Monday, July 29, 2013

Lilia Off to EFY - Utah
Kia ora you falas!!

thanks for the birthday wishes ay! I had a mean birthday. Had it over at the bishops. he cooked up a feed and they gave me a tie and t-shirt, good enough for me ay. Didn't really tell anyone it was my birthday coz I didn't wanna get too much attention then I already have ay haha na jks. Good as to hear from you family. Man sounds like you had a mean as week. I'm happy as for you guys ay. Man must of been good to be all together, good on you guys ay. Thanks for you letters you guys, I love you ay. I got the box too, thanks mum and dad, iv been eating heaps of lollies lately even in church lol. I wanna go look at my blog but we aint allowed to go on any other sites. Could you just put it in the box? I have the other two usb's here with me so Ill send those home. I also have my black watch I have to send home coz that one broke as well, useless man. The screen just died out, a few months ago, so I bought another battery, but i think something's just wrong wit it. Anyways family, I'm doing awesome today ay. We just came back from fishing. We took a girl, with burgers, sausages and chicken and went and just had a little party with the other elders at the beach (that's what they call the ponds here in the summer)  but it was mean ay, ate like kings today man. My backs doing good ay. Don't worry bout me, we have like 20 doctors here in my ward so they are taking care of me. I got medicine and work out things that they bought me, so its all g. And That lady from Walgreens called me so I went and got me refund the other day, all taken care of ay. But its been a good summer for me here this year, its been cool lately, we've had a bit of rain so its been crack up riding in it. My clothes are thrashed ay. But winter will be here before I know it, so im getting my second wind here, ready for this last bit of my mission. Still have heaps I want to accomplish in so little time, I set some mean goals this week so I keep myself focused on the lord and his people here. My biggest fear is regret ay, so I'm trying not to have any of that. Thanks for continually inspiring me and motivating me family to endure. I'm so grateful for you guys ay, and iv gained a even grater love for you guys out here all the way in Wisconsin. I'm here enjoying my calling and trying to love the people ay. We started our English program this week and no one showed up, I was pretty ticked. This week we set some goals so that doesn't happen again. Were gonna try get ourselves in the papers so we can get the word out there and just post bulletins all over the place and at Mexican restaurants. I'm still motivated here. Transfers are next week and I'm pretty sure im getting moved, so trying to leave a strong impressing here. I love you guys ay, love you lia, ash, con, mum and dad, you falas are my life man. Nothing new here ay. We find, teach, and lose people every week lol its just how the mission goes ay. But its still the most satisfying work as well. That's it for me family, keep tearing it up you falas, be the best in all you do.

Elder kanahele!

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