Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Family! kia ora ow falas!!

haha it was awesome to talk to you guys ay, felt like I just left home yesterday haha. In Alma 17:2 Alma reunites with his brethren (the sons of mosiah) after a long period of time but it talks about the great joy that he receives seeing that they were alive and well in the gospel and still grounded upon our savior and his teachings. Man I felt that same joy seeing you guys and just knowing that my family are all so strong and active and living the gospel. On my end im living, teaching and walking the gospel and theres no greater joy than knowing that my family is doing the same, I love you guys. When I get home you falas are gonna hate me ay? lol sorry bout it!

Anyway family, I'm happy you guys had a good new year, man looks like you guys had good fun playing basketball with the family, awesome traditions ay!! I got your boxes this week along with gramz one, ye I didn't know how to spell her name haha crack up ay, main thing she gets the point. Thanks though family and give gramz my love for her boxes, man it was a mean new years gift. I been eating all my goodies in church and in the car and out tracting everywhere haha. Thanks for those though family. Everyone sounds mean man, bout to finish the break, gonna start school and a new year, so crazy!! I cant believe almost a year has gone by for me, the mission is a dang dream. Theres so much more I have to accomplish out here and do for the work. With the new year, its an awesome time to re-evaluate things, make changes, set goals and work to improve. I wanna make a change for our mission ay and feel like the lord has more for me to do with my time. My new years was mean to though family. Our whole Spanish branch got together at a members home and had a massive fiesta! The members cooked up a pig and we had str8 Hispanic foods it was 3mean. Im really loving my area but feel my time here is coming to an end shortly. Iv been here for three transfers so ill probably be leaving next transfer. Iv learned so much here in this area and its really allowed me to stretch and grow in so many ways I never thought was possible. The work for us here is going so well, not perfect, but huge progression has happened since the beginning. We have seen so many miracles this Christmas and are trying to follow through on all the families we are teaching and the goals we have here in Kenosha. I have a awesome companion, maybe the best companion thus far. We have the same goal and desire to accomplish the lords purposes for us and its been a huge learning and growing experience for me in so many ways. You really do grow more doing the harder things in life ay. Theres a quote i like that says, "the greater the struggle the sweater the experience" and man the mission aint easy ay but its the most rewarding feeling. I had a pretty crazy experience though this past week. We tracked at this huge apartment complex area and the manager of the complex came up to us while we were knocking doors and in rude words told us to jam. I told him "we have a legal license for what we do", and i showed him the card that we have. He was furious and called the cops on us. So in my instincts I decided to run haha, so my comp started running to and we got away. We decided to come back 3 days later to contact the same complex area not thinking that by chance we would run into that guy again. We get there, and park in front of the first building and before we get out, I got the meanest impression not to get out of the car. We both sat for a few seconds and right in front of us( the building we were about to enter) the same dude that hit us up the other day comes walking out of it!!! so immediately we backed out and jammed. Just a little story i thought id share. It was pretty cool the strong prompting that came. Who knows what would have happened ay. But anyway family I gotta jam now, I love you guys, have a good start to the year and Ill hear from you all next week!!

elder kanahele

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