Monday, November 25, 2013

Hey wassap family!
This week was a crazy one. Snowing hard today. Me and my comp have been out shoveling snow for a older women in the ward Sister Winchel. Last week I also bought me some boots for 10 bucks at Savers lol crack up. There Green and yellow for the Packers. They should get me through the winter ay. I'm prepared this winter. Got the gears now ay, keen and ready. The work is going good here. We are working hard and hoping to have some baptisms in this upcoming month. We got 2 calls last night from former investigators that we use to teach and they are ready to take the lessons again so that's cool. I been working my hardest, so I ave a feeling that we will see the blessings this next month. As for the Drivers License. I have no clue why I need it. I Guess Pres has plans for me to be driving next transfer. Well see. Time is just flying for me here ay. The weeks go by like days and before I know it Im back here in the Library again writing my email. let me tell you that I am excited for this Christmas season. The greatest joy of the mission is doing the lords work during the season that he was born. I cant wait. Im gonna go hard.
     So the Wuehler family are the ones who called you guys. You have to call her back mum and thank her. She made a huge feed  the other night. Str8 up Loco Mocos, poi mochi crap, musubis and heaps more. She went through heaps to make all this Hawaii food stuff so I'm really grateful to them. She has done heaps for us and is trying to figure out what shes gonna make us for thanks giving.
     Anyways Ill tell you guys a little experience I had this week. We have been teaching an older women named Arlene Finlay. She is probably in her 70's. She is amazing and I treat her like shes my grandma and she treats me like im her grandson its crack up. When we first met her she said she was atheist and didn't believe in God and religions. Before closing her door we made the connection with her of Genealogy. She is hard out into family search and so we invited her to do family search at our chapel where they teach all that stuff. She ended up going to that thing and really loved it. We been stopping by here and there for the past 3 months and we've become really good friends with her. The other day we met her husband for the first time and had a good convo with them. We set up a return appointment and came back to there home which was this past week with some members from our ward. The topic of religion is a sensitive topic so we couldn't just be str8 up or else we would of pushed them away. I was however able to get through to them through music.  I sung them a song and it was obvious that they felt the spirit. My companion and I bore our testimonies and that was as far as we were able to get. It doesn't seem life much but compared to where we started till now this is a huge step just being able to help them feel the spirit in their home. I am so grateful to have grown up in music, instruments and sharing that talent. It has blessed me so much in the work.
    Anyways family I don't have much to say but that I'm doing good. I'm happy and I feel satisfied every night when I go to sleep knowing that I'm apart of this work. Its more true for me everyday when I feel the spirit. I love you guys. You sound awesome and Happy. Have a good week you falas. I forgot to bring my camera today but I will send you some pics next week. Tell grams that I love her a lot!
Elder Kanahele kaka! 

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