Monday, January 27, 2014

Kia ora family! I love you guys. The family sounds so busy ay!! 3 mean you guys. Iv the way the youth is taught now days sounds so much more advanced than how it was for me and conway. where we just play hangman and eat candy lol. Lia and ash you guys sound so spiritual and Im so proud of you guys ay. Mum and Dad 25 years???? oiy shole old futs lidat! Im so happy for you two ay. You have been the best parents, friends and examples all in one.
I had such a good week. I have been so blessed to not get sick and to be in good health when there are so many who haven't. The work is progressing so quickly here and I have had some amazing experiences coupled with miracles. I feel I have been more happy now in my mission than I ever have been. We found and taught a family of 6 this week. They are from Africa. We were out working in the middle of a snow fall and this family feeling sorry for us let us right in their home. Their religion is they believe that all religions have truth and that Gods will is to bring all these churches together. It was a miracles to teach them the Restoration and read with them scriptures. I felt an automatic love for them and could feel the spirit touching their open hearts. The lord really does prepare his children to receive his word(Alma 13:24). It seemed that this message is what this family has been looking for their whole lives and I felt so much peace knowing that I was out in the right place and time to run into this family who was ready.
     I love my mission. I am still learning so much everyday and trying to become a person and leader like Jesus. Its so motivating for me to know how perfect Jesus is and though we grow so much day by day we always have room to improve, learn and grow to become more like him. it is a process that is continuous for the rest of our lives and I love it. My time is coming close and the need I feel to leave my all to the lord increases. I cant stop. Last P-day I had the opportunity to take a nap and I couldn’t. There is no time for that. I am most happy now because I have never felt so focused in doing the lords will than I ever have. I am much happier now then before. Not that I wasn’t focused or happy before but my point being that conversion will happen and happiness will occur and increase till the day we are finally prepared to live with our father in heaven again. I love you family. Keep moving and improving, I look foward to seeing you all again.

Elder kanahele kaka

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hey Family!! good to hear from you guys again! im just at the laundromat now on their computers drinking a whole jug of chocolate milk. Con bro you and koal look like your on steroids uce, looking 3 mean dang!! happy for you bro. Lia good to hear you enjoying yourself girl. Your a good girl lia, never letting you get married ok. Ash bro in first nephi bro? mean gee. Thats crack up bro. Thats good you applying your readings to yourself bro, mean g. Con you plastic maori bro hahaha na sounds mean as bro! all I know is "Shot on the harakeke bei" haha. you all sound good though ay which is always a blessing for me to hear. My week was fulfilling again. Our investigators didnt show up to church yesterday the mungrills but we went over to their house after and taught them a mean lesson on the restoration and made things clear to them. We are working our butts off even in the cold and and are seeing a lot of progress. I feel a huge motivation to serve the lord full heart-ed every day. I feel peace every night when I lay down regardless of the results knowing that I did all i could with every moment I had to open my mouth and declare the gospel. I love my Savior and cant imagine how eager he is to help us. The very thought of his suffering always bottles me with how much he knows our circumstances, and how understanding and patient he is with helping us to reach our highest possible potential in this life. Im loving my mission and most of all the guidance I have received by the spirit. Its been my biggest blessing. I dont have much family just plugging away and working to bring a family into the church! Have another good week family. I am grateful for you all!
p.s grams I got your box with all the grinds. Thank you so much grams. love you!

Elder kanahele

Monday, January 13, 2014

 Hey you falas!! hows it goin ay?? Good to hear from you guys ay. Ash bro crack up as g!! your hair cutting bro. Im happy as for you bro. I just finished cutting some hairs today bro. I do a crappy as job ay lol iv gotten worse out here haha its good though. Glad to hear you doing your thing bro. I remember back in kahuku bro I use to sell lollie pops and fruit rollups bro haha that was a crack up. Sometimes when I give out dvds and Book of Mormons I think about just selling them ay haha get some moneys haha na jokes man.
     I had a good week family. IT was zero degrees the other day when I went on an exchange in another area and it felt normal to me cuz its just been so cold lately. Im "acclimated" woiya! We had 4 investigators come to church yesterday it was so cool. They were people we just met this past week and they all showed up it was so cool. We gave talks yesterday and taught the classes so it was cool for them to see young people teaching compared to what they are used too. Our members connected with them real well and so we hope to see some continued progress with them this week. Last night we had a lesson with 3 African American guys same age as me. It was hilarious man. African American guys are some funny people man without trying. Every time  they liked something we said, they would say something like "oh daaang bro thas tight... ye thas what it is man" crack up as man. We had a awesome lesson with them though, taught the restoration and it just rang in them man, it just felt right to them. I love when that happens. They accepted baptism in a heart beat. They are hard into making music, singing and rapping and so I told them I would bring my guitar the next lesson.
     The weather has been warming up a lot lately and so we are trying to take advantage of the weather. Tomorrow is Zone Training Meeting and so we are getting ready for that, no rest for the wicked ay. My goal before I finish is to bring a family into the church. Im so determined to do that.
     I had a cool experience this week being able to go back into my old area on exchanges and taught an investigator that I found long ago. We had a powerful lesson with him. His name is Catalino. He was doing really well at one point but stopped taking the lessons because of some bad example members in the ward that really killed his trust. We went and taught him and  I was wondering what I would say especially being that it would be my only
chance to teach him ever again. I felt to open to Mosiah 18. We got him to read some verses and I had no clue this would happen but it was exactly what he needed to hear. His countenance lit up and he said " I want to get baptized. I will get baptized on Febuary 2nd" We were shocked. It must of been something or some question he needed answered and it was. The Book of Mormon is a powerful book and iv seen it change people over and over again. In Lehis dream the rod of iron was the only thing that linked the people from wherever they were on the path, to the tree of life. with out that rod the people would have all fallen away and perished. Today with the world around us iv seen such a great need for the Book of Mormon.  Without it we would have no chance. I love the council of our leaders in the talk "Safety for the soul"

"The Savior warned that in the last days even those of the covenant, the very elect, could be deceived by the enemy of truth.

Brothers and sisters, God always provides safety for the soul, and with the Book of Mormon, He has again done that in our time. Remember this declaration by Jesus Himself: “Whoso treasureth up my word, shall not be deceived” and in the last days neither your heart nor your faith will fail you."
I have seen the blessings of strength the Book of Mormon brings to those who treasureth it up mostly in my own life. Love you family! Thank you for your letters and for your prayers. I have been blessed by them.

Elder kanahele kaka

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Years Day - Nuuanu Hike

kia ora you falas!! Con bro thats crack up as bout your permit! kids here get their lisence at 16 bro. Well I didnt pass my test. I had a cunning old lady in the car with me. I wanted to smash her ay. She was getting me to do the dumest things ay. Algud though Im gonna set up another day to do that next week. I was driving out in the snow, it was a little different when you cant see a thing ay lol but I think I get em for the next time. lol anyways family. You guys going back to school ay?? lol sounds like fun ay. Mum you get em girl. Second wind for you here girl. Lia you look good girl. Looking skeeny lidat ah? good on you lia. How you doing in wrestling? Learn how to use your strength to your advantage lia cuz if you dont youll just tire yourself out and lose. Be smart and dont let those asians win dem ounces. Ash sole cutting hair so'o ah? sole you trip me out some times uce lol. All your hobbies bro are crack up. gonna make a shed you reckin bro?? I was cutting my hair this week and dropped my buzzer and
New years Day - Feed @ Dave & Busters
broke the entire blade so im just not gonna cut my hair till I come home lol. Con bro you crack me up to bro with your surfing pics gee!! since when you started loving to surf bro?? member when you never did that crap?? crack up bro. your pics look real good. You guys must of had good fun playing ball with the familiy!! I got me some new basketball shoes too bro nike quikness ones and some colby brians too g!! haha for 40 bucks bro, i wen rip this asian missionary off lol!!! mean ones though bro!!
     Anyways family!! its pretty cold here ay. -50 degrees today. Within minutes you can get frost bite lol out of it ay?? Im doing good though, I got some good gears. Im a wisconsinite now, my skin get em now haha!! our car was frozen this morning when we went to start it, it was crack up but yea pretty cold. My comps hair was wet last night when we left the apartment and his hair just froze by the time we got to the car lol. Im doing good here in this area though, im really loving it. We have been seeing a lot of miracles with just being in the right places at the right time meeting people that we were supposed to meet. Iv been really trying to work my absolute hardest and Iv been growing my testimony even more lately working diligently out in the cold. Its easy to just
Christmas Eve @ the Mahe's Home
wanna go home after a time of only rejection but iv noticed that most of our miracles since Iv been here have happened after pushing through the un-productive times and being positive. This past week our miracles happened around 9 oclock just before going home. Had we not been out working till the last minute we would have missed those people that we met and helped. Their is no such things as coincedence. Heavenly father knows what he is doing and he works by small means to bring about his great purposes. I love the work. Love you guys Have a good week you fallas!
Elder Kanahele!!
p.s the plans sound good for our trip!! see you guys then!! doitz 2nd win you falas!! smash it ay!!
Ash & Con, Christmas Eve at the Mahe's