Monday, January 28, 2013

hows em ay family!!!!hoohoo beautiful auntie!
mean as letters family, always ay! Every ones doing mean, I love it. Thanks for all your testimonies, thanks for your sacrifices, I love you guys so much ay. About the mission, afterwards. I have no clue ay you falas, I don't know. Whatever works best I guess. Since ash will be living shortly after, you falas just plan the happs and just let me know somewhere in the future. I'm all g with whatevs. Anyways though Ash bro, what the crap!!!! str8 A's G!! OIYOIYOIY sole changed man alright, what happened uce? na thats mean as bro, fa I'm proud of you bro, especially that your doing better than I did bro, good way to go ash. Lia my beautiful sister, I love you Lia, thanks for working so hard that I can be here. Know that I m working so hard and that the money is being utilized in the purpose of the salvation of the people here. Man I'm so blessed ay family to have you guys. I'm doing awesome as out here. Its been a good week, busy as crap, but I love it. One thing Iv learned that has been most beneficial for me is organization. Iv learned so much the importance of being prepared. And that organization is preparation. Iv been able to accomplish 10 times more than I have previously in my mission simply through being organized and prepared. Theres so many things we juggle in life, so much to remember and do and its become my testimony that If we want to accomplish more and be of more use to the lord, we must be organized and prepared with the time he has given us, and that includes constantly setting and achieving goals. It has been a miracle for me to serve here in Kenosha. Its been most humbling for me to serve new to the language, being in a small branch with plural callings, being a district leader and trying to be the best missionary all together. Iv only come to more fully accomplish the tasks of the mission through the principle of goal setting, being organized and prepared. The lord really has stretched me. and man he does it so that we can learn and grow, so that we can stand as powerful witnesses of him as our testimonies of him increase. This has happened to me. Iv received so many witnesses of this truth as iv been obedient to the lord even in the hard times. Its been a good learning week for me, a slow(in means of the work) but hard working and self learning for me ay. I want the baptisms family and despite my weaknesses I'm doing everything I can to get them, to strengthen my investigators through my spirit and ability to teach the restored gospel. I love the fact that there is 101 different churches in the areas where I serve because my testimony of the restoration has become immovable. We really are the only true church on the earth and its evident through how exactly established our church is to the way that Christ established it. Its a beautiful things ay family, and I'm apart of it. I don't have much to say but that the work is going. I love you my family. If you guys have any questions about the work, my mission, whatevs just let me know lol cuz I feel like I just explaining the life over here. But na family Wisconsin is all g, the weather is out of it, one minute blizzard nek minute ice storm, than raining hard out. out of it as. But man I'm healthy as ay lol ha vent got sick once yet so ye fa I'm blessed ay haha. shot family, have a mean week family, ill hear form you all then.!
elder kanahele ootz!!
p.s con bro, negative to the bible cover uce, ye pretty much only use the Spanish one, alguds though bro, no biggy! con bro, thanks for your powerful testimony bro. Your the man bro, I love you g, I know that everything said is true bro, no doubt. Our potential is greater than we think ay. The quote that always gets me is "as man is, god once was, as god is, man may become." Our potential has to be great, if the greatest of all once was in our shoes. The ability to improve will never end. Bro I love you uce, have a mean week!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

kia ora family!! tu teks tamatos and wiiwiis haha! shot family!
How you guys doing ay? sound awesome as! sorry didnt write you falas on Monday lol our P-day moved to Wednesday cuz monday was a prime pros day and yesterday was zone conference, explain!! but so good to hear from you family. Lia that's beautiful that your enjoying yourself in volleyball. you kids are growing up fast as man. Ash bro that's crack up that you play on vars bro lol i feel like i just graduated from kahuku yesterday. Mean bro, dad says your 3 is coming g, oiy shuah! mean little bro, tear it up ash. you still lifting bro? putting some beef on? shot ash. Con bro, no ones good enough for you ay bro lol sorry bout that ay bro. How school going bro, still going for the doctor? mean bro!! Anyway though family that's cool that everyone is busy with all sorts of things and that's tight that the shave ice business is flourishing, what a blessing man. The lord just always provides the means for our family ay and being out here on the mission iv realized how much our family really has been blessed. In every aspect of life and just so amazing how much happiness and joy the gospel has to offer us. Its only a glimpse of whats to come. Im happy mum that you've been able to come closer to your dad, he sounds like a good fala ay, give the dude my love. I know he feels something so different when our family is around him. Its just like when we go to homes that havent experienced the gospel before and after meeting with them, just leaving a very peaceful comforting presence behind. The spirit is an amazing tool that Iv been able to experience and recognize so much more of out here. But I know the power that it has to touch and change people. Because our family is so faithful, I know that he receives that same spirit. I love the story of Lehis vision of the tree of life in (1nephi 8:10-12) it talks about when lehi partakes of the fruit of the tree of life and he describes how desirable the fruit is, how pure and white and glorious the fruit is. He immediately desires his family and friends to come and try it also. This story represents the fruit being the gospel. We know how glorious and beneficial it is, we know where it allows us to be. We must desire that our family and friends should taste that fruit also. The mist of darkness blinds a lot of them("them" being our neighbors, friends, your dad, family) from the truth. the only way they find the iron rod is if we are brave enough and desirable enough to reach out and pull them in. We've been sharing this message along with a few other things a lot with members of our branch lately and just really waking them up to the realization that the work of the missionaries is not enough to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of all of gods children. We all as members have the same duty and important obligation to share the gospel. Joseph f. smith said that we as members will receive our celestial glory on conditions that we preach the gospel to the other sons and daughters of god. My comp and I have really been trying to do more to change the culture of our branch, the mentality of members being comfortable and content and not stepping of of their comfort zone to share the gospel, doing the harder things. Iv learned that we cant grow doing the easy things. We can only expect to become godlike through pressure, opposition, overcoming large obstacles, following Christ and in return receiving godlike characteristics. So that's been my week ay family, really have just made resolutions to help members develop faith to do missionary work. Its hard as heck when we don't have the members there to fellowship our investigators and they just all slip off the edge and we lose them. Its been a constant struggle ay but its about to change. I'm loving my mission family. This past week has been a battle ay. Its freezing as heck and hard for people to open their doors to us. I cant explain how determined I am to take care of business and do the lords work and its because of my testimony of Jesus Christ. Nothing has really changed in the work though ay, still working, searching and hoping that we end this droute of baptisms and actually do physical work that will change the branch after I'm gone. Family I love you guys ay, hope everyone is still going forward with that goal to share the gospel. Thanks for your letters of support, encouragement and powerful testimonies. I'm so blessed to have you my family. Have a massive week and please give my love to grams for all that she does for me too. I love you all, peace!!
p.s can you falas send me some music, i dont care if its a cd or a ipod or wutevas. I want that song by passion, "pure heart" and whatevers you can find. shot family. also, con can i have your other leather bible cover? shot bro.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas Day!
Kia ora again family!
hows em ay? fa massive! you falas look dark as in your pics, been camping at the beach ay? lol beautiful you falas. Sounds like every ones lives are just busy as heck with school, work, sports, cleaning, church awesome you guys. Shave ice even, oiyoiyoiy! mean! Things are algud here in wisconsin ay. It looks like I aint getting transfered this week so Ill still at least have another transfer here, so im happy bout that. The weather actually aint to bad ay, but it should be getting cold as hech this week. Con shole, que pasa papa? estoy contento con todo, el idioma esta mejor poco a poco sole. Llevo 4 meses hablando en espanol entoces he aprendido mucho. la cultura aqui es muy diferente, gente de puerto rico, mexico dominican republic y muchas diferentes formas de espanol que experimentamos cada dia. Sole todo bien uce. Family had a good week. We have a lot of cool new things happen to our branch. We got another spanish companionship and also a senior spanish couple come into the branch so we now have heaps of reinforcements with the work here in Kenosha. It was crazy this senior couple have been around the block in high callings in the church, branch president, stake president etc. but as District leader I was asked to train them. Its been out of it cuz there calling is way different to ours but yet me a young joe is training these old futs haha. We take them into our appointments and its been a cool experience working with this old couple their like my grandparents out here lol. Anyways though family. Nothing really new here for me ay. We have cool experiences everyday I cant even think of one to share haha. Member that dad? after me and con took the Kamehameha 3 hour test, afterwards you asked me what kind of questions were on it I couldn't even think of one lol. Haha crack up family. No family things are good here, learning so much ay, everyday, I just wanna stay on the progression level for the rest of my mission, and just be completely changed from it. I love the work that we do, and this past week I had several opportunities to use my music in the work and it is just a talent that the lord has really helped me to utilize effectively out here on the mission and im grateful for it. Its been the meanest way to start off and close our lessons, mean inviter of the spirit. Can you falas find some good spanish songs I can learn? hook it up you falas. I love and miss you guys, hope every ones doing good, Im proud as heck of you guys ay, strong testimonies and just utilizing time wisely. Ash and Lia man you guys have grown so much, im so grateful to you guys ay, I love you so much family, keep moving forward in everything, no rest ay. We cant afford to slow down in our progression towards god, its a continuous process of refining and improving. Im so happy to be a member and a representative, its the greatest calling to be full-time in the gospel. Con bro hows aunty cristy girl bro? she high status of what bro? shoot us pic of your body, looking sexy bro, im proud of you ay bro, handsome cat. Mum and dad how you goin ay? falas still crying ay? haha come on you falas lol. Na I love you mum and dad. Im still picking up my comps crap and wiping his mimis and crap off the toilet, washing and cleaning his dirty mess lol what can we do ay family haha na but please give my love to grams. Thanks for everything family, im healthy, happy, and safe, algud. Have a mean week everyone, in sports, work school etc. second wind ay, go hard up the gutz family doitz!!
elder kaka

Monday, January 7, 2013

kia ora family!!
Some crazy letters man!! you guys sound mean though. This week went by to quick, I feel like I just talked to you falas haha. Thats sad az about Pier man, dumb bugger. But man you guys back into the grinds, haha beautiful family, no time to get comfortable ay, no rest for the wicked family hoohoo beautiful man. Thats so cool that the Mcdonald family got in touch with you, man I love that family. I didnt get to see them a whole lot cuz they travel the world so'o but the times that I did see them, they took care of me and treated me like a king, give them my love and gratitude. Anyway though the new year is a awesome time for a fresh new start ay. Its cool that you guys plan to serve more and like you said the lord really has invested a lot of good into our family for one purpose only, to build his kingdom here on the earth. Theres so much more to be done here and the members need to step up to the plate and preach the gospeL. Prophet Brigham Young in the PMG says that its the members duty to bring others unto the fold. The missionaries are here to teach and baptize. We need everyone on board ay, its the great day of the harvest now, today, the time just before the second coming. Its urgent and its our duty. Anyway family, its my vision to see all members aquire this mind set and obligation to follow Christ more and preach his gospel.
Anyway family, I had a hectic week. First off yesterday in church none of our leaders and teachers showed up, it was crazy. I was stressed like no other cuz our investigators were there and everything was unorganized. How are we supposed to help them have spiritual experiences if no one is there ay lol. Our pianist has left to school and last minute I was asked to play the HYMNS in sacrement!!!!!!OIYOIYOIY never even read music in like 10 years!! lol but It was a miracle cuz I actually did ok. I dont how I was able to do it, but my companion started crying cuz he knew I couldnt read music to well but still I was able to get by. Then after we had to teach alll the classes and it was just so out of it ay. The normal me would just laugh about it lol but I cant do that out here ay lol its different. But man the lord has really been giving me more and mroe opportunities to stretch and grow, to really put to test my testimony and ability to have the spirit in difficult times. Iv had heaps on my plate this last week with my district, branch and just the work itself. We truly have experienced miracles here in my area and in the work. The lord already knows our needs and all he requires is that we ask. And then work and put ourselves in a position to recieve those blessings. Hes done this to me ay family. Every time I feel inadequate or down, Iv found the secret is to just work. Iv come to learn and put more into practice that as you spend more time serving the lord, his children and doing everything on your part to do his will, you forget your own problems, and your inadiquicies. He will always provide a way to accomplish his purposes for us, and its eveident as we do this. We have had so much potential and success me and my companion and we are just working with every piece we have to have baptisms. When we started together in this area we had no investigators. Now we have so many investogators that we dont even have enough time in the days to go see them all. The lord has carried us so far and were just trying to finish it off through baptism. I love working, its a successful feeling like no other, and whats even greater is the closer we come through time to our father in heaven. I know hes there and I feel him closer when Im obedient. I love you my family, Im grateful for your letters, your support and testimonies of the gospel. Its our only way back like you said ash. And it truly is, we have to give the lord everything we have.
Elder Kaka

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Family! kia ora ow falas!!

haha it was awesome to talk to you guys ay, felt like I just left home yesterday haha. In Alma 17:2 Alma reunites with his brethren (the sons of mosiah) after a long period of time but it talks about the great joy that he receives seeing that they were alive and well in the gospel and still grounded upon our savior and his teachings. Man I felt that same joy seeing you guys and just knowing that my family are all so strong and active and living the gospel. On my end im living, teaching and walking the gospel and theres no greater joy than knowing that my family is doing the same, I love you guys. When I get home you falas are gonna hate me ay? lol sorry bout it!

Anyway family, I'm happy you guys had a good new year, man looks like you guys had good fun playing basketball with the family, awesome traditions ay!! I got your boxes this week along with gramz one, ye I didn't know how to spell her name haha crack up ay, main thing she gets the point. Thanks though family and give gramz my love for her boxes, man it was a mean new years gift. I been eating all my goodies in church and in the car and out tracting everywhere haha. Thanks for those though family. Everyone sounds mean man, bout to finish the break, gonna start school and a new year, so crazy!! I cant believe almost a year has gone by for me, the mission is a dang dream. Theres so much more I have to accomplish out here and do for the work. With the new year, its an awesome time to re-evaluate things, make changes, set goals and work to improve. I wanna make a change for our mission ay and feel like the lord has more for me to do with my time. My new years was mean to though family. Our whole Spanish branch got together at a members home and had a massive fiesta! The members cooked up a pig and we had str8 Hispanic foods it was 3mean. Im really loving my area but feel my time here is coming to an end shortly. Iv been here for three transfers so ill probably be leaving next transfer. Iv learned so much here in this area and its really allowed me to stretch and grow in so many ways I never thought was possible. The work for us here is going so well, not perfect, but huge progression has happened since the beginning. We have seen so many miracles this Christmas and are trying to follow through on all the families we are teaching and the goals we have here in Kenosha. I have a awesome companion, maybe the best companion thus far. We have the same goal and desire to accomplish the lords purposes for us and its been a huge learning and growing experience for me in so many ways. You really do grow more doing the harder things in life ay. Theres a quote i like that says, "the greater the struggle the sweater the experience" and man the mission aint easy ay but its the most rewarding feeling. I had a pretty crazy experience though this past week. We tracked at this huge apartment complex area and the manager of the complex came up to us while we were knocking doors and in rude words told us to jam. I told him "we have a legal license for what we do", and i showed him the card that we have. He was furious and called the cops on us. So in my instincts I decided to run haha, so my comp started running to and we got away. We decided to come back 3 days later to contact the same complex area not thinking that by chance we would run into that guy again. We get there, and park in front of the first building and before we get out, I got the meanest impression not to get out of the car. We both sat for a few seconds and right in front of us( the building we were about to enter) the same dude that hit us up the other day comes walking out of it!!! so immediately we backed out and jammed. Just a little story i thought id share. It was pretty cool the strong prompting that came. Who knows what would have happened ay. But anyway family I gotta jam now, I love you guys, have a good start to the year and Ill hear from you all next week!!

elder kanahele