Monday, October 28, 2013

Kia ora family! mint as letters!! Ash bro destroying it out there on the field ay g?? bro proud as heck of you bro. You always had the talent ay bro, It just started to come together after I left bro cuz I was to hard on you bro. Member that bro? doing latters across the road at tva? Sole I use to stand at the other side of the latter and wait for you to come through so I could smash you bro hahahah sad fala ay bro I'm a bit messed up in the head ay but my missions been able to help me with that lol. l Love you bro. Keep being successful g and humble. Family you guys all look good ay. And as for me I look good too. Been doing a lot of running lately in the mornings. Its starting to get cold now days so im getting my juevos ready for that. I had a awesome week. We had stake conference yesterday and it was so awesome. Before it though we had a MCM meeting me and my comp with all the stake presidency and also the mission president where we talk with them about every recent convert in the stake within the last year, and all the baptismal candidates in our zone. Its a awesome opportunity for me. Iv been able to learn a lot from these great men and about how to be a righteous leader. In this calling you have to know a lot of people, their names, their problems and concerns and its just crazy how the lord qualifies you to be able to do  that. At the stake conference they had all the full-time missionaries stand up and there were heaps of us!! it was amazing ay!! its a good time to be a missionary. The whole conference was focused on members stepping their game up in the missionary work, It was awesome as heck! The stake president said in his talk to the members "if you don't raise the bar how will you ever know your potential?" its crunch time ay family. We need to be focused on being prepared for the savior to come. The Book of Mormon was brought about in our age and time to prepare us for his second coming. It teaches us of what the people did in the ancient Americas to prepare for his first coming to help us know now how to be better prepared for his second coming. We are lucky ay.
     So last week when I was on exchanges in my last area I gave the baptismal interview to Catalino and he just wasn't ready. After the conference yesterday, Catalino was there, so I gave him the interview again and he answered all of the questions good but It just didn't feel right to me. I love this guy and I want him to receive the blessings of baptism more than any other person besides God but I didn't pass him. It was crazy cuz Iv never had to do that on my mission. Not pass someone. I reassured him that he would be baptized but that additional preparation was needed before that could happen. As soon as he left the room I closed the door and knelt down and prayed to ask heavenly father if what I did was correct. Immediately my whole body was filled with the spirit. Heavenly father assured me that baptism was sacred and that the person must be prepared in their willingness to take upon them the name of Jesus Christ. Its a serious thing ay. but it was just a cool experience that helped me know how much our father in heaven loves us and is preparing us to live with him. The holy ghost is real. My greatest joy of the work is being able to feel that everyday. But the spirit can sometimes become like being in a hot shower for too long. The shower doesn't seem to be too hot anymore because your body gets used to it. And so when we have the spirit with us so often we tend to forget its there anymore until its gone. Iv found that by continually being conscious of the spirit and by righteous living we can have strong spiritual experiences more frequently in our lives which will help us have deeper conversions of the gospel. Iv witnessed this more so later in my mission. The work of the lord is real. I love it so much. i love you my family. Excited to reunite with you all again. Have a mean week!!
p.s tell grandma that I love her ok
p.s.s here's some picks of my comp on his b-day the other day and also our new car we got!!! spoiled ay. We get treated like kings as zl's
Elder kanahele kaka

Monday, October 21, 2013

Friday Night 10-18-13 Ash Smashed it out there! RR4L - _\,,/
Hey family!! really good to hear from you guys today. I really felt the spirit reading your letters today and couldn't help but have a little cry. We have such an awesome family. I love you guys and just want to thank you for your prayers. Last night as I knelt down to pray and go to bed I thanked my heavenly father for all that he has given me. The spirit was felt as I thanked him for each individual family member. I have learned something profound from each of you that has shaped my life and who I am. It has helped me get through my mission. I owe my life to heavenly father and just thinking of the percentage time of my service as a missionary compared to the rest of my life, this is the least I can do in return for my life. We are so blessed. I see this everyday with those I teach and work with and even my very own companions and fellow missionaries. Our family has so much. 
      Well this week was a crazy one. We had 3 exchanges and so I was all over the place. I had a awesome week though. I got to go back to my last area in Janesville and see all my old family's, friends and it was just a sweet reunion. Catalino, a man that I found and was teaching for 6 months there, is finally getting baptized and so I get to go back next week and give him the baptismal interview, such a sweet reward ay. I have such a awesome companion right now ay. He has helped me so much to become a better person. Every experience we have is a precious one because it determines our becoming. Out here it seems like everything is in my bet to grow, learn, be humbled, and just become. Its been the sweetest ride for me ay. One thing Iv really struggled with lately is just stealing man. On exchanges I Just steal heaps of things ay, toiletries, food, writing utensils etc. its hard living the poor life ay haha na na.
     Awesome to hear bout your brother Charlie dad and his affects from his mission. I felt comforted hearing that and a confirmation of how real this work is. I also love that you guys are seeing the blessings that come from service. Its the best feeling ay. I am impressed by how many accomplishments each of you have had lately, that is all part of the plan ay. Keep your efforts up family. Its obvious that your testimonies have grown so much. I'm sure my letters have changed since Iv been gone, well I hope they have, but so have yours. Keep moving forward family. "You know your on the right path if your going uphill"- elder perkins of the seventy said that to our zone. Its true though. That's why Jesus Christ is who he says he is. He is the master climber and he's paved the path to take. Now all we need to do is climb. I love you family, have a sweet week!
elder kanahele kaka!! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

This is Typical, im just glad his pants is on!
Kia ora family! good to hear from you guys. Another week behind and gone so fast. The fall is falling in and winter is close. The trees are changing into so many vibrant beautiful colors. Its different ay. Its gonna be a good winter though. I'm prepared this time ay haha. It was a mean week. Missionary work is just so enjoyable. Yesterday at church was awesome. Our ward did a fast for missionary work and so the testimony meeting was based off missionary work along with all the classes, it was the best Sunday of my mission. The bishop asked me to give my testimony and I was so happy to get the opportunity to just bear testimony of missionary work. As I bore my testimony I just started crying and it was so weird ay, I never cry but I was just so overwhelmed with the spirit of missionary work. I know that its true. I'm really soaking in the time that I have left and it sucks because its flying faster and faster every transfer. My calling keeps me busy and were constantly on the mover travelling all over our massive zone to do exchanges with missionaries. We go on at least 13 exchanges a month so its a fun calling getting to be all over Wisconsin. I met a guy from Hawaii the other day at a ice-cream shop, it was crazy ay. Str8 fresh of the island of Maui, cant remember his name though but it was good to see a poly. Its good to hear the family is doing good though you falas. Mum I don't know if I mentioned last week but since you falas are gonna come get me, I just wanted to make sure you spoke with the mission office about travel plans and wot not. Anyways you guys I love you guys so much and happy to be apart of such an amazing family. It makes it so easy for me to testify of families and what the gospel can do for them, coming from a family that is so happy and blessed. Hope everyone is looking chexy, and your bodies are in shape lidat. I don't have much else to say, I'm here doing ma thing, working my butt off and trying to become the person God wants me to be. Thank you for your love and support it has blessed me my whole mission. Have a good week family!!
elder Kanahele
Attatched I have some pics we tood today at a crazy place called epic. Some member works there and gave us tour and hooked us up with a free feed. Mean p-day activities!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

PCC 50th Reunion Ball 09-05-13

Kia ora family! mean as letters ay! It was a mean week with the conference ay, a lot of learning and now time to really benefit from living the things we learned. Thanks for the picks, they look mean. Ash sole you sound and look good bro. Your shirt looks 2 mills uce! mean bro. Glad to here everyone is doing good though, its always a good feeling to here that after a week of work. Iv had a massive week ay. Its been a very prosperous and spiritual one. The biggest miracle of the week was the ability to feel the spirit. I been really focusing on the spirit this week in the way that I read the Book Of Mormon and the way I speak with heavenly father. Because of it I was prepared for promptings I was given. I was asked by a missionary to give him a blessing. At the time there were 4 other missionaries in their apartment who could have given him a blessing. Instead of telling him to ask one of them I felt we should still go and so we drove a pretty far distance to get there. After giving the blessing I didn't feel too accomplished like that was my real purpose in being in that apartment. Make a long story short I walk into their room and get talking with the companion of the missionary who we blessed. He's having a really hard time. He was thinking about going home, felt inadequate and unprepared spiritually to be out here. He told me I don't even know if all of this even is true. This missionary just started balling. I felt the spirit so strong as I testified to this elder of my conversion. 
(I don't know if you know) but I never received a sure witness that the church was true, or even the Book of Mormon my whole life before the mission. I went my whole first 9 months of my mission not knowing. It was hard to press forward during hard times when I had no reason too. At this point I had read the Book Of Mormon 3 times, did moronis promise, prayed and received absolutely no answer. I later read a talk "the 4th missionary" that inspired me to really put God to the test if he really was there. This talk invites the missionary to sacrifice all that he has, hears, says, does and thinks about for the lords will. Too receive an answer willingly did these things. The last being to write Mona off. I did these things family and when the time was right I again asked the lord as sincere as I was able, if the book of Mormon was true, I didn't receive a yes or a no but that I should be patient, and that my answer would come. At the end of that week was general conference. Elder Erying gave a talk and in it he said "to everyone God gives gifts. pray to know what your gifts are" I Felt the spirit most at that moment to take his invitation. I prayed immediately after his talk. I opened my eyes and the choir began to sing "behold tis even tide". I received the most powerful witness I could ever have. It was my answer. In that moment I had flashbacks of my life and every witness I had received from music. I felt the spirit of God fill my body and it was as though there were angels present in the room. 
Along with this experience I shared many things with this missionary. we spoke for at least an hour. His experience is a lot like the one I had especially being that the next day after our talk was general conference. Invited him to change his life and promised him that he would receive an answer, cuz i did. I closed us with a prayer. My prayer was filled with Gods words because, this missionary literally fell to the ground and starting crying. He could hardly speak. He told me that I said exactly what he was thinking and the exact things that he needed to hear. It was a miracle family. God lives today. Ill share one thing from general conference I liked. It was said "we have one message...and that is that God still speaks" Laman and Lemual saw an angel and that experience still didn't convert them. miracles do not produce faith. True conversion happens from the lord speaking to us by his voice or by his spirit. My testimony is that we all need to feel the witness of the spirit through righteous living and obedience in order to receive conversion. we need conversion to have any reason to press forward in this life of obstacles and continuous tests of faith. I fasted Saturday and Sunday so that this missionary could receive that answer. My miracle of the week among many. Love you family, thank you for all that you do.
Elder kanahele Kaka