Wednesday, January 23, 2013

kia ora family!! tu teks tamatos and wiiwiis haha! shot family!
How you guys doing ay? sound awesome as! sorry didnt write you falas on Monday lol our P-day moved to Wednesday cuz monday was a prime pros day and yesterday was zone conference, explain!! but so good to hear from you family. Lia that's beautiful that your enjoying yourself in volleyball. you kids are growing up fast as man. Ash bro that's crack up that you play on vars bro lol i feel like i just graduated from kahuku yesterday. Mean bro, dad says your 3 is coming g, oiy shuah! mean little bro, tear it up ash. you still lifting bro? putting some beef on? shot ash. Con bro, no ones good enough for you ay bro lol sorry bout that ay bro. How school going bro, still going for the doctor? mean bro!! Anyway though family that's cool that everyone is busy with all sorts of things and that's tight that the shave ice business is flourishing, what a blessing man. The lord just always provides the means for our family ay and being out here on the mission iv realized how much our family really has been blessed. In every aspect of life and just so amazing how much happiness and joy the gospel has to offer us. Its only a glimpse of whats to come. Im happy mum that you've been able to come closer to your dad, he sounds like a good fala ay, give the dude my love. I know he feels something so different when our family is around him. Its just like when we go to homes that havent experienced the gospel before and after meeting with them, just leaving a very peaceful comforting presence behind. The spirit is an amazing tool that Iv been able to experience and recognize so much more of out here. But I know the power that it has to touch and change people. Because our family is so faithful, I know that he receives that same spirit. I love the story of Lehis vision of the tree of life in (1nephi 8:10-12) it talks about when lehi partakes of the fruit of the tree of life and he describes how desirable the fruit is, how pure and white and glorious the fruit is. He immediately desires his family and friends to come and try it also. This story represents the fruit being the gospel. We know how glorious and beneficial it is, we know where it allows us to be. We must desire that our family and friends should taste that fruit also. The mist of darkness blinds a lot of them("them" being our neighbors, friends, your dad, family) from the truth. the only way they find the iron rod is if we are brave enough and desirable enough to reach out and pull them in. We've been sharing this message along with a few other things a lot with members of our branch lately and just really waking them up to the realization that the work of the missionaries is not enough to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of all of gods children. We all as members have the same duty and important obligation to share the gospel. Joseph f. smith said that we as members will receive our celestial glory on conditions that we preach the gospel to the other sons and daughters of god. My comp and I have really been trying to do more to change the culture of our branch, the mentality of members being comfortable and content and not stepping of of their comfort zone to share the gospel, doing the harder things. Iv learned that we cant grow doing the easy things. We can only expect to become godlike through pressure, opposition, overcoming large obstacles, following Christ and in return receiving godlike characteristics. So that's been my week ay family, really have just made resolutions to help members develop faith to do missionary work. Its hard as heck when we don't have the members there to fellowship our investigators and they just all slip off the edge and we lose them. Its been a constant struggle ay but its about to change. I'm loving my mission family. This past week has been a battle ay. Its freezing as heck and hard for people to open their doors to us. I cant explain how determined I am to take care of business and do the lords work and its because of my testimony of Jesus Christ. Nothing has really changed in the work though ay, still working, searching and hoping that we end this droute of baptisms and actually do physical work that will change the branch after I'm gone. Family I love you guys ay, hope everyone is still going forward with that goal to share the gospel. Thanks for your letters of support, encouragement and powerful testimonies. I'm so blessed to have you my family. Have a massive week and please give my love to grams for all that she does for me too. I love you all, peace!!
p.s can you falas send me some music, i dont care if its a cd or a ipod or wutevas. I want that song by passion, "pure heart" and whatevers you can find. shot family. also, con can i have your other leather bible cover? shot bro.

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