Monday, July 8, 2013

Hey family!
Mean week sounds like. Good as to hear from you guys ay. Glad everyone's home and safe. I'm glad you had that experience ash up there bro, your growing ay g, lol crack up bro bout your ACT. All g ay bro, I remember I sucked on them too bro but at least the girls loved me ay bro, that's the main thing ay lol. Con bro traveling for days ah, mean Maori mean bro. You get to see Jana n Junior? I'm happy for you bro, what jumping on Koals back now ah? bradahs lol. How's your Spanish bro? still get em ah? that's awesome ay bro, I still got a long way to go ay, but heaps of improvement here. Lia you finally happy the boys are home? lol Anyways you guys I love you ay.
I had a good hard working week out in the sun, got a mean farmers tan going on. I look skinny as and ugly so I have been humbled haha. But we have been getting fed heaps by the members so its been a really awesome summer. My July 4th was mean ay, I spent it with one of our investigator families from Honduras. It was so cool ay cuz they had all there extended family all over and we just had a good time with them, had some BBQ  tacos, str8 legit dawg! I'm starting be a Mexican ay its crack up, I can eat hot as foods now, Iv been slightly converted to the taco side lol. My missions going awesome as though family, I really am enjoying the journey, loving the people here, learning and growing all at the same time. One of our less-active members we been working with, his wife died this past week so he asked me if I could sing at his wife's funeral, kind of nervous for that ay, but that's sad about tuhine, she lived for ages ay, I remember before I left she was asking me at my fair well when do I graduate from high school lol crack up Tuhine. Awesome time for you guys to teach our families the Plan of Salvation ay. Anyways You guys still gonna send that I-pod or wut? But family that's me ay, just working through the summer. Nothing new here for me, just trying to be obedient ay. Me and my comp really get a long well and work well together so ill let you know how things  go. I love you family, have a sweet week ay. Keep working the plan yal!
Elder Kanahele Kaka

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