Monday, November 11, 2013

Alex's Baptism 11-09-13
Hey how you doing family!!! good to hear from you guys ay. Sounds like the rain is coming ay. Same story ay lol flood so'o. Thats crack up bout the little contraption you dumb maoris. As for the wheather here, today its snowing hard out. We gonna go play football in the snow so I get an opportunity to smash the District Leaders in my zone lol. My week was hectic as the mother. Monday through friday was straight transfers, moving missionaries all over, meetings and heaps of crap. Its been keeping me real busy ay which I love. No rest for the wicked you falas.
     Byu football team came up to play University of Wisconsin on saturday and got smashed. The friday before the game they put on a fireside at the stake center (our chapel). It was cool as ay. Was good to see and feel the spirit of polynesians man. I saw some familiar faces. coach mark atuaia the fwam, coach anai, i also saw sae tautu (tigis cousin). It was crack up coz he came up to me after the fireside and said "sole george how you doing" lol I was cracking up. He served his mission in Brookland and is back at BYU playing. I also met one of their star players Bronson Kafusi who spoke. He served his mission in New Zealand and knows the Kaka family. It tripped out a lot of people/ nonmembers seeing what the team did the day before game as in comparison to what other teams do. It was a good impression for our churh. ESPN cameras were there so it was cool that it was broadcasted too.
     Right now we are teaching a awesome family Kendrick and his wife Mate. They have been taking the lessons and progressing so well. The husband was born and raised in the states, straight up gangster. And his wife was born and raised in Zambia Africa. They have become like family to us. There eyes have been opened to the message of the restoration and all the answers to lifes deepest questions that come with it. He has commited heaps of crimes, has been with gangs, in and out of jail. We caught him at a time in his life when he is changing. His wife will be giving birth soon so he is trying to prepare himself for the baby. He is working on giving up bad habits, smoking and other things and this is the state that we found him in. So prepared. He has come to church and also the fireside the other night and loved it. Our ward did a ward fast for missionary work and since  then we have found so many prepared people like Kendrick and Mate.
     My zone right now consists of 60 missionaries. We have 7 districts, and 5 of these district leaders are new to this calling. Its been a stretch trying to keep everyone in the loop and training them on how to fulfill and magnify their calling. There is no way I could go trunkey well there is so much to be done here. So far I have learned a lot of patience and love. patience with others faults and loving them when you feel like scolding them. Its been very humbling for me as a leader ay. There has been many times where Iv had to be the bigger person, bite my pride and try to understand other missionaries struggles in the work. Its not easy trying to be like Jesus ay. Not at all. Theres nothing you can do to vent like going to the beach, listening to music, being alone for a while, playing the guitar, lifting or taking your frustration out on a punching bag. Things that Im used to doing. Being away from all these things have taught me how to go straight to my heavenly father when I need his help, when I dont know how to comfront a situation or if I just need some comfort. The relief is much longer lasting and builds deeper conversion rather than temoral relief. I know heavenly father loves all of his children. This has really helped me to grow. Out of all my expereinces and miracles witnessed on my mission. The greatest of them all is the testimony and conversion I have recieved from prayer and scriptrue study. Something I learned yesterday in church is that their is a difference between these 2 words "testimony" and "conversion". A testimony is to know and feel. Conversion is to do and become. It is possible to have a testimony with out living it where as conversion is a process not an event. Earnestly and sincerely praying to my heavenly father and reading his words everyday has changed my life. This week I realized how grateful I am for these 2 principles. Sweet family! i LOVE you guys so much ay. Im gonna finish strong ay! thanks for your support again!!
p.s I got the box mum. Thanks I loved the lollies. I should be good for the rest of my mission ay. I LOVE you mum. Ill send you guys my broken watch and also a usb that has some vieos on there of me singing and of my investigator kendrick doing a stand up comedian for us lol!
elder kanahele kaka

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