Monday, October 28, 2013

Kia ora family! mint as letters!! Ash bro destroying it out there on the field ay g?? bro proud as heck of you bro. You always had the talent ay bro, It just started to come together after I left bro cuz I was to hard on you bro. Member that bro? doing latters across the road at tva? Sole I use to stand at the other side of the latter and wait for you to come through so I could smash you bro hahahah sad fala ay bro I'm a bit messed up in the head ay but my missions been able to help me with that lol. l Love you bro. Keep being successful g and humble. Family you guys all look good ay. And as for me I look good too. Been doing a lot of running lately in the mornings. Its starting to get cold now days so im getting my juevos ready for that. I had a awesome week. We had stake conference yesterday and it was so awesome. Before it though we had a MCM meeting me and my comp with all the stake presidency and also the mission president where we talk with them about every recent convert in the stake within the last year, and all the baptismal candidates in our zone. Its a awesome opportunity for me. Iv been able to learn a lot from these great men and about how to be a righteous leader. In this calling you have to know a lot of people, their names, their problems and concerns and its just crazy how the lord qualifies you to be able to do  that. At the stake conference they had all the full-time missionaries stand up and there were heaps of us!! it was amazing ay!! its a good time to be a missionary. The whole conference was focused on members stepping their game up in the missionary work, It was awesome as heck! The stake president said in his talk to the members "if you don't raise the bar how will you ever know your potential?" its crunch time ay family. We need to be focused on being prepared for the savior to come. The Book of Mormon was brought about in our age and time to prepare us for his second coming. It teaches us of what the people did in the ancient Americas to prepare for his first coming to help us know now how to be better prepared for his second coming. We are lucky ay.
     So last week when I was on exchanges in my last area I gave the baptismal interview to Catalino and he just wasn't ready. After the conference yesterday, Catalino was there, so I gave him the interview again and he answered all of the questions good but It just didn't feel right to me. I love this guy and I want him to receive the blessings of baptism more than any other person besides God but I didn't pass him. It was crazy cuz Iv never had to do that on my mission. Not pass someone. I reassured him that he would be baptized but that additional preparation was needed before that could happen. As soon as he left the room I closed the door and knelt down and prayed to ask heavenly father if what I did was correct. Immediately my whole body was filled with the spirit. Heavenly father assured me that baptism was sacred and that the person must be prepared in their willingness to take upon them the name of Jesus Christ. Its a serious thing ay. but it was just a cool experience that helped me know how much our father in heaven loves us and is preparing us to live with him. The holy ghost is real. My greatest joy of the work is being able to feel that everyday. But the spirit can sometimes become like being in a hot shower for too long. The shower doesn't seem to be too hot anymore because your body gets used to it. And so when we have the spirit with us so often we tend to forget its there anymore until its gone. Iv found that by continually being conscious of the spirit and by righteous living we can have strong spiritual experiences more frequently in our lives which will help us have deeper conversions of the gospel. Iv witnessed this more so later in my mission. The work of the lord is real. I love it so much. i love you my family. Excited to reunite with you all again. Have a mean week!!
p.s tell grandma that I love her ok
p.s.s here's some picks of my comp on his b-day the other day and also our new car we got!!! spoiled ay. We get treated like kings as zl's
Elder kanahele kaka

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