Monday, November 4, 2013

Our Boy will be home in 4 months!!

Kia ora family!! mint as letters! Kahuku is done???? dang that's crazy man!! Ash though bro im super happy for you bro you have done a lot of good ay, and represented hard bro! Its crazy to think you about graduate uce. The mission is right around the corner bro! I cant wait for you to get out and experience the greatest joys bro. Keep preparing bro. Your testimony is growing sole I can tell. Iv been able to work with a lot of younger missionaries lately, fresh 18 year olds out of high school and its crazy cuz the lord allows them to grow quickly. You will be prepared bro, first thing is become worthy bro. There's no better way to prepare. (Alma 60:23) says the inward vessel shall be cleansed first than shall the outer vessel be cleansed also.
     Mum stop stressing ow! If your doing all you can, than things will turn out the way they are supposed to. You got this mum! one step at a time girl. Have a prayer and let your spirit take the lead and everything will follow.
     Lia your crack up ow! dramas ay? don't do it ow lol Love you lia, thank you for being such a lovely sister to me. I tell everyone about you out here and they think the shave ice thing is so crazy. Thanks Lia I love you so much. Your never getting married cuz Ill smash all your boyfriends.
     Dad bro how you been bro? miss you ay. how's your body looking bro? Hows your gout bro? still taking those pills just so you can eat pork? lol crack up bro. I love you dad.
     Con bro shole who's the aunties in the pics g?? potential or wut? haha you got a girlfriend or wut bro? gotta stop jumping on your brada koals back uce! lol just kidding bro love you ay con. You looking good bro. Im proud of you bro. Hows doctor status bro? still going temple g? fa its been crazy not being able to go to the temple in ages ay. We are so spoiled to see it from our house lol. Hows the missionary work going with our families? they gonna take the lessons or wut?
     Sorry my letters smallkine crimz today. Its gonna be crazy day for us. Its transfers this Wednesday so me and my comp will be sussing out transfer logistics for the whole zone. It takes straight 2 days for us, so well be slammmed all today. Im loving my calling though family and trying to magnify it.
     My highlight experience of this area has been getting to know the willis family in our ward. They have a crazy story like lehi and his family leaving Jerusalem. He got revelation that he and his family should leave everything in Indiana where they lived before, and move to Wisconsin. So he did right away not knowing at all why, or even where they would live or any job situation. They got here, bought a domb house tent thingy and just parked it on some camping grounds. They have been living like boy scouts for the past 5 months. We went over to eat dinner and it was crazy how they have been living but they were just so humble about it. It made me cry just being there. This week they planned that there time was done here so we helped them pack everything up today and they are leaving now. So crazy ay. He said I didnt know why we had to do all these crazy things. I had a sweet job back home , a house and left all of that behind because when the lord commands, me must obey. He said they know now why they had to come here. To learn how to serve and do misisonary work. Because of their situation they had less responsibilities and more time to serve and help others. They have spent the last 5 months fellowshipping so many people to the church. He said, "had we not moved here we would have never had these experiences and teaching moments".
     I thought their story was so cool ay. We don't always understand where we will end up, how we are getting their but when we obey the lord, he leads and guides us.
    That's me family, doing good, healthy, happy and sexy!! haha I love you guys so much. Keep being better and improving. Until next week!!

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