission in New Zealand and knows the Kaka family. It tripped out a lot of people/ nonmembers seeing what the team did the day before game as in comparison to what other teams do. It was a good impression for our churh. ESPN cameras were there so it was cool that it was broadcasted too.
     Right now we are teaching a awesome family Kendrick and his wife Mate. They have been taking the lessons and progressing so well. The husband was born and raised in the states, straight up gangster. And his wife was born and raised in Zambia Africa. They have become like family to us. There eyes have been opened to the message of the restoration and all the answers to lifes deepest questions that come with it. He has commited heaps of crimes, has been with gangs, in and out of jail. We caught him at a time in his life when he is changing. His wife will be giving birth soon so he is trying to prepare himself for the baby. He is working on giving up bad habits, smoking and other things and this is the state that we found him in. So prepared. He has come to church and also the fireside the other night and loved it. Our ward did a ward fast for missionary work and since  then we have found so many prepared people like Kendrick and Mate.
     My zone right now consists of 60 missionaries. We have 7 districts, and 5 of these district leaders are new to this calling. Its been a stretch trying to keep everyone in the loop and training them on how to fulfill and magnify their calling. There is no way I could go trunkey well there is so much to be done here. So far I have learned a lot of patience and love. patience with others faults and loving them when you feel like scolding them. Its been very humbling for me as a leader ay. There has been many times where Iv had to be the bigger person, bite my pride and try to understand other missionaries struggles in the work. Its not easy trying to be like Jesus ay. Not at all. Theres nothing you can do to vent like going to the beach, listening to music, being alone for a while, playing the guitar, lifting or taking your frustration out on a punching bag. Things that Im used to doing. Being away from all these things have taught me how to go straight to my heavenly father when I need his help, when I dont know how to comfront a situation or if I just need some comfort. The relief is much longer lasting and builds deeper conversion rather than temoral relief. I know heavenly father loves all of his children. This has really helped me to grow. Out of all my expereinces and miracles witnessed on my mission. The greatest of them all is the testimony and conversion I have recieved from prayer and scriptrue study. Something I learned yesterday in church is that their is a difference between these 2 words "testimony" and "conversion". A testimony is to know and feel. Conversion is to do and become. It is possible to have a testimony with out living it where as conversion is a process not an event. Earnestly and sincerely praying to my heavenly father and reading his words everyday has changed my life. This week I realized how grateful I am for these 2 principles. Sweet family! i LOVE you guys so much ay. Im gonna finish strong ay! thanks for your support again!!
p.s I got the box mum. Thanks I loved the lollies. I should be good for the rest of my mission ay. I LOVE you mum. Ill send you guys my broken watch and also a usb that has some vieos on there of me singing and of my investigator kendrick doing a stand up comedian for us lol!
elder kanahele kaka

Monday, November 4, 2013

Our Boy will be home in 4 months!!

Kia ora family!! mint as letters! Kahuku is done???? dang that's crazy man!! Ash though bro im super happy for you bro you have done a lot of good ay, and represented hard bro! Its crazy to think you about graduate uce. The mission is right around the corner bro! I cant wait for you to get out and experience the greatest joys bro. Keep preparing bro. Your testimony is growing sole I can tell. Iv been able to work with a lot of younger missionaries lately, fresh 18 year olds out of high school and its crazy cuz the lord allows them to grow quickly. You will be prepared bro, first thing is become worthy bro. There's no better way to prepare. (Alma 60:23) says the inward vessel shall be cleansed first than shall the outer vessel be cleansed also.
     Mum stop stressing ow! If your doing all you can, than things will turn out the way they are supposed to. You got this mum! one step at a time girl. Have a prayer and let your spirit take the lead and everything will follow.
     Lia your crack up ow! dramas ay? don't do it ow lol Love you lia, thank you for being such a lovely sister to me. I tell everyone about you out here and they think the shave ice thing is so crazy. Thanks Lia I love you so much. Your never getting married cuz Ill smash all your boyfriends.
     Dad bro how you been bro? miss you ay. how's your body looking bro? Hows your gout bro? still taking those pills just so you can eat pork? lol crack up bro. I love you dad.
     Con bro shole who's the aunties in the pics g?? potential or wut? haha you got a girlfriend or wut bro? gotta stop jumping on your brada koals back uce! lol just kidding bro love you ay con. You looking good bro. Im proud of you bro. Hows doctor status bro? still going temple g? fa its been crazy not being able to go to the temple in ages ay. We are so spoiled to see it from our house lol. Hows the missionary work going with our families? they gonna take the lessons or wut?
     Sorry my letters smallkine crimz today. Its gonna be crazy day for us. Its transfers this Wednesday so me and my comp will be sussing out transfer logistics for the whole zone. It takes straight 2 days for us, so well be slammmed all today. Im loving my calling though family and trying to magnify it.
     My highlight experience of this area has been getting to know the willis family in our ward. They have a crazy story like lehi and his family leaving Jerusalem. He got revelation that he and his family should leave everything in Indiana where they lived before, and move to Wisconsin. So he did right away not knowing at all why, or even where they would live or any job situation. They got here, bought a domb house tent thingy and just parked it on some camping grounds. They have been living like boy scouts for the past 5 months. We went over to eat dinner and it was crazy how they have been living but they were just so humble about it. It made me cry just being there. This week they planned that there time was done here so we helped them pack everything up today and they are leaving now. So crazy ay. He said I didnt know why we had to do all these crazy things. I had a sweet job back home , a house and left all of that behind because when the lord commands, me must obey. He said they know now why they had to come here. To learn how to serve and do misisonary work. Because of their situation they had less responsibilities and more time to serve and help others. They have spent the last 5 months fellowshipping so many people to the church. He said, "had we not moved here we would have never had these experiences and teaching moments".
     I thought their story was so cool ay. We don't always understand where we will end up, how we are getting their but when we obey the lord, he leads and guides us.
    That's me family, doing good, healthy, happy and sexy!! haha I love you guys so much. Keep being better and improving. Until next week!!