Monday, December 30, 2013

Meagan & Roman's Wedding Day

Kia ora family!! awesome letters! was really goot to hear and see you guys on Christmas ay! Sounds like you guys had a awesome as week. Lia you look so beautiful in your pics girl. Tell the boys to watch out bumbai I crack dem when I get home. Ash bro you look handsome as to bro, fresh cut gee!! Con bro you too bro, in your church clothes g? haha crack up bro, you look thick as bro!! good too see you guys family! Tell Meagan I said Im happy for her and that I love her.
Ash & Peter John dreaming @ Wedding
     I dont have much to say today. Im about to head down to my drivers test pretty soon. Its gonna be a new expereince for me driving on ice and snow, should be all good though ay thats what the E-break is for lol jsut keeding. Its freezing as heck right now approximately -15 degrees hoohoo man beautiful weather ay.
     I had a good Christmas. Bowling was awesome lol. My ward is taking good care of us. I got your guys and teuilas box yesterday. Thank you for that ay. I will give those chocolates to my peeps. Teuila sent me one prime tie. Tell her I said thanks aswell please.
     Dont have much more to say family but that I am doing good. A lot of growth has happened for us in our short time here and miracles happening daily. Ash bro thanks for your testimony bro. Your gonna be a aweosme missionary bro. I love you all, thanks for your support again. Have a good week. Grams I LOVE you!!
Elder Kanahele Kaka

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