Monday, November 18, 2013

yo wattap family!! you falas a crack up man! Good to hear from you guys again.
    So proud of you all. Lia girl, your wrestling season sounds crack up, I remember that crap ay. I will never regret doing wrestling though, it taught me so much. It teaches you how to have personal accountability. your only as good as what you personally give. Endurance is another. Iv been blessed on my mission a lot because of the things I learned in wrestling so keep going Lia. The harder the battle the sweeter the victory!! Im proud of you Lia.
     Ash bro sole!! Player of the year??? sole that's 3 mean uce. So proud of you too bro. Eagle shuah?? bro mean dog take advantage of uncle Harold while hes a live bro, hes got heaps of knowledge. 
     Con bro you looking good dog in da surf pics bro. Sole that's crack up bout the flag football. must be having fun ah. Last week was so fun playing football man. We played out at some field in the snow. Man it was the most crack up thing ever. I straight up told everyone " i aint playing easy ay, were here to win" haha. It was my time ay. I was laying fools out all day. We were playing flag football with socks in our pockets but I was just tackling. They kicked it off bro str8 to me, it was hilarious bro I ran it str8 up the guts bro bowling all these little white dudes over, fended one dude right off his feet bro, everyone was tripping out bro, they thought I was angry ay, aint no thang man haha. Mean as zone leader ay?? haha gained heaps of respect though lol. Was a good P-day, memorable as.
     Mum girl. how you doing ow?? haha I love you ay mum, your a beautiful women. Im glad to hear you are learning so much from your work. You definitely have a lot to offer so that doesn't really surprise me. So imma try and get my license ay, hopefully I pass. Im pretty scared coz the roads here are retarded, They have like 6 way intersections and its just jacked lol. I guess pres wants me to be able to drive so I can be more moble and useful in other areas. 
    Dad bro, kia ora maori!! How's your body bro?? haha still looking good?? Im still a sick fala ay lol. I love you guys ay.
     I had a mean week. Seeing a lot of miracles. We have quite a few elders in our zone who are not approachable/ teachable in any way towards us or those whom they have stewardship over but its been cool learning how to get through to these types of people. For example we met up with one of them personally this week and just sat him down and had a talk. We asked pres for some coucil and he said to us "elders its kinda like marriage, the easy thing is to give up and get a divorce. Dont do that, work it out. most of all, love him."  I was like "fa what dumb council" lol I Was expecting something inspiring. Anyways we've been doing what pres said and its changed my whole perspective on leadership. Giving constructive criticism to your peers is difficult and Iv seen that in this calling. But this week I learned that when you lead with love they not only respect and listen to you but the problems that were there seem to just work themselves out. I don't know how that works ay but loving God and your neighbor brings success in all areas of life(matt 22:36-40).
     I felt the spirit so powerful this week. I been really trying to become a more charitable person and have been praying so hard for it. Normally when Iv prayed for something, Iv received opposition that allowed me to exercise some principle of the gospel. This week on the other hand Iv received tender mercies from the lord, not opposition in any way. Iv learned a lot about it. Iv been making a lot of changes in me that have blessed me this week. We learn of principles through church and the scriptures etc. but don't benefit from them until we really apply them. Jesus was perfect in this aspect. I want to have this as a strength, and so my week was based on becoming better at that. Anyways family that's if for me ay. Ready for another week of success. I want this!!
elder kanahele!

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