Monday, January 28, 2013

hows em ay family!!!!hoohoo beautiful auntie!
mean as letters family, always ay! Every ones doing mean, I love it. Thanks for all your testimonies, thanks for your sacrifices, I love you guys so much ay. About the mission, afterwards. I have no clue ay you falas, I don't know. Whatever works best I guess. Since ash will be living shortly after, you falas just plan the happs and just let me know somewhere in the future. I'm all g with whatevs. Anyways though Ash bro, what the crap!!!! str8 A's G!! OIYOIYOIY sole changed man alright, what happened uce? na thats mean as bro, fa I'm proud of you bro, especially that your doing better than I did bro, good way to go ash. Lia my beautiful sister, I love you Lia, thanks for working so hard that I can be here. Know that I m working so hard and that the money is being utilized in the purpose of the salvation of the people here. Man I'm so blessed ay family to have you guys. I'm doing awesome as out here. Its been a good week, busy as crap, but I love it. One thing Iv learned that has been most beneficial for me is organization. Iv learned so much the importance of being prepared. And that organization is preparation. Iv been able to accomplish 10 times more than I have previously in my mission simply through being organized and prepared. Theres so many things we juggle in life, so much to remember and do and its become my testimony that If we want to accomplish more and be of more use to the lord, we must be organized and prepared with the time he has given us, and that includes constantly setting and achieving goals. It has been a miracle for me to serve here in Kenosha. Its been most humbling for me to serve new to the language, being in a small branch with plural callings, being a district leader and trying to be the best missionary all together. Iv only come to more fully accomplish the tasks of the mission through the principle of goal setting, being organized and prepared. The lord really has stretched me. and man he does it so that we can learn and grow, so that we can stand as powerful witnesses of him as our testimonies of him increase. This has happened to me. Iv received so many witnesses of this truth as iv been obedient to the lord even in the hard times. Its been a good learning week for me, a slow(in means of the work) but hard working and self learning for me ay. I want the baptisms family and despite my weaknesses I'm doing everything I can to get them, to strengthen my investigators through my spirit and ability to teach the restored gospel. I love the fact that there is 101 different churches in the areas where I serve because my testimony of the restoration has become immovable. We really are the only true church on the earth and its evident through how exactly established our church is to the way that Christ established it. Its a beautiful things ay family, and I'm apart of it. I don't have much to say but that the work is going. I love you my family. If you guys have any questions about the work, my mission, whatevs just let me know lol cuz I feel like I just explaining the life over here. But na family Wisconsin is all g, the weather is out of it, one minute blizzard nek minute ice storm, than raining hard out. out of it as. But man I'm healthy as ay lol ha vent got sick once yet so ye fa I'm blessed ay haha. shot family, have a mean week family, ill hear form you all then.!
elder kanahele ootz!!
p.s con bro, negative to the bible cover uce, ye pretty much only use the Spanish one, alguds though bro, no biggy! con bro, thanks for your powerful testimony bro. Your the man bro, I love you g, I know that everything said is true bro, no doubt. Our potential is greater than we think ay. The quote that always gets me is "as man is, god once was, as god is, man may become." Our potential has to be great, if the greatest of all once was in our shoes. The ability to improve will never end. Bro I love you uce, have a mean week!!

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