Monday, January 7, 2013

kia ora family!!
Some crazy letters man!! you guys sound mean though. This week went by to quick, I feel like I just talked to you falas haha. Thats sad az about Pier man, dumb bugger. But man you guys back into the grinds, haha beautiful family, no time to get comfortable ay, no rest for the wicked family hoohoo beautiful man. Thats so cool that the Mcdonald family got in touch with you, man I love that family. I didnt get to see them a whole lot cuz they travel the world so'o but the times that I did see them, they took care of me and treated me like a king, give them my love and gratitude. Anyway though the new year is a awesome time for a fresh new start ay. Its cool that you guys plan to serve more and like you said the lord really has invested a lot of good into our family for one purpose only, to build his kingdom here on the earth. Theres so much more to be done here and the members need to step up to the plate and preach the gospeL. Prophet Brigham Young in the PMG says that its the members duty to bring others unto the fold. The missionaries are here to teach and baptize. We need everyone on board ay, its the great day of the harvest now, today, the time just before the second coming. Its urgent and its our duty. Anyway family, its my vision to see all members aquire this mind set and obligation to follow Christ more and preach his gospel.
Anyway family, I had a hectic week. First off yesterday in church none of our leaders and teachers showed up, it was crazy. I was stressed like no other cuz our investigators were there and everything was unorganized. How are we supposed to help them have spiritual experiences if no one is there ay lol. Our pianist has left to school and last minute I was asked to play the HYMNS in sacrement!!!!!!OIYOIYOIY never even read music in like 10 years!! lol but It was a miracle cuz I actually did ok. I dont how I was able to do it, but my companion started crying cuz he knew I couldnt read music to well but still I was able to get by. Then after we had to teach alll the classes and it was just so out of it ay. The normal me would just laugh about it lol but I cant do that out here ay lol its different. But man the lord has really been giving me more and mroe opportunities to stretch and grow, to really put to test my testimony and ability to have the spirit in difficult times. Iv had heaps on my plate this last week with my district, branch and just the work itself. We truly have experienced miracles here in my area and in the work. The lord already knows our needs and all he requires is that we ask. And then work and put ourselves in a position to recieve those blessings. Hes done this to me ay family. Every time I feel inadequate or down, Iv found the secret is to just work. Iv come to learn and put more into practice that as you spend more time serving the lord, his children and doing everything on your part to do his will, you forget your own problems, and your inadiquicies. He will always provide a way to accomplish his purposes for us, and its eveident as we do this. We have had so much potential and success me and my companion and we are just working with every piece we have to have baptisms. When we started together in this area we had no investigators. Now we have so many investogators that we dont even have enough time in the days to go see them all. The lord has carried us so far and were just trying to finish it off through baptism. I love working, its a successful feeling like no other, and whats even greater is the closer we come through time to our father in heaven. I know hes there and I feel him closer when Im obedient. I love you my family, Im grateful for your letters, your support and testimonies of the gospel. Its our only way back like you said ash. And it truly is, we have to give the lord everything we have.
Elder Kaka

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