Monday, July 1, 2013


Kia ora fala ow brosifskis! hows em goin? lol
Good as to hear from you guys ay, thanks for your letters. I really had a dang awesome week ay. The work here in Janesville is growing and I feel like every Hispanic knows us. Its such a small world in the Hispanic culture so everyone knows each other. I love it here and continue to have awesome learning experiences and tasks that don't let me get comfortable at all. I love getting hard tasks now and am grateful for this time I have to see and experience first hand the obstacles life has to offer and how the Saviors light guides us through them all. He really is the answer to every wrong or bad thing in this life we never need to wonder where to go in hard times, he's there. Had a crazy experience these past couple of days with a family I been teaching ever since I got here, the photo with the Mexican family and 2 girls. We really have been through thick and thin with them and really trying to help them with the gospel to live it. They've been wanting to get baptized as a family for a long time now but have been having the hardest time in their marriage. Last night we went over to see them and the wife wanted to divorce and leave her husband. It was the saddest thing to see ay family, their girls crying and even the dad, because of all the things they have suffered with their parents. He loves his family so much and was just saying that he wants to be a good father and knows that God can help him be better. He's screwed up several times already and they have no trust in him. Its so sad how Satan leads us and entices us to sin, we fall into it and we see that he's never their to support us in the end. I told this family not to give, that families are forever, that we all fall, but we all can be forgiven, I told them to remember all the people Christ forgave. We left their home when the spirit was strong and hope that they can work it out. It was a hard as situation being the mediator of all of that ay. I never have experienced anything like that in my life but I realized that I don't need to in order to know that Christ is the truth, the light and the way. Being able to testify to people about the savior has been the best thing I have ever done in my life ay. That was really the biggest thing of the week ay, hard out experience. Anyways though family I Love you guys, I'm doing good this summer, looking handsome as lol. Sounds like the house is hard out empty. Thanks for slogging your guts off to do the shave ice, I'm grateful to be here. To answer your question dad about the after life. I'm cool with going back to school asap ay, most likely after the summer when I can get my tan and muscles back. If you can get me a job too that would be nice lol. So what's the plans for me when im done? you all coming up here to get me? let me know. There's some cool crap up here that we could do, cheap trips. We could rent a car and go to Nauvoo, do Carthage jail, go to the temples down that side, independence Missouri liberty jail, its a once in a life time experience, its the trail that the pioneers of the church did, and where Joseph Smiths ministry took place, it would be cool and spiritual for us all. It would be in the winter but these activities are mostly in door anyways but let me know what you think bout that. Might as well get your moneys worth if you come up here. Anyways though family, love you guys so much ay, good luck in all your endeavors this week, tear it up, represent, second wind again ay doitz it up the gutz!

elder kanahele kaka!

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