Monday, July 29, 2013

Lilia Off to EFY - Utah
Kia ora you falas!!

thanks for the birthday wishes ay! I had a mean birthday. Had it over at the bishops. he cooked up a feed and they gave me a tie and t-shirt, good enough for me ay. Didn't really tell anyone it was my birthday coz I didn't wanna get too much attention then I already have ay haha na jks. Good as to hear from you family. Man sounds like you had a mean as week. I'm happy as for you guys ay. Man must of been good to be all together, good on you guys ay. Thanks for you letters you guys, I love you ay. I got the box too, thanks mum and dad, iv been eating heaps of lollies lately even in church lol. I wanna go look at my blog but we aint allowed to go on any other sites. Could you just put it in the box? I have the other two usb's here with me so Ill send those home. I also have my black watch I have to send home coz that one broke as well, useless man. The screen just died out, a few months ago, so I bought another battery, but i think something's just wrong wit it. Anyways family, I'm doing awesome today ay. We just came back from fishing. We took a girl, with burgers, sausages and chicken and went and just had a little party with the other elders at the beach (that's what they call the ponds here in the summer)  but it was mean ay, ate like kings today man. My backs doing good ay. Don't worry bout me, we have like 20 doctors here in my ward so they are taking care of me. I got medicine and work out things that they bought me, so its all g. And That lady from Walgreens called me so I went and got me refund the other day, all taken care of ay. But its been a good summer for me here this year, its been cool lately, we've had a bit of rain so its been crack up riding in it. My clothes are thrashed ay. But winter will be here before I know it, so im getting my second wind here, ready for this last bit of my mission. Still have heaps I want to accomplish in so little time, I set some mean goals this week so I keep myself focused on the lord and his people here. My biggest fear is regret ay, so I'm trying not to have any of that. Thanks for continually inspiring me and motivating me family to endure. I'm so grateful for you guys ay, and iv gained a even grater love for you guys out here all the way in Wisconsin. I'm here enjoying my calling and trying to love the people ay. We started our English program this week and no one showed up, I was pretty ticked. This week we set some goals so that doesn't happen again. Were gonna try get ourselves in the papers so we can get the word out there and just post bulletins all over the place and at Mexican restaurants. I'm still motivated here. Transfers are next week and I'm pretty sure im getting moved, so trying to leave a strong impressing here. I love you guys ay, love you lia, ash, con, mum and dad, you falas are my life man. Nothing new here ay. We find, teach, and lose people every week lol its just how the mission goes ay. But its still the most satisfying work as well. That's it for me family, keep tearing it up you falas, be the best in all you do.

Elder kanahele!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kia ora family! bombs and donuts ay hoohoo mean man. Good as to hear from you guys ay. You guys sound good. Its cool how Tuhinis death has really brought all our family from all over together. Funerals for me here have been one of the best tools in sharing my talents of music and also my testimony. You guys singing at it or anything? fa man hope so. I love you guys ay. My mission really is coming closely to the end and right now to describe how I feel about the efforts Iv rendered to the lord is, peaceful. I really have used my time and have gained and learned so much from it. The lord in this time has shown me things about myself i never even knew I could do or ever accomplish. He lives and his glory is helping us to become like him. I'm grateful Con that you brought this up to me bro, something I been really thinking about. This week I have stepped my game up you guys. I wanna finish for the lord hard, strong and benefit completely from this experience. Along with the sanctity and high standard of this calling also comes accountability, and its crazy to think that at judgment day we will be held accountable for every opportunity the lord gave us here to change, learn grow and put in practice the teachings of the gospel, and sharing it. A quote from the Preach my Gospel that hit me hard this morning is given by George Albert Smith, its says “We will attain our exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom only on the condition that we share with our Father’s other children the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and observe the commandments that will enrich our lives here and hereafter”
The lord expects a lot from us ay. This week we had miracles happen ay. We set some high goals to find families, and found 3 of them. We had heaps of teach moments, lessons and success. Things are coming together here and Its motivated me hard. My comp and I really mesh well together, he's grown like crazy and it seems like he's been out for ages. That's me here family just trying to finish strong and reap this time. Transfers are close and im not ready to go yet ay. I wanna thank you guys for your letters, they motivate me and remind me why I am here. Im winning the battle for my soul you falas. i love you guys. Have a good week, and do more to share the gospel. Up the game! Its crunch time.

Elder Kanahele
p.s give my love to our families and remind them of the this plan, we were once taught before.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Ash @ SOAR - Clown!
Family! How's it goin ay? you guys sound mean as man, having a awesome summer. Dad bro you still in school and stuff too or what? lol crack up bro, just wait till I get home so we can take the same classes again ay lol dumb as falas man. Alguds bout the box bro, I was just wondering cuz I got a envelope in the mail that said I had a box so I took it to the post office and the guy reacted as if I had already come and gotten it, so I think I just lost some mail lol, alguds. I do have a cord for the I-pod so im all set there, thanks dad, love you bro. Anyway though family, mum school must been crazy ay, don't know If I wanna go that route anymore ay, school just aint for me. lol na just kidding. Through your letters from the beginning I can tell you have gained so much from this experience, sounds like another mission of its own lol, your amazing mum. Im so proud of you mum, you have really demonstrated someone who can endure trials but while balancing all the things of life, awesome prioritizing mum.  That is something iv really worked at out here is remembering where my bag and my wallets at hahaha, na I think iv finally/hopefully grown out of that lol. I love my mission you falas. This week was another testimony builder for me ay.  I been really asking myself when a dang baptism is going to come. I been working the hardest that I ever have my whole mission not just physically, but in my mind and heart, I have sacrificed my all to the lord and its been tiring me ay. I fasted yesterday to the lord to ask him if there is anything more that I could be doing to get a baptism. There's no excuse not to that's why ay, we live in the fullness of time, where the field is white already to harvest, we have all the tools we need a long with the lord hastening his work, I just wanted to know wassup wit dat. I received my answer as we were sharing a talk with a less-active family yesterday by Jeffrey R Holland entitled better things to come. In there he said "Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t come until heaven; but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come."
It was crack up coz I answered my own question ay. The lord knows who I am and knows what I need to grow myself in the gospel and its been a rough time for this long while to not see many fruits of my labors but I have grown way more than I could have ever if it happened any other way. I know now that in the gospel of Jesus Christ, as I embrace it which I have, and am striving to do everyday and minute of my life, at least I am laying up for myself treasures in heaven. I am content you falas and feel the lord so much in my life, his ways are not our ways, but he always blesses us in disguise. My blessing is the opportunity to endure to the end, how mean is that ay. With that I am still keen as the mother to use these last precious months to put to the ground all the tools and talents the lord has given me at this specific time in my life. Iv realized it so much lately ay. My patriarchal blessing at least 90% of it talks about the tasks and things I will need to accomplish on my mission. Iv dreamed of being here my whole life and im here! that's me ay family. Just working the plan. But before I end, this past week I had a cool experience. I got to sing at a funeral of a non-member, which means that the building was also filled with non-members. I got the chance to speak and bear testimony of the plan of salvation, and the vision of all of this, the Savior. Then i sang the song "savior redeemer of my soul" on the guitar and kind of remixed it with my other song "I will be here", it was pretty mean ay. But its been a wondrous time for me seeing the testimony of music  touch peoples hearts. Iv seen it in a much greater light out here on my mission ay, I love it. Love you family. I'm doing mean as ay, you guys have a strong week and remember that blessing always come to those that live the gospel of Jesus Christ!
Elder Kaka


Monday, July 8, 2013

Hey family!
Mean week sounds like. Good as to hear from you guys ay. Glad everyone's home and safe. I'm glad you had that experience ash up there bro, your growing ay g, lol crack up bro bout your ACT. All g ay bro, I remember I sucked on them too bro but at least the girls loved me ay bro, that's the main thing ay lol. Con bro traveling for days ah, mean Maori mean bro. You get to see Jana n Junior? I'm happy for you bro, what jumping on Koals back now ah? bradahs lol. How's your Spanish bro? still get em ah? that's awesome ay bro, I still got a long way to go ay, but heaps of improvement here. Lia you finally happy the boys are home? lol Anyways you guys I love you ay.
I had a good hard working week out in the sun, got a mean farmers tan going on. I look skinny as and ugly so I have been humbled haha. But we have been getting fed heaps by the members so its been a really awesome summer. My July 4th was mean ay, I spent it with one of our investigator families from Honduras. It was so cool ay cuz they had all there extended family all over and we just had a good time with them, had some BBQ  tacos, str8 legit dawg! I'm starting be a Mexican ay its crack up, I can eat hot as foods now, Iv been slightly converted to the taco side lol. My missions going awesome as though family, I really am enjoying the journey, loving the people here, learning and growing all at the same time. One of our less-active members we been working with, his wife died this past week so he asked me if I could sing at his wife's funeral, kind of nervous for that ay, but that's sad about tuhine, she lived for ages ay, I remember before I left she was asking me at my fair well when do I graduate from high school lol crack up Tuhine. Awesome time for you guys to teach our families the Plan of Salvation ay. Anyways You guys still gonna send that I-pod or wut? But family that's me ay, just working through the summer. Nothing new here for me, just trying to be obedient ay. Me and my comp really get a long well and work well together so ill let you know how things  go. I love you family, have a sweet week ay. Keep working the plan yal!
Elder Kanahele Kaka

Monday, July 1, 2013


Kia ora fala ow brosifskis! hows em goin? lol
Good as to hear from you guys ay, thanks for your letters. I really had a dang awesome week ay. The work here in Janesville is growing and I feel like every Hispanic knows us. Its such a small world in the Hispanic culture so everyone knows each other. I love it here and continue to have awesome learning experiences and tasks that don't let me get comfortable at all. I love getting hard tasks now and am grateful for this time I have to see and experience first hand the obstacles life has to offer and how the Saviors light guides us through them all. He really is the answer to every wrong or bad thing in this life we never need to wonder where to go in hard times, he's there. Had a crazy experience these past couple of days with a family I been teaching ever since I got here, the photo with the Mexican family and 2 girls. We really have been through thick and thin with them and really trying to help them with the gospel to live it. They've been wanting to get baptized as a family for a long time now but have been having the hardest time in their marriage. Last night we went over to see them and the wife wanted to divorce and leave her husband. It was the saddest thing to see ay family, their girls crying and even the dad, because of all the things they have suffered with their parents. He loves his family so much and was just saying that he wants to be a good father and knows that God can help him be better. He's screwed up several times already and they have no trust in him. Its so sad how Satan leads us and entices us to sin, we fall into it and we see that he's never their to support us in the end. I told this family not to give, that families are forever, that we all fall, but we all can be forgiven, I told them to remember all the people Christ forgave. We left their home when the spirit was strong and hope that they can work it out. It was a hard as situation being the mediator of all of that ay. I never have experienced anything like that in my life but I realized that I don't need to in order to know that Christ is the truth, the light and the way. Being able to testify to people about the savior has been the best thing I have ever done in my life ay. That was really the biggest thing of the week ay, hard out experience. Anyways though family I Love you guys, I'm doing good this summer, looking handsome as lol. Sounds like the house is hard out empty. Thanks for slogging your guts off to do the shave ice, I'm grateful to be here. To answer your question dad about the after life. I'm cool with going back to school asap ay, most likely after the summer when I can get my tan and muscles back. If you can get me a job too that would be nice lol. So what's the plans for me when im done? you all coming up here to get me? let me know. There's some cool crap up here that we could do, cheap trips. We could rent a car and go to Nauvoo, do Carthage jail, go to the temples down that side, independence Missouri liberty jail, its a once in a life time experience, its the trail that the pioneers of the church did, and where Joseph Smiths ministry took place, it would be cool and spiritual for us all. It would be in the winter but these activities are mostly in door anyways but let me know what you think bout that. Might as well get your moneys worth if you come up here. Anyways though family, love you guys so much ay, good luck in all your endeavors this week, tear it up, represent, second wind again ay doitz it up the gutz!

elder kanahele kaka!

Kia ora family! how's everyone doing?? Had another mean hard working week. Been doing a lot of planning and working this week, and it was a awesome week. We are finding a lot of people to teach, planting many seeds, and trying to find those prepared to be baptized. We had a lot of success in that and are still working with the members to get our English program started. Everyone in our ward is doctors so its really hard to catch them available but hopefully sometime this month we can get everything sussed out. My mission is still a very rewarding service. With or with out the baptisms I am learning, growing my testimony and trying to do what the lord expects of me. My companion and I have a awesome companionship. We get a long and are both willing to work hard and be obedient. The mission never has been a easy course, trying to balance a lot of things all at once, kind of the way of life but I feel like the biggest thing that has helped me overcome that on my mission is just learning how to love others, Forgetting about yourself and just focusing all of your efforts on everyone around you. There's nothing better ay. I think of how awesome the savior was in portraying that attribute of love and charity. He had all the worse things happen to him, yet he was perfect, no one believed or accepted him, he was denied and rejected by his own but still he atoned for all of us, he forgives us and he has mercy on us when we fall, sin and do the wrong. Man I feel like the mission is a mini atonement, or refiners fire. We are rejected, denied, yelled at, we win some we lose some ay but as Iv just learned to love and try to follow Christ, iv been most happy whatever the outcome. Its been a joyful process and a learning one. My time here has been a labor, but we will reap our reward sometime here. Hope you guys all are doing good, and that dad is dealing with your boogies lol. tell con and ash I said thanks for writing me even though there away. I love you guys ay and am praying constantly for you, and thanking our heavenly father for blessing us with all our fortunes. Thanks for supporting me and working hard to keep me out me out here. I love my mission and am working my hardest, smartest and using every tool the lord has given me in his field of labor to use. Have a good week you falas, keep going hard to the death. No rest for the wicked ay, up the guts again, here I come!!
Elder kanahele kaka!!