Monday, December 2, 2013

Kia ora family! I am so happy to hear from you guys. Reading your letters i felt proud to be apart of a family that are so strong in the gospel. You guys are examples to everyone ay, even the people I serve around here. I talk about you guys all the time to my investigators and members etc. Thanks to your worthy examples of saints, all the things I talk about are how strong and blessed my family is by the gospel. It gives me confidence to promise broken families blessings that I know will come for them. My mission has blessed me family. I thank the lord everyday for all my blessings. Today I reflected on how far Iv come. I thought back to when Conway came home from his mission and how filled with the spirit he was, you could tell he was worthy and in tuned with the lord. I remember when he got released and bore his testimony, he was crying hard. I didn't understand why. He had come home to his family who he had not seen for so long. Wouldn't you be relieved and happy? It really did bottle me ay. Today in my studies those thoughts went through my head. I understand why now. I cant imagine what its gonna be like not being a missionary anymore. I felt so bad thinking of you con, not knowing what you were going through. I love what my mission has done for me. It feels good to finally see the gospel clearly. I have a short time left. I think the biggest principle I can learn now is enduring to the end. Its my time right now to prove the lord. I cant help but remember my branch president from kenosha telling me "the end of your mission is a reflection of the end of your life" I wanna be prepared to finish my journey strong, everyday, hour and second. It makes me feel more accountable to think we will give an accounting to the lord for everything single thing we did with the time he alotted us in our mortal existence. We cannot turn back the hands of time. A cool saying I heard says "we learn from the past, we look to the future and we live for today. Thats why we call it the "present". The time we have now is truly a present ay and Christ treated his time that way.
    This week was a good one. We had thanksgiving at 3 different homes amongst non-members and less-actives. I had many opportunities to do music both on the piano and guitar and Iv learned the even greater power our music can have through the way we introduce the song. By explaining/testimony, you open the hearts of those around you in a way that the spirit of the music can pierce their hearts deeper. It gives greater light and clarity. After songs can be a time to seal the message or the spirit in their hearts. Allow people to benefit more from your music in a way that they will act differently and leave feeling a change inside. It was a good week you guys. Ate heaps of food and gained like 10 pounds ay lol. My companion has become a close friend to me. He has been a blessing to my life. Anyway though got some cool news. Today I'm going on an exchange with my trainer Elder Loertsher if you can remember him? well he is the AP. We have been best friends ever since but tonight he set up a dinner appointment with a family we use to teach back in my first area where we served together with the original fellow-shippers that we had at the time. The family is Dee Hardrath who sent you the letter thanking you for being good parents. So crazy ay?? its unreal to have this experience, we taught them about a year and a half ago. Excited for that man. Hopefully we can get them closer to baptism and becoming members of the church.
     Sweet though family I love you guys and am so proud of you all. Thanks for your examples and for supporting me out here. keep going hard in all that you do. Use your time wisely.

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