Monday, October 21, 2013

Friday Night 10-18-13 Ash Smashed it out there! RR4L - _\,,/
Hey family!! really good to hear from you guys today. I really felt the spirit reading your letters today and couldn't help but have a little cry. We have such an awesome family. I love you guys and just want to thank you for your prayers. Last night as I knelt down to pray and go to bed I thanked my heavenly father for all that he has given me. The spirit was felt as I thanked him for each individual family member. I have learned something profound from each of you that has shaped my life and who I am. It has helped me get through my mission. I owe my life to heavenly father and just thinking of the percentage time of my service as a missionary compared to the rest of my life, this is the least I can do in return for my life. We are so blessed. I see this everyday with those I teach and work with and even my very own companions and fellow missionaries. Our family has so much. 
      Well this week was a crazy one. We had 3 exchanges and so I was all over the place. I had a awesome week though. I got to go back to my last area in Janesville and see all my old family's, friends and it was just a sweet reunion. Catalino, a man that I found and was teaching for 6 months there, is finally getting baptized and so I get to go back next week and give him the baptismal interview, such a sweet reward ay. I have such a awesome companion right now ay. He has helped me so much to become a better person. Every experience we have is a precious one because it determines our becoming. Out here it seems like everything is in my bet to grow, learn, be humbled, and just become. Its been the sweetest ride for me ay. One thing Iv really struggled with lately is just stealing man. On exchanges I Just steal heaps of things ay, toiletries, food, writing utensils etc. its hard living the poor life ay haha na na.
     Awesome to hear bout your brother Charlie dad and his affects from his mission. I felt comforted hearing that and a confirmation of how real this work is. I also love that you guys are seeing the blessings that come from service. Its the best feeling ay. I am impressed by how many accomplishments each of you have had lately, that is all part of the plan ay. Keep your efforts up family. Its obvious that your testimonies have grown so much. I'm sure my letters have changed since Iv been gone, well I hope they have, but so have yours. Keep moving forward family. "You know your on the right path if your going uphill"- elder perkins of the seventy said that to our zone. Its true though. That's why Jesus Christ is who he says he is. He is the master climber and he's paved the path to take. Now all we need to do is climb. I love you family, have a sweet week!
elder kanahele kaka!! 

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