Monday, July 15, 2013

Ash @ SOAR - Clown!
Family! How's it goin ay? you guys sound mean as man, having a awesome summer. Dad bro you still in school and stuff too or what? lol crack up bro, just wait till I get home so we can take the same classes again ay lol dumb as falas man. Alguds bout the box bro, I was just wondering cuz I got a envelope in the mail that said I had a box so I took it to the post office and the guy reacted as if I had already come and gotten it, so I think I just lost some mail lol, alguds. I do have a cord for the I-pod so im all set there, thanks dad, love you bro. Anyway though family, mum school must been crazy ay, don't know If I wanna go that route anymore ay, school just aint for me. lol na just kidding. Through your letters from the beginning I can tell you have gained so much from this experience, sounds like another mission of its own lol, your amazing mum. Im so proud of you mum, you have really demonstrated someone who can endure trials but while balancing all the things of life, awesome prioritizing mum.  That is something iv really worked at out here is remembering where my bag and my wallets at hahaha, na I think iv finally/hopefully grown out of that lol. I love my mission you falas. This week was another testimony builder for me ay.  I been really asking myself when a dang baptism is going to come. I been working the hardest that I ever have my whole mission not just physically, but in my mind and heart, I have sacrificed my all to the lord and its been tiring me ay. I fasted yesterday to the lord to ask him if there is anything more that I could be doing to get a baptism. There's no excuse not to that's why ay, we live in the fullness of time, where the field is white already to harvest, we have all the tools we need a long with the lord hastening his work, I just wanted to know wassup wit dat. I received my answer as we were sharing a talk with a less-active family yesterday by Jeffrey R Holland entitled better things to come. In there he said "Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t come until heaven; but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come."
It was crack up coz I answered my own question ay. The lord knows who I am and knows what I need to grow myself in the gospel and its been a rough time for this long while to not see many fruits of my labors but I have grown way more than I could have ever if it happened any other way. I know now that in the gospel of Jesus Christ, as I embrace it which I have, and am striving to do everyday and minute of my life, at least I am laying up for myself treasures in heaven. I am content you falas and feel the lord so much in my life, his ways are not our ways, but he always blesses us in disguise. My blessing is the opportunity to endure to the end, how mean is that ay. With that I am still keen as the mother to use these last precious months to put to the ground all the tools and talents the lord has given me at this specific time in my life. Iv realized it so much lately ay. My patriarchal blessing at least 90% of it talks about the tasks and things I will need to accomplish on my mission. Iv dreamed of being here my whole life and im here! that's me ay family. Just working the plan. But before I end, this past week I had a cool experience. I got to sing at a funeral of a non-member, which means that the building was also filled with non-members. I got the chance to speak and bear testimony of the plan of salvation, and the vision of all of this, the Savior. Then i sang the song "savior redeemer of my soul" on the guitar and kind of remixed it with my other song "I will be here", it was pretty mean ay. But its been a wondrous time for me seeing the testimony of music  touch peoples hearts. Iv seen it in a much greater light out here on my mission ay, I love it. Love you family. I'm doing mean as ay, you guys have a strong week and remember that blessing always come to those that live the gospel of Jesus Christ!
Elder Kaka


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