Monday, December 30, 2013

Meagan & Roman's Wedding Day

Kia ora family!! awesome letters! was really goot to hear and see you guys on Christmas ay! Sounds like you guys had a awesome as week. Lia you look so beautiful in your pics girl. Tell the boys to watch out bumbai I crack dem when I get home. Ash bro you look handsome as to bro, fresh cut gee!! Con bro you too bro, in your church clothes g? haha crack up bro, you look thick as bro!! good too see you guys family! Tell Meagan I said Im happy for her and that I love her.
Ash & Peter John dreaming @ Wedding
     I dont have much to say today. Im about to head down to my drivers test pretty soon. Its gonna be a new expereince for me driving on ice and snow, should be all good though ay thats what the E-break is for lol jsut keeding. Its freezing as heck right now approximately -15 degrees hoohoo man beautiful weather ay.
     I had a good Christmas. Bowling was awesome lol. My ward is taking good care of us. I got your guys and teuilas box yesterday. Thank you for that ay. I will give those chocolates to my peeps. Teuila sent me one prime tie. Tell her I said thanks aswell please.
     Dont have much more to say family but that I am doing good. A lot of growth has happened for us in our short time here and miracles happening daily. Ash bro thanks for your testimony bro. Your gonna be a aweosme missionary bro. I love you all, thanks for your support again. Have a good week. Grams I LOVE you!!
Elder Kanahele Kaka

Thursday, December 26, 2013

@ Sia Tonga's Brothers Home
Hey family!! awesome as to hear from you guys ay! Everyone sounds awesome!!
Iv had a crazy start to my transfer so far!! its been crazy cuz the day I got here my GPS broke and so we've been lost as heck haha been feeling the way I did when I first started my mission lol humbling ay. It’s been storming hard snow and ice these past couple days and so church was cancelled yesterday. Me and my comp had sacrament in our apartment, lol it was pretty crack up! The roads are crazy right now with black ice and wot not and so we been taking it easy out there. We were using massive maps this week to get around, it was so ugly. I have a crazy story to tell you though. So 2 days ago me and my comp drove out to get all the Christmas packages from the mission office to our zone. One of the packages were for me and it had a GPS in it. to make a long story short I put it down for 15 seconds by the front of the car and finish loading in the rest of the packages and turn back to get my package not even 30 seconds later and it was gone. We were looking all around the car, in the snow and the package was nowhere to be seen. It was the weirdest thing. I had a feeling that someone stole it but we didn't see anyone around there take it in that short time. We spent like 40 minutes in this area just looking all around the building in places where a thief would hide it but nothing. We get in our car and have a prayer and immediately after the prayer we both got the impression that the GPS was stolen by the person of this white car that was also parked in the same parking lot. So random ay. We got out of our car and got talking to some random dude outside and found out the apartment number to this guy who owned this white car.
Picture emailed to me by Brian Neeley (Ward Mission Leader)
We go through the building to find this person , knocked on his door but he wouldn’t answer. We walk outside and as we were about to give up and leave, there just so happened to be a policeman that drove into the parking lot to drop someone off. We got talking to him and told him our sitch. He went and got this guy to come out of his apartment. He was a German guy. But he got this dude to open his garage and then searched in it and came out with my package. While all of this was happening me and my companion Elder Gibbs were sitting in the cop car watching all of this go down. It was so crazy ay. Had we not done all those things we may have never seen that package again. God really answers prayers for big things and even small things like us trying to find our GPS. It was a cool experience. 
     But anyways the ward that Im in is the best ward iv ever been in on my mission. This ward is so united and I can feel that miracles are going to happen here and im excited. I met the brother of Aunty Sia Tonga (uncle walters wife). It’s the Afeaki family who are in our ward. He remembers me from the football camps and also leading the haka at Kahuku lol so small this world ay.  he is here coaching for football and UW. I had dinner with them last night and it was just so good to be around some polys for once in my whole mission. But anyways family, the lord has been so merciful to me, he is amazing. I love you guys and so excited to hear from you on christmas.!! Gramz you better be there.

Elder Kanahele Kaka

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

sup family!! sorry I didn't  email you guys yesterday! We have been trying to figure out all our transfer logistics stuff for tomorrow. We spent all day yesterday doing that, it wasn't a p-day at all lol alguds though. We have had a lot of disobedient missionaries as well so we were taking care of that this week and yesterday, so busy man! tomorrow Ill be transferring over to another ward in my same area so I wont be going far. We finally split our massive zone and so I will be the zone leader of the other half. Its been a pretty hectic week family but a good one. Had heaps of exchanges and just been all over the place. I was in 3 different areas this week back to back. The crack up thing is I forgot to pack enough G's and stuff for all those days and pretty much just wore the same ones all week haha crack up man, humbling ay. It was -25 degrees the other day with the windshields!! crazy ay! the coldest weather Iv been in on my mission. I'm doing good though, im all set, have all the right gears and my health is mint as man!
     You guys all sound good though. Thanks for your letters. Con bro sewing uce?? shuah dog!! Ash bro bouts to play rugby gee?? mean bro, carve it up bro. Mum and Dad good to hear you guys love each other ay. you guys are awesome man! I don't have much time right now to write, sorry ay. Ill be better next week. But just to let you know when I get to my new area tomorrow ill try find someone I can go to for Christmas so I can Skype you guys. Sweet you falas excited to hear from you all ay. I love you guys so much. Thanks for your prayers and sacrifices, they have blessed me, my companion and our investigators. Have a mean as week, hear from you all next week.
p.s you guys like my pics from turkey bowl in the snow? and pday football!! Wisconsin styles uce!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

   Kia ora family!! sorry my letter is coming in late today. We have been busy as crap with our investigators today and shoveling snow in different areas. After that I had like 5 different guys in my zone ask me to cut there hair so its been all over the place today. The snow is raging right now its awesome with my boots man. There not even the right kinda boots, there like duck boots or something but I think their mean haha.
     Lia thats so cool about your wrestling. So proud of you Lia. Keep improving girl. Dont quit, dont be soft ay. You have had a lot of preperation with getting smashed around by us so you should be the strongest one out there. I love you Lia and miss you so much. Your testimony has grown a lot, and I can feel the spirit as I read them. You would be such a awesome missionary Lia.
     So my week was crazy. I got all the S.S and birth certificate in the mail and its all safe and sound mum. In order to qualify to get your license you need proof of residency and so Iv been all over the creation trying to get the crap they asked for. It cant just be anything either. I ended up just buying a 5 dollar fishing license and that worked. I had a cool experience cuz I needed to get a bank statement and there's no American Savings bank here so I called the number on the back of my debit card and guess who answers?? Branden Galapias Mum!!! haha she was like "whats your name" I said "George Kaka" she was like "George!! this is Branden Galapias Mum" haha so I spoke with her for a little bit and told her I was serving my mission and that it was snowing hard here, she thought it was so cool. But anyways I got my permit the other day and will be doing the drivers test on the 30th lol crack up ay.
     The work is going good family!!! this week I had a cool miracle happen. We were teaching our investigator Leslie. Hes been struggling so much. His family were about to lose their home because he got fired all of the sudden from his job and couldn't pay the bills. The land lord was going to kick them out of his house yesterday unless he came up with the money. He has a wife and a son Christopher who is 7 years old. He was crying to us about where his son would go and that he had bad asma and he doesn't do well in the cold. The spirit guided us like crazy through out the lesson and you could see his faith being strengthened by our words. At one point we felt prompted to promise him that he would find money the next day to pay his bills and that they would stay in their house. He believed us. We left his house and gave him a blessing, the spirit was so strong. The next day I was on exchanges in another area and my companion calls me up and says "Leslie got a credit card in the mail that had 750 dollars on it, just enough to pay his bills". Man It was so cool family to see that the lord cant lie. When you follow the spirit, it always works out. Leslie was just crying to us when we saw later yesterday. He kept saying "the lord lives....the lord lives"
     Miracles are happening this Christmas family. Tomorrow is Zone Training Meeting and we haven't even prepared it yet. We have been on 4 exchanges this week and so Its been hard to do that while separated from my comp majority of the time lol alguds though. I love my calling you falas
     I'm so happy to here your guys missionary experiences man!! That's so cool. We have a unique family which also makes missionary work easier. Something I encourage families out here who are doing similar things is to think "what is the next step to get them closer to taking the missionary discussions?" Once that happens they are preparing to be baptized and become what I call "recipients of the celestial kingdom". So cool ay. Iv also seen that each person has there own timing. some are easier than others and some take longer than others but the lord knows the heart of all his children and know what they need. We are just instruments ay. Mean
    Well i gotta bounce family. I Love you guys and am so grateful for you guys. Keep doing missionary work. And Dad bro I thought your joke was crack up bro. My humor hasn't changed at all. Con Bro crack up bout your sharting bro hahah I was rolling bro. I do it all the time ay bro coming out of lessons that you've just been holding in farts like crazy and than you come out and just explode bro but more than a fart comes out haha. several experiences there lol. Love you family. Love you grams!!
Elder kanahele Kaka

Monday, December 2, 2013

Kia ora family! I am so happy to hear from you guys. Reading your letters i felt proud to be apart of a family that are so strong in the gospel. You guys are examples to everyone ay, even the people I serve around here. I talk about you guys all the time to my investigators and members etc. Thanks to your worthy examples of saints, all the things I talk about are how strong and blessed my family is by the gospel. It gives me confidence to promise broken families blessings that I know will come for them. My mission has blessed me family. I thank the lord everyday for all my blessings. Today I reflected on how far Iv come. I thought back to when Conway came home from his mission and how filled with the spirit he was, you could tell he was worthy and in tuned with the lord. I remember when he got released and bore his testimony, he was crying hard. I didn't understand why. He had come home to his family who he had not seen for so long. Wouldn't you be relieved and happy? It really did bottle me ay. Today in my studies those thoughts went through my head. I understand why now. I cant imagine what its gonna be like not being a missionary anymore. I felt so bad thinking of you con, not knowing what you were going through. I love what my mission has done for me. It feels good to finally see the gospel clearly. I have a short time left. I think the biggest principle I can learn now is enduring to the end. Its my time right now to prove the lord. I cant help but remember my branch president from kenosha telling me "the end of your mission is a reflection of the end of your life" I wanna be prepared to finish my journey strong, everyday, hour and second. It makes me feel more accountable to think we will give an accounting to the lord for everything single thing we did with the time he alotted us in our mortal existence. We cannot turn back the hands of time. A cool saying I heard says "we learn from the past, we look to the future and we live for today. Thats why we call it the "present". The time we have now is truly a present ay and Christ treated his time that way.
    This week was a good one. We had thanksgiving at 3 different homes amongst non-members and less-actives. I had many opportunities to do music both on the piano and guitar and Iv learned the even greater power our music can have through the way we introduce the song. By explaining/testimony, you open the hearts of those around you in a way that the spirit of the music can pierce their hearts deeper. It gives greater light and clarity. After songs can be a time to seal the message or the spirit in their hearts. Allow people to benefit more from your music in a way that they will act differently and leave feeling a change inside. It was a good week you guys. Ate heaps of food and gained like 10 pounds ay lol. My companion has become a close friend to me. He has been a blessing to my life. Anyway though got some cool news. Today I'm going on an exchange with my trainer Elder Loertsher if you can remember him? well he is the AP. We have been best friends ever since but tonight he set up a dinner appointment with a family we use to teach back in my first area where we served together with the original fellow-shippers that we had at the time. The family is Dee Hardrath who sent you the letter thanking you for being good parents. So crazy ay?? its unreal to have this experience, we taught them about a year and a half ago. Excited for that man. Hopefully we can get them closer to baptism and becoming members of the church.
     Sweet though family I love you guys and am so proud of you all. Thanks for your examples and for supporting me out here. keep going hard in all that you do. Use your time wisely.