Wednesday, December 18, 2013

sup family!! sorry I didn't  email you guys yesterday! We have been trying to figure out all our transfer logistics stuff for tomorrow. We spent all day yesterday doing that, it wasn't a p-day at all lol alguds though. We have had a lot of disobedient missionaries as well so we were taking care of that this week and yesterday, so busy man! tomorrow Ill be transferring over to another ward in my same area so I wont be going far. We finally split our massive zone and so I will be the zone leader of the other half. Its been a pretty hectic week family but a good one. Had heaps of exchanges and just been all over the place. I was in 3 different areas this week back to back. The crack up thing is I forgot to pack enough G's and stuff for all those days and pretty much just wore the same ones all week haha crack up man, humbling ay. It was -25 degrees the other day with the windshields!! crazy ay! the coldest weather Iv been in on my mission. I'm doing good though, im all set, have all the right gears and my health is mint as man!
     You guys all sound good though. Thanks for your letters. Con bro sewing uce?? shuah dog!! Ash bro bouts to play rugby gee?? mean bro, carve it up bro. Mum and Dad good to hear you guys love each other ay. you guys are awesome man! I don't have much time right now to write, sorry ay. Ill be better next week. But just to let you know when I get to my new area tomorrow ill try find someone I can go to for Christmas so I can Skype you guys. Sweet you falas excited to hear from you all ay. I love you guys so much. Thanks for your prayers and sacrifices, they have blessed me, my companion and our investigators. Have a mean as week, hear from you all next week.
p.s you guys like my pics from turkey bowl in the snow? and pday football!! Wisconsin styles uce!

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