Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas Day!
Kia ora again family!
hows em ay? fa massive! you falas look dark as in your pics, been camping at the beach ay? lol beautiful you falas. Sounds like every ones lives are just busy as heck with school, work, sports, cleaning, church awesome you guys. Shave ice even, oiyoiyoiy! mean! Things are algud here in wisconsin ay. It looks like I aint getting transfered this week so Ill still at least have another transfer here, so im happy bout that. The weather actually aint to bad ay, but it should be getting cold as hech this week. Con shole, que pasa papa? estoy contento con todo, el idioma esta mejor poco a poco sole. Llevo 4 meses hablando en espanol entoces he aprendido mucho. la cultura aqui es muy diferente, gente de puerto rico, mexico dominican republic y muchas diferentes formas de espanol que experimentamos cada dia. Sole todo bien uce. Family had a good week. We have a lot of cool new things happen to our branch. We got another spanish companionship and also a senior spanish couple come into the branch so we now have heaps of reinforcements with the work here in Kenosha. It was crazy this senior couple have been around the block in high callings in the church, branch president, stake president etc. but as District leader I was asked to train them. Its been out of it cuz there calling is way different to ours but yet me a young joe is training these old futs haha. We take them into our appointments and its been a cool experience working with this old couple their like my grandparents out here lol. Anyways though family. Nothing really new here for me ay. We have cool experiences everyday I cant even think of one to share haha. Member that dad? after me and con took the Kamehameha 3 hour test, afterwards you asked me what kind of questions were on it I couldn't even think of one lol. Haha crack up family. No family things are good here, learning so much ay, everyday, I just wanna stay on the progression level for the rest of my mission, and just be completely changed from it. I love the work that we do, and this past week I had several opportunities to use my music in the work and it is just a talent that the lord has really helped me to utilize effectively out here on the mission and im grateful for it. Its been the meanest way to start off and close our lessons, mean inviter of the spirit. Can you falas find some good spanish songs I can learn? hook it up you falas. I love and miss you guys, hope every ones doing good, Im proud as heck of you guys ay, strong testimonies and just utilizing time wisely. Ash and Lia man you guys have grown so much, im so grateful to you guys ay, I love you so much family, keep moving forward in everything, no rest ay. We cant afford to slow down in our progression towards god, its a continuous process of refining and improving. Im so happy to be a member and a representative, its the greatest calling to be full-time in the gospel. Con bro hows aunty cristy girl bro? she high status of what bro? shoot us pic of your body, looking sexy bro, im proud of you ay bro, handsome cat. Mum and dad how you goin ay? falas still crying ay? haha come on you falas lol. Na I love you mum and dad. Im still picking up my comps crap and wiping his mimis and crap off the toilet, washing and cleaning his dirty mess lol what can we do ay family haha na but please give my love to grams. Thanks for everything family, im healthy, happy, and safe, algud. Have a mean week everyone, in sports, work school etc. second wind ay, go hard up the gutz family doitz!!
elder kaka

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