Monday, October 7, 2013

PCC 50th Reunion Ball 09-05-13

Kia ora family! mean as letters ay! It was a mean week with the conference ay, a lot of learning and now time to really benefit from living the things we learned. Thanks for the picks, they look mean. Ash sole you sound and look good bro. Your shirt looks 2 mills uce! mean bro. Glad to here everyone is doing good though, its always a good feeling to here that after a week of work. Iv had a massive week ay. Its been a very prosperous and spiritual one. The biggest miracle of the week was the ability to feel the spirit. I been really focusing on the spirit this week in the way that I read the Book Of Mormon and the way I speak with heavenly father. Because of it I was prepared for promptings I was given. I was asked by a missionary to give him a blessing. At the time there were 4 other missionaries in their apartment who could have given him a blessing. Instead of telling him to ask one of them I felt we should still go and so we drove a pretty far distance to get there. After giving the blessing I didn't feel too accomplished like that was my real purpose in being in that apartment. Make a long story short I walk into their room and get talking with the companion of the missionary who we blessed. He's having a really hard time. He was thinking about going home, felt inadequate and unprepared spiritually to be out here. He told me I don't even know if all of this even is true. This missionary just started balling. I felt the spirit so strong as I testified to this elder of my conversion. 
(I don't know if you know) but I never received a sure witness that the church was true, or even the Book of Mormon my whole life before the mission. I went my whole first 9 months of my mission not knowing. It was hard to press forward during hard times when I had no reason too. At this point I had read the Book Of Mormon 3 times, did moronis promise, prayed and received absolutely no answer. I later read a talk "the 4th missionary" that inspired me to really put God to the test if he really was there. This talk invites the missionary to sacrifice all that he has, hears, says, does and thinks about for the lords will. Too receive an answer willingly did these things. The last being to write Mona off. I did these things family and when the time was right I again asked the lord as sincere as I was able, if the book of Mormon was true, I didn't receive a yes or a no but that I should be patient, and that my answer would come. At the end of that week was general conference. Elder Erying gave a talk and in it he said "to everyone God gives gifts. pray to know what your gifts are" I Felt the spirit most at that moment to take his invitation. I prayed immediately after his talk. I opened my eyes and the choir began to sing "behold tis even tide". I received the most powerful witness I could ever have. It was my answer. In that moment I had flashbacks of my life and every witness I had received from music. I felt the spirit of God fill my body and it was as though there were angels present in the room. 
Along with this experience I shared many things with this missionary. we spoke for at least an hour. His experience is a lot like the one I had especially being that the next day after our talk was general conference. Invited him to change his life and promised him that he would receive an answer, cuz i did. I closed us with a prayer. My prayer was filled with Gods words because, this missionary literally fell to the ground and starting crying. He could hardly speak. He told me that I said exactly what he was thinking and the exact things that he needed to hear. It was a miracle family. God lives today. Ill share one thing from general conference I liked. It was said "we have one message...and that is that God still speaks" Laman and Lemual saw an angel and that experience still didn't convert them. miracles do not produce faith. True conversion happens from the lord speaking to us by his voice or by his spirit. My testimony is that we all need to feel the witness of the spirit through righteous living and obedience in order to receive conversion. we need conversion to have any reason to press forward in this life of obstacles and continuous tests of faith. I fasted Saturday and Sunday so that this missionary could receive that answer. My miracle of the week among many. Love you family, thank you for all that you do.
Elder kanahele Kaka

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